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Wednesday, 22 February 2023

I Think It’s Just Negligence, Tucker…

 So I guess train derailment is the panic of the week? Yeah sure…why not? Not to make light of the disaster in Ohio… just the usual hysterics gathering around it. Every farmer and rancher with a line across their property is Deeply Concerned. Hysterical mommies cluck and gobble in fright about train tracks not 5 miles away from where their children play. Will no one think of the children?

Budgets? Scheduled maintenance? Infrastructure investment? Why - that’s just hateful,racist, whypipo boosheit! It’s far more important to pay massive reparations to Shitavious and Shaniqua to show black people how much we love them. Aaaaand - of course - we have to import millions more of their stupid violent relatives from the third world and pay them too. Of course there’s the billions of dollars required for the heroic struggle in  the Kraine…

I wonder if I’m imagining it? I’m seeing a lot of folks on the internet that sound like they’re ready to snap.  In a serious country, we’d have environmental agencies on the spot. Rail experts would be identifying and targeting the questionable tracks and repairs would have started by now. But…we blunder and stagger from crisis to crisis to crisis, we don’t even slap a band aid on them anymore.

There’s no conspiracy here Tucker. This is how vibrant and diverse third world countries operate. More is undoubtedly on the way …


  1. When you run your infrastructure like robbing the piggy bank, sell your industrial capacity overseas for higher profits, outlaw "DIRTY Industry" like making grid transformers and become the WORLDS Biggest Debter...


  2. It's not like we didn't have a year or so where a rail strike was threatened. During that time, we got a glimpse of how rotten rail employees, like engineers, were treated. Just like truckers, I'm betting more than a few simply left the business.

    Now, add into that diversity hires.

    Rumor had it that one of the trucks on one of the cars was on fire, for some time. I can almost see lacretia or dedarious saying it ain't their job, they on break anyways.

    One of the most firghtening things I've seen lately is an ad for an airline, (don't remember which, probably United), with a black wimminz crew. Yeah. No.

    My fat irish ass won't be getting on that plane.

  3. I became fascinated with Roman history a while ago, especially in its decline and the similarities to our age. And it was so much worse then, although decades get squashed into paragraphs and lifetimes into a few pages. It must have felt just as bewildering then to people wondering why, Things Just Don't Work Anymore.

    1. it may have been worse but they did not have exploding permanent chemical poisons or nuclear warheads in the hands of the insane.
      what would caligula have done with nukes?

  4. That's the issue with "industrial accidents". They happen. Which means nefarious agents can cause such accidents and plausibly claim they are just that... accidental. We have no way of knowing if any single event is deliberate or accidental. But the pattern shows a big upswing In the number of accidents. This would indicate at least some of them were deliberate. There is no evil perfidy so low the criminals in power won't embrace if it serves their agenda.

  5. I've never been much of an "either/or" kind of person. Tucker says "saboteurs" when the explanation is probably decay / diligence which is causing these issues. I say: maybe it is both. Maybe saboteurs are hitting soft targets so their crimes will never be investigated or discovered but rather, instead attributed to happenstance.

  6. This is endemic to collapsing societies. Combine total lack of accountability from every corner; private industry through every level of government, and the lowering of average IQ's and this is what happens.

  7. "This is how vibrant and diverse third world countries operate. More is undoubtedly on the way …"

    Yup. Well said.

  8. Sadly I believe you are right, hoser!
    What we are all frustrated by and experiencing, is the shift from a 1st world country to a 3rd world country.
    People don't work, police grift, social services pays for everything you need or want and degeneracy has been elevated to sainthood.
    Fucked doesn't begin to describe it, but yeah, thats whats happening, and why we are all noticing how things don't work how they used to? We used to live in the first world, and that is no longer true.

  9. Read the last chapter of "Spetsnaz" by Victor Suvrov. Everything they would do is happening here in America. Some may be DEI-induced negligence but not all. Millions of .mil-aged males flooding our southern border are a decent sized force.

    "Service guarantees Citizenship!"....pulled from Starship Troopers.

  10. I heard that Warren Buffett owns most of the railroads/railways. Just spit balling here; but could he be the one syphoning off profits from those entities? Could he be deliberately letting the infrastructure crumble so that the "government will step in and give millions to rebuild..."?