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Thursday, 9 February 2023

Thursday Random Ramble: Fat Lot A Good That 1000 Yard Stare Will Do…


I was reading up on this new nightmare out of Russia… their new Labaev sniper rifles. The factory just ramped up production. The one that scares me is chambered in something like 12.7 x102mm… sounds like the Rooskie equivalent of .50 BMG. Accuracy guarantee out of the box is 0.3 MOA. That’s as good as anything made here. Some judicious handloading might even shave that down a bit. Hollywood has glorified the sniper and everyone thinks these guys are cool as sheeeeit. You’ll see that attitude change when the bad guys start using them. Apparently they are an international company and will chamber those things in any calibre ya want. The Chey-Tacs, the Lapua magnums - you name it. Don’t be at all surprised if our friends in Syria, the trashcanistans, Iran, and Africa start getting these. Rifles like this can ruin your day out to 1300 yards. In Afghanistan, one goat humper got his ticket punched at 1700 and set the world record for fluke shots. Those shots are made with rifles just like this. Fuggin tube guns! They’re fully free floated, match barrels, jewelled tuneable triggers…they’ll run like a Swiss watch.

And still - the Usual Suspects insist that the Russians are incompetent drunken rubes, their equipment is no good, and that Putler is a stupid megalomaniac to be stepped on like a bug. BCE has some spectacular poasts up on the realities of war with a peer nation. Even General You-Know-Who is getting hit by the Clue Bat. A year ago he was claiming that the Ukes would kick Russia to the curb for the morning trash pick up. Half a year ago, he was claiming the Russians were running out of ammo, and spare parts, microprocessor chips, proper winter equipment… and parroting the crap from the mainstream media. Now…he’s backpedaling, claiming he didn’t say the things he said, and making lame denials and accusations at anyone that calls him on it. Whatever. Like it or not, reality is biting him square on the ass…and he’s not handling it well. He never does. For the rest of us… I worry that we aren’t looking at a revitalized, new adversarial Russia. If we are…we let those morons make powerful enemies of them for us.

This is Bakmeht. It’s the last bastion of the Kraine’s military might. If this city falls…it’s pretty much all over. The Uke defence lines will have been breached, and the Russians can pour through it and strike in force anywhere they want. It’s been encircled and cut off, and the Russians are pounding it (and what little is left of the Uke military)…into rubble. 

Of course…they could have easily flattened this city and the Ukes in it a month ago. But instead… they slowly pound away at it, day in, day out. Every day more Ukes die, rations and supplies run short, morale tanks, and tempers flare as the Ukes are ordered to achieve the impossible. The Russians are toying with them now, the same way a cat does with a mouse before he kills it.

It makes me wonder what the Russkies are thinking…and about propaganda, theirs and ours. We always hear what a powerful tool propaganda is. Dire and ominous quotes from history’s finest minds have been made about its sinister power. You can set the world on fire with it!!! You can justify genocide with it!!! Start unjust wars with it!!!! I’m sitting here in the outhouse wondering what the hell happened? We get this stuff drilled into us by holy rote… and yet guys like Bitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, General Aesop and their legions of normie-tard mouth breathers…they just destroyed the Kraine in broad daylight. They just got 300,000 Ukes killed (so far), nothing to show for it…and nobody batted an eye. There’ll be no truth and reconciliation, no Nuremberg trials, not even a footnote in the history books. None of those shitheads that started and supported this debacle will be made to fell the slightest bit of guilt. Dear God…300,000. More if you count the Russians. The mind wobbles.

I wonder too about the flip side of propaganda. It’s a strange weapon when you think about it. Propaganda might have lit the fuse on WW2…but afterward, everyone saw it for what it was. The old Soviet regime ran on it 24/7/365. You didn’t buy Pravda or the Red Star to read and inform yourself; you bought it to wrap your fish in, or to start the fire in the stove. You might read it if you wanted a laff or a yuk. You bought it for the classifieds, community announcements and maybe the obits. It was so bad that the Soviets had to lie about the readership and circulation numbers for them! The exact same thing is happening today. Our lame stream media is dying… and I am just peachy with it. I hope it hurts, too. 

