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Monday, 27 February 2023

Poetry Corner: Ode To A Pup

 TB used to embrace his inner samurai by spouting off doggerel that resembled what was called a"haiku". It is a high classical Japanese poetry form that the tall foreheads and intellectual elite favour.

I now will elevate myself to the loftier echelons of the world's best poet laureates! Quiet, everyone! I must insist on your closest attention and silence whilst I pontificate, bloviate, and orate!



Let's go outside!

Let's go outside!

I really think we should!

Otherwise you'll pooh in my shoe

And that wouldn't be good.

Last night ya pooped in the closet

The night before, the shed

I took one sniff 

And that one whiff 

Nearly knocked me dead!

Oh my God

What's that smell

It smells like someone died

We’d better git 

Before ya shit

And get the hell outside!

HAR! There ya go! Wasn’t that beautiful?

In ya face, TB!


  1. A truly thought provoking, creative effort.

    A hummingbird flies
    My pistol is hot. Safety off.
    Wing brushed the trigger

  2. Morning comes with pain
    The sound of one child crying
    Whiskey blunts the edge

  3. The dog does the dance.
    No one notices the dog.
    Rug stained forever.

  4. Is that all sex is?
    What, I've been waiting for that?
    I'll do it myself


  5. There once was a couple named Blair,
    Madly going to it on the stair.
    As he doubled his stroke,
    the bannister broke,
    and they finished off in mid air.

    My head thinks in limmericks. The only poetry that really sings to me.
    Sorry, sorry everyone....

    1. It's OK STxAR
      even from afar
      You're thinking of a stroke
      instead of a poke
      but she'll take it all and your car

    2. Ya see this?

      This is why everyone hates Irishmen!!!

    3. Especially those two gay Irishmen, Paddy Fitzgerald and Gerald Fitzpatrick.

    4. I tell all women, Kiss me I'm Irish.

      Bear Claw

    5. Well done! I concur Glenn, if hating means jealous.

      Great Scott, Don't Mind Me,
      Gah! now I have to pee!
      I laughed and I choked
      at your wonderful joke,
      and spewed java on my TV.

  6. Your pics are great. Your poetry... I dunno.

  7. Farting is fun stuff
    causing empires to crumble
    my blubber glistens

  8. Cheap whiskey sucks ass
    man, how did I wake up here?
    where did my pants go?

  9. Poetry for retards could catch on
    Even with dog farts
    A bomb goes off

    1. I fear that my poetic genius has been sorely outclassed.

      To punish you all for my hurt feelings... I will NEVER write poetry again...

  10. No Way Glen. You write great poetry.

  11. Beware of the brown ski wax in the snow. Or as the lyric from Frank Zappa had it: "Watch out where the huskies go, Don't you eat that yellow snow!"