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Saturday, 11 February 2023

The State Of Canadian Politics Today


I can’t even watch  these friggen clowns anymore without wanting to shoot something. Every single fricken time:

Turdo does something that smacks of fascism and the conservatives squawk. Turdo responds “You’re only squawking because you’re fascists/racists/homophobes/sexists/haters/bigots…”

And our sawed off runt conservative leader responds, “No, YOU’RE the fascist/racist/homophobe/sexist/hater/bigot!!!” And of course, Turdo is so damned stupid, he never sees it coming and gets flustered and starts tossing a word salad. Then our midget Conservative leader stands up and brags about how “he sure owned the libs that time!!!”

Eff  ‘em all.



  1. Spewdeau, every word that comes out of its mouth is direct from that nazi, Klaus, "Ve haff inviltrayed oafer haff off Kanadian koffernment, unt now, sey do hour bitting", Schwab. The latest "China style" dictats its demanding are right out of the globalist scum handbook.

  2. Great opportunity for dry fire practice. Triple check it's clear.
    Steve S6

  3. I'm long done with the concept of 'Canada' as we knew it, Glen. What Canada is now is the furthest thing from a 'serious country' as it could get. 'Smol PP', if he is sincere (I'm not convinced), can't save it. If he does, I don't even know why he'd want to.

    The sooner Alberta cuts the cord, the better.