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Thursday, 16 February 2023

Raquel Welch - Our Circles Tighten


The elderly greasy hippies and doddering pacifists will tell us that the Cold War was a horrible thing and maybe it was… but for us kids? It was a pretty cool time to be alive. Back then the last of the Greatest Generation were still doing actual science. They decided on a whim to go to the moon, and…BAM!!! Next thing ya know, Buzz Aldrin chips one in from a thousand yards with a 9 iron - in Mare Imbrium, HAR HAR HAR!!! Wonders and technological marvels were the order of the day.

And… the stories. My  gawd, the stories!!! Back then people were capable of individual original thought! Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov regularly blew our minds and they popped like the popcorn in the movie theatres. 

The Fantastic Voyage was a cinematic masterpiece for its day. Do you remember that terrifying scene when that guy in the sub got eaten by the soap suds? The horrible, super-low budget special effects didn’t matter;  the acting talent was probably less than the best… but…gawd…what a story! As a rapidly aging retronaut… I sometimes wonder how we went from stuff like that to today’s movies with dreary social justice plots involving faggots in space, or time travelling lesbians, all produced by filthy jewish rapists and pedos. We’re down to bloody comic books on the silver screen now.

In her day this woman could reduce me and Pa Filthie to quietly smirking perverts…and my mother to a jealous, spitting, catty harridan! HAR HAR HAR!!! Mom hated Raquel with the heat of 1000 suns. She’d like as not knock my block off for noticing it too! If that isn’t a glowing affirmation of good character I dunno what is!


The other day Pop made an interesting comment to the effect of the friends and the people in your life and times dying off… he says it’s like a circle that tightens around you as you go into your elderly years. I haven’t actually felt that circle yet…but I can see it forming as I move toward my 60’s.

An era ends. And another, bleaker one begins. 


  1. Yup, what was then was better than now by a thousand times. The women were beautiful but not skanky. Most "actresses" today have no problem doing nude sex scenes in PG rated movies, so how does that differ from a porn flick? They are all pornographers in hollyweird. I long for the past. sigh

    1. I hear ya, Rich. I love to hear the millennials and the Xer's bitch about the baby boomers and how they are going to smother us in our sleep when the time comes.

      Their kids are going to put them into the wood chipper when their time comes.

  2. Aside from The Great Escape, has Donald Pleasence always portrayed an evil, sinister character?
    - WDS

  3. Hannie Caulder and the Kansas City Bomber. Watch 'em and love her.

  4. Who can remember her in Mother, Jugs and Speed? A cinematic masterpiece!

  5. cold war much preferable to hot war