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Saturday, 25 February 2023

Musical Time Machine


I was down in the Reclusium trying to cut off my fingers with some leatherwork. I've had a sweet little Kershaw pocket knife for decades and never made a sheath for it. I cut out the pieces while an electroswing playlist quietly tinkled away on the corner of the work bench when this silly little tune came on. 

I remembered my daughter as a tyke, watching Inspector Gadget. It was a fun little cartoon for kids starring a moronic bionic police detective and his brilliant niece and plucky dawg that were taxed to the limit keeping their retarded uncle from killing himself or blowing up the world or what have you.

The Gadget character was voiced by none other than Don Adams - many of you old stubfarts may recognize him as Agent 86 from Get Smart.

He was the perfect guy for the role.
Don Adams was a gift from God to two generations of kids - 
big AND small.

Where did those lazy weekend mornings go, when we were still a family? It's funny, the kind of stuff that triggers fond memories out of nowhere. I just stood there, listening to the happy jingle and remembering people long gone but still occasionally missed - and absently cut off three fingers and one gonad. Enjoy it all while can folks…it may not always be there…

I hope YOU at least - are getting something done. Have a great Saturday, and thanks for stopping by.




  1. Hey Glen, do you have an email for Big country? I'd like to send some $ for his cause. Not just to the official one I seen awhile back, don't trust those for obvious reasons. Straight to him, he's got his ducks in a row from what I've seen.

    1. BCE@COLDFURY.COM 'll get me. Greatly Appreciate it bro. If you want to mail it to me, I can PM you the mailing addy via DM

  2. I do, Ranger… but I am not at liberty to give it out! I won’t give out anyone’s info without their express permission… but I will rattle his cage and let him know you’re looking for him, and you guys can make your own arrangements.

    You can personally harass him in the comments here:

    I’m kinda protective of him … he’s going through a family shitstorm with the same kind of morons that put me through the wringer years ago…and you can’t tell who anyone is on the internet.

    But thanks for sticking up for him…he’s a good fella that deserves it.

  3. They say we die two deaths. The first is the shuffling off of the mortal coil and the second is when the last person who remembers us dies.

  4. Inspector Gadget. The kids loved it. I finally figured out how to do a passable "Next time Gadget!" voice. The kids loved it. Good memories Glenn. thanks for that.

  5. A top 50 movie quote:

  6. Now, commented above ( I Think, if not give my email addy and NOW read the article... what can I say, been busy and in react mode lol... but Did you know "Get Smart" was written or produced? (Can't remember by) Mel Brooks? Genius Level comedy gold there that I STILL howl at...

    "Zis ist KAOS!!! Ve don't doooo zat here!!!"

  7. I will always remember him as Agent Maxwell Smart with his HOT assistant, Agent 99, Barbara Feldon. Absolutely hilarious. Written by Buck Henry and Mel Brooks, IIRC.

  8. Adams was an ex-Marine drill instructor who was awarded the purple heart for his injuries sustained on Guadalcanal.

    And....I sorely wanted that Sunbeam Tiger he drove up in as Maxwell Smart...

    Semper Fi 86!

  9. Don Adams also voiced the earlier cartoon I remember as a kid, "Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales" as the title character. His sidekick was a walrus named "Chumley" voiced by Bradley Bolke.