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Saturday, 11 February 2023

The Chinook Continues


The new puppy is horrible! All she does is eat and shit and destroy things! I took her with me to the archery club to meet the guys and on the way over she farted and it stunk so bad I almost crashed the Dawgmobile in the ditch. Picking up the land mines is hell on earth too…

She did make a stellar show of it when we got there. She walked right on my heel, went down with us to get arrows and came back and stayed behind the firing line while we shot. She only flipped out between rounds and was polite with the strangers and came when she was called. She made a lot of friends that day.

I am on her day and night. She’s going to get trained much like a police dog. She won’t have to do fighting and biting and tracking… but she will need to walk off leash, heel, and stay and sit and lay down. She has 3 minutes to eat meals, I time it and stand over her while she eats. When the time’s up I take the food away and she has to earn extra kibble throughout the day by following commands. 

I’m even getting invites from Mom and Pop to go visit. Mom says the mutt cheers dad up, but I know the old bint loves the pup all to pieces. Mom found some old tennis balls for us to play with and often we trash the house in the middle of the night with dog soccer and British-level hoolaganism.

I think even my Maker is happy with the little one. Those late night potty trips could be a lot worse… it’s not uncommon for us to hit the -30s in Feb…but The Big guy smiles on us and keeps the weather warm. Thank you Lord…it is sincerely appreciated!👍

Mort has completely changed as I knew he would when he became the alpha dog. The little one drives him bonkers and he finds somewhere else to be when she’s around. I refuse to let him sulk; every day I take time to lock the monkey up and then lie down with Mort on the floor and pet him up and talk to him. He just loves it. 

Welp…I better get up and hustle. We’re going out for a morning Dawg Adventure today. Off leash areas, coffee… the works. Life is good here, and I hope it is for you too.

Thanks for dropping in.



  1. There's a reason puppies are so terribly cute. It's what keeps them alive to survive puppy behavior. Hannah will get better by the day, but we're curious about the trail of destruction; furniture, shoes, toys?
    Our second goldie had a whole toybox of stuffed animals; she couldn't go outside to pee without something to carry in her teeth. Our third, miss Rosie, inherited that toybox and in about three weeks absolutely shredded every one. Amazing the difference in personalities, even in the same breed.

  2. Puppies promote life. Puppy breath=life. So happy for the Filthie household.

  3. All sounds good on the training but be careful with timed eating. Food aggression and guarding are leading cause of kids getting bit by otherwise great dogs. Food does not have to be involved just the smell on the kid or anyone for that matter.

    1. many schools of thought on the food thing. my experience leads me to believe that it's more important for the dog not try to guard the food than it is for how long it takes for them to eat.not an expert by any means, just lots of dogs through the years.