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Friday, 24 February 2023

Friday Flither Flather, Flummery & Assorted Rude Jokes



  1. we picked out what I thought was a lab mix pup a while ago.
    well, he is what they call a "Laddie" they say it part lab and beagle
    mix. but he act like one of those little demon dogs ?
    all I say is never again. little hyper active little demonic shit of a dog. hates damn near everything ? UPS guy, Fedex guys
    and cars or trucks going by , never had a dog act like this before in my life. steals anything he can, chews up everything he can.
    I like to get a older dog, but she wanted a pup.
    still might find a good older dog to put little shit in his place.
    also, I know a guy who thinks stabbing assholes is the way to go
    that way you have time to explain why said asshole is getting stabbed. I told him to stop wasting time and just shoot the fucker in the head and be done with it. life is too short to waste time on assholes.

    1. That’s weird. It’s usually the older dogs with the ingrained hatreds. I had a husky that hated natives specifically and distrusted coloured people. But she was a rescue dog that got confiscated from an abusive red nigger that was running a puppy mill…

  2. NEVER buy the libbys brand Vienna. Taste like shit. Armour is the real deal. Yes I'm a Vienna expert.

  3. In the spirit of Pooh, I replied to Aesop's White Feather posting.

    Looking forward to seeing if he allows it to see daylight and his multi-paragraph reply.

    I wonder how typical and politically correct THIS Marine was reflects to the rest of our Military?

    It's not like THIS Marine wasn't able to deal physically with the dindu. But he didn't, maybe because he is FOLLOWING Orders and Procedures?

    I just looked up average military age of our troops. VAST Majority are under 25, a lot of good ones LEFT the service because they didn't want the not a vaxx or they couldn't OBEY Orders like THIS Marine.

    Military discipline is a two edged sword. Troops used to obey suicidal orders because of Mission FIRST and not abandoning our brothers. Machine gunner covering the rest retreat stuff.

    Do you think that sense of Duty is still inside those remaining young mostly unable to pass old PT Standards and too stupid to pass the old ASVAB requirements, dindu soldiers?

    The US Military you and I remember Aesop has been well destroyed (by plan) by our ongoing "Leadership" since we left.

    Leadership like logistics is what wins conventional wars.

    The US will have to use nuclear weapons first as not to lose.

  4. Ovary tattoo chick = Adios erection forever.

    I hope she never planned on getting laid again...then again, I know dudes that'll stick it in the crack o' dawn.

    1. Won't be me, I get up at the crack of noon... and the tat is not even anatomically correct.