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Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Plant-Based Doo-Wop

 It’s life… but not as we know it:

Light years ago I was a young man, my wife was beautiful, and my daughter was cute as a button. She was way too young for movies like this…but she was polite and well behaved and she followed the doings  of the characters pretty well for a toddler.

At the time we thought nothing of it - it was just a little family outing to a B movie. My little one only made noise near the end of the show when Rick lit the mean green mother from outer space up with 50,000V.  “That’s it for him!” She said a little too loudly. A small ripple of laughter went through the movie goers around us.

It was just a little snippet of life from a little young family and I forgot it almost as soon as it was over. But there are times I wake up in the middle of the night with such nonsense echoing in the darkness…and I remember. We were young. I was naive. Bad things happened to other families and they fell apart. None of that stuff would ever happen to us! Not in a million years. Not in a billion light years!

In the confusion between sleep and wakefulness I wonder how my little family went from that to what we have now…and wonder how things got so bad. But the details come back as I wake up and reality reasserts itself. 

There are a lot of good things that came about with the way things worked out…but it takes real effort and hard thinking to see them sometimes, and be grateful for them


  1. st paul says give thanks to God in everything
    does not mean everything is good but thanking God repels depression and closes the door on the ability of demons to enter your life
    just keep praying for the world and for your family
    God id able and we are not able so what better thing to do than put it all into His hands every day?
    God bless all of you and especially the doggies

    1. That’s right Deb. It’s all for the best, for all of us. But when you sleep and dream the world inverts…and it sure doesn’t seem like it, I guess.😂

  2. The Great Leap Backwards14 February 2023 at 03:32

    Long Marcher termites were busy burning it all down back then but they at least left some meat on the bone for the little people.
    Now they won't even let us have our small lives.

  3. Thanks for sharing and your transparency. We all had dreams for our families. We watched a couple of grandkids a few days each week from birth and had a little of those same feelings again. Surely their lives will be happy and fulfilled... surely. But live is a muther and sin will have it's way with them too. I try to remember those beautiful moments with the gratitude and not colored with envy or regret. To have had those moments is a blessing. To look for the next ones God has for us is also a blessing. To put the unfortunate moments in God's hands, that's a blessing too.

  4. The night watches are the worst. When the dream is unsettling and you wake with it on your mind. I hate that. I had a dream last night that is still percolating. Only because I woke up in it. We were young, like you mentioned. But in todays messy place. Unsettling.

    Deb has the way of it, spend some time with the missus and the dogs. Work in the Reclusium. Busy hands....