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Thursday, 23 February 2023

False Gods

St. Mel, apparently....

 Sure, I get it... it's an AI generated gag by the wanks over at Blab. Personally I'd love to see a biblical rendition of St. Quartermain or St. Cederq, HAR HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I love rude jokes... but sometimes I see stuff like this and wonder if we aren't playing with fire. Using AI to mock your creator? It seems to me that if you actually want to live as retards and mutants in the wreckage of your cities, while apes rule above… stuff like this is a great way to get there.


  1. I kinda have the same feeling.

  2. Why does "he" look like Mel Gibson? Just asking.

  3. A fake beard on Mel Gibson isn’t blasphemous. Chill out, Glenn

    1. Mel was the 1st high profile celeb to shout out about the Khazarian joos psy ops. Every. Single. Time.

  4. Passion of the Christ remake possibly. Jus sayin. It's been in all my youtube short feeds lately.