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Wednesday, 1 February 2023

The Skid Marks Of Life

 Verily I walk through the shadows of the Valley Of Death.

Yet I will fear no evil

For I am the meanest, bravest SOB on the innernet.


Good grief. I've said it a million times. Mort is a freakin slob. While he is an excellent crime fighter like his esteemed master - and will go through senior delinquents like the Excalibur through demons.... he is completely high maintenance. His coat must be brushed all the time, and we vacuum hairballs and dust bunnies he generates daily...

Flee, my stubfart brothers! Take the women and children with you, along with my prayers and love. For those that dare continue with me - let us rise, lock our shields, and raise our spears. Only the strongest among us will hold in the face of the horrors that will confront us beyond this fold. No one will fault you if you turn aside now.

Mort is lit right up. Such are the humiliations that face both ourselves and our best friends. Pray for me my brothers. May the your bungs and those of your friends be clean and righteous. As for me and Mort...we face our self made demons with as much courage and grace as we can.

Ugh. I think I'm going to hurl...


  1. No, the picture is not clear, but I know whereof you speak. No need to say more.
    Every breed has pro's and cons. Our Goldies shed year round, and no amount of brushing keeps us from finding hair everywhere. Goldies are not great watchdogs either. They'll either lick a burglars hand and show him where the good stuff is, or they'll be quivering in fear underneath the bed. Oh, they can fight if forced to, where flight is not an option, but they're unreliable about it, unlike say, CederQ's ten pound (I think that's half a stone in Canadian) rottweiler.

  2. PP here. Pretty Dog though :)

  3. I'm assuming that's the south end with loose stool? Keep it trimmed. Had a Belgian Groenendal so I understand. And he shed dust BUFFALOES. None of those puny dust bunnies for him. No sir.

    Steve S6

  4. They know they'll get it all just as Carlin said.
    Internet echo chamber circle jerks don't strike any fear into the forces of evil.

  5. Twas but a flesh wound.

    Bear Claw

    And leave the little doggies alone.

  6. Try feeding pumpkin with fish oil. Apply some masking tape around the 'ol bungholio. Perfect. I promise!

  7. ...bloggers are boring, self obsessed narcissists who use their website mainly as a means to discuss the inconsequential minutiae of their day to day lives.”

    1. So go somewhere else. The interwebs is a big place, and we certainly aren't keeping you here. BFYTW.

  8. Bro! That last pic was not cool. Was not expecting that after those nice pretty words.

  9. Good old Mort. Bringing you from the soaring heights of innernet stardom, solidly down to earth when the poop hangs and sharts surprise you both. "There but for the grace of God, go I....." ;)