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Saturday, 11 February 2023

I Thought So


Clay brings home the bacon again. A hundred years ago the mutts I used to shoot with all piled into a motor home and went down to Texas to shoot javelinas. I was invited but had neither the money or the time. If I win a million we’ll all have to go down for a pig hunt.

I’ve heard javelinas can get skanky but never believed it. Never had a problem with wild meat, mind you - I take pains and pride in my field dressing. WL - bring that long slide 45 Super in case we need it!!! STxAR…we will all crash at your place while we’re there. Jack … you’ll have to do the honours on the BBQ! I have all your assignments worked out!!!👍


Ahhhhhhhhhh. It’s so relaxing to contemplate such things up here in the short days of winter. I’m almost tempted to go after the whorehouse pigs they have in Mayorthorpe after watching this. 


  1. Ate javalena once. Was exactly like roast beef.

  2. You forgot to mention the part where Cederq is tied to the tree going wheee wheee here piggy whee

    1. Why don't you man up and comment that over at my blog? Or are ye chicken and got a purty mouth? Squell like a pig much?

  3. A friend and I would go to Ga. and hunt them on peanut plantations.
    We hunted them at night with thermal and night vision equipment.
    Always went in January for the cooler weather. We would setup and stalk them into the wind. We were first informed that you didn’t want to chase them as the meat got bad from the adrenaline, cooler weather is better. So we’d hunt for a night and end up with 8-10.
    Their hair is like a Brillo pad and dulls a knife in no time. We’d take them to a block building with a chain hoist and a floor drain. Process them end cut them down the center of the spine in half. We have a 750 qt. Cooler and would lay a side in and add ice and continue until one of us was standing on the cooler just to get it closed. We’d grab a couple hours of sleep and head back to Pa. We had an Amish butcher shop that would smoke the hams and after the back-straps and chops cut out the rest was turned in either sweet or hot sausage. A trip like that would net near a thousand pounds of meat. Heat and adrenaline will be the downside of getting some very good tasting meat from them.

  4. Javelina are small pig like animals, much smaller than feral hog. The gland in the center of the back is what provides the pungent odor. This is to help locate them, as they are very near sighted. Forty pounds is a really big one, they are about knee high about three feet long when stretched out. Impressive tusks which they can use against predators. .

    The loss of habitat keeps their numbers down. They roam quite a bit, traveling in groups.

  5. If you come down, bring some light clothing. It's been warm at times this winter. I got a wild hog last fall from a neighbor. He skinned and quartered it for me. I smoked it and froze it. Still need to process up the sausage with some extra fat. That was one of the leanest pigs I've ever messed with. We got more of them down here than the District has Criminals. Javelina are even worse tempered. But they are here too. Come on down. The water's fine!