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Sunday, 12 February 2023

The Hogs Of War

 Today I took the new mutt to deal with her first senior delinquents. She’s been doing well with her flash cards: I have pics of the Usual Suspects and we drill hard every day. When she sees innocent civilians like Deb or Bobo she wags her tail and sits. When she sees pics of villains like Pete, Cederq Methane Man, or Quartermain - she snarls and foams and strains at her leash to attack!!!

She ate something awful and then gave poor pop some big sloppy kisses…before tearing his throat out!!!

Look at them screaming in terror!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! Bungholes beware!!! Senior delinquents - tremble in fear! Captain Sweatpants and his fearless K9 crime fighters are watching you very closely!!!


Pop is back with us from the Land-Between-realms… he’s trying to get off the walker and back on his cane and is coming along well. The baby even made Mom smile and lose her years for awhile. The circle of life goes round again…and we are all better for it.

Have a great Sunday and - as always - thanks for dropping in.


  1. nothing puts a smile on the face of most people better than a puppy.
    even after they did a accident, just hard to stay mad at one.
    puppies and dogs are what makes life worth living.
    enjoy your time with them. it is never long enough.

  2. Good post today. Looks like you had a nice weekend.

  3. Hard to imagine your "grumpy" mom, against the "puppy" mom. Puppies are truly Gods creatures that transform their their space into a better plane of existence.

  4. Dang bro! You and dad... it's like a look into the future. Folks look happy. Glad he's doing better.

  5. What everyone else said! Good job Filthie!