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Sunday, 19 February 2023

Perfection ll


- Christoph Funk Combination Repeating Rifle (Kombinierte Mauser Repetier Busche) 7x64 and .22LR


  1. Wow, what a maybe useful but odd hunting rifle. I wonder about the effectiveness of the scope so high over the 22 bore.

    1. If those are tunnel mounts, maybe the scope is for big bore zero, while irons are for rimfire ?

  2. Oh that cute ! I've never seen that rifle before. Genius. What a great way to keep a camp rifle and hunting rifle simultaneously.

    I wonder what it weighs ? Two barrels, along with the joining rib might be pretty hefty. Tames recoil and steadies great in windy conditions, but carrying about in the woods or mountains might be a bit much.

    Thanks for the picture of it. I'm pretty sure I couldn't afford one, if even I could find it..

  3. It's interesting but retarded.