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Monday, 13 February 2023

The Past Is Another Country

In the Beforetimes… there were black folks that just wanted a fair shake. The road to hell is surely paved with good intentions. It was an age where racists learned what blacks could actually do in the right conditions… unlike today when racists make excuses for what they do. I guess there was a queen of rock and roll in this glorious age, before the current endarkenment…and her name was Rosetta Tharp.

That woman surely has a number of gifts - class
being one of them

It’s scarey, what’s happened to black people. I’d truly love to be 
a hateful bigot about it…but it’s happening 
to white people too. 
We are all in the grip of something evil these days…
and it shows up often in our music.


  1. Bootsy Mudhole Stomper13 February 2023 at 14:37

    I love it when you get going with field marshal fairytale the small man big mouth internet sensation legend in his own mind.

  2. Nice little interlude back to better times. Thanks.