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Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Old And New

I love watching the changing dawg family dynamics.
Mort has completely changed now as I knew he would.
He is still loveable and loved…but he’s much more serious now.

He snarls at the pup and shows teeth when the
Monkey gets too silly. 
The other day on a walk, the baby found a stick and started 
flipping out in glee and tugging on her leash. He took it away from 
her, gobbed it out and pulled us along to finish the walk.

I can’t give him treats sometimes because he takes them
and spits them out for the baby.
He takes a lot of crap from the little one and tries to help
with her training.

Mort has committed the unpardonable sin of getting

Think I’ll let it pass.



  1. Dogs are amazing. The young are happy just to be, making fun and chaos where ever they can. They age and become more helpful, watching out and barking when that wind blown bag goes sailing by the street. You ever get lonely or sad, just sit down next to your dog. Most of them will sit by you, give you a lick and a smile to cheer you up.

    Damn good friend to have - hope your new pup grows up to be just like his peers.

  2. They bring joy to your heart don’t they. I smile hearing about their antics.

  3. The only flaw dogs have is that they don't live long enough....

  4. First off I'd like to give old Mort a big hug. I wonder what goes through his mind, does he feel his mortality ? I know I am. He's watching out for the new scamp, being fatherly. Does he miss his youth? I know you will love on him till the end. I'm tearing up right now, dogs do that to you. Allan

  5. Black and white pictures have a mystique about them.

  6. We lost our pyr Maggie Nov. 25th. Your posts make it real dusty here.

  7. Lost my old Basset Farthound about the same time. We got another pup about a month ago and I'm so glad we did.

  8. Dogs are the finest creatures ever created. They are all about loving, trusting and protecting their humans.
    Now if you could just teach them to hunt down and k1ll liberals and bury the evidence....ahhh perfection

  9. I have watched momma dogs discipline rambunctious pups, and it is an amazing sight. A growl, snarl, bark, and bad puppy is belly up on the floor whining "I soooorrrreeeee!" Ten seconds later, all is forgotten and happy again. Miss Hannah is so lucky to have uncle Mort as a mentor, and she will be leaps and bounds ahead of her litter mates who don't have that.