The old Soviet regime had zampolits or political officers to make sure the press was publishing the right material, that the wrong voices and thinkers got stifled, and that the approved journalists were speaking and thinking the correct way. We have the exact same system shaping up in the west right now. One is tempted to get mad at guys like General Aesop…but he’s just a dancing monkey, doing his jig to the tune called by his masters. Why think for yourself when someone else can do it for you?

Hmpppffff. I wonder about that too, on second thought.
Is our believed General a dancing monkey?
Or does he fancy himself as a zampolit?

Doesn’t matter when things go sideways and it’s time to kill them,
I suppose.

But… how effective will propaganda be, going forward? In this day and age we can’t hide behind it or say we were gulled by it. Any number of crime thinkers were asking damned tough questions about this conflict before it started. Nobody can say they were lied to. Nobody can say “I never said that!!!” or “I never meant that!!!” Nowadays the internet is forever. If or when the revolution comes, justice will flow in the streets along with the blood.

I think I am quite content to remain disagreeable, cranky and ungovernable. There is none of this blood on my hands (yet), thank God. If I have to get them dirty…I’m gonna make sure it’s with the right people, over the right stuff.

GAH. Have a good Thursday!



  1. The cunts with blood on their hands are only an misting away and they know it, This terrifies them, and that's why they want to ban the big iron! They can eat the peanuts out of my morning turdoo!

    Chutes Magoo

  2. The biggest mistake people make is to discount what's going on outside of the US.
    90% of the worlds population live outside the western hemisphere, and to think they would wither up and die without us is arrogant and ignorant.
    I've tried to point this out to lots of people and they laugh at and ridicule the idea that the world will do just fine without the US. We may have one of the biggest world economies now, but when the dollar loses its reserve status that big GDP disappears. Trade and GDP is measured in $$$, not volume.

  3. Glen did you see this?

    In the NOT GOOD NEWS Department

    One of the regular panelists on “Sixty Minutes” then faced the cameras directly and said that Russia’s nuclear doctrine is under revision in light of these aggressive plans being aired in the United States, so that Russia is headed towards a policy of ‘preventive’ tactical nuclear strikes, similar to what the United States has. Moreover, if Ukraine targets Crimea and heartland Russia, then Russia will respond according to plans now being laid down. These plans foresee counter strikes against U.S military installations in Europe and in the Continental United States using hypersonic missiles. The panelist calls for this threat of counter strikes in Europe and the US to be made public and explicit, so that no one is in doubt about what to expect from the Kremlin.

    So here we are. The Russians are stripping away the fiction of a proxy war and revealing the co-belligerent status of the US and its NATO allies in preparation for a kinetic war with NATO.

    Meanwhile, the slaves of Clown World are still playing their magic word games and pretending that they are relevant in a military context. Colonel Markus Reisner, the military strategist of the Austrian Ministry of Defence, takes on the difficult task of explaining why NATO soldiers fighting in Ukraine under NATO command-and-control with NATO weapons against Russian forces do not mean that NATO is at war with Russia.

    NOTE the Russian's have taken off the diplomatic gloves here about Nuclear Weapons. They clearly told the world that SINCE the Clown World USA has announced to the WORLD that Preemptive Nuclear Weapons were ON THE TABLE So are the Russian's.

    Magic word games of NATO not being a Co-belligerent is FINISHED.

    Might want to look up prime nuclear targeting in your area and upwind.

    Protect your family, the powers that Be will not.

    1. Anything’s possible Mike. But I personally don’t see Nukes. For them to be an option…there’d have to be a way for our would-be oligarchs to ride it out in the style and comfort to which they are accustomed. If nukes start flying, rest assured they’ll die with us. I don’t see men like our rulers having the stones to risk their own skins…

    2. Add to that we've basically been caught admitting to blowing up Nordstream1, and Russia is already within rights to retaliate.

  4. don't think russians are toying, they are giving uke people and soldiers opportunity to escape
    poor ukes are being sent to senseless and inevitable death by jew who declared ukraine to be open for business
    when all the uke men are dead the zelenkskysteins can commandeer the rest of the land for themselves
    if only the bidenites, the zelenskysteins and their handlers could fall into the hands of the uke enlisted men !!
    those who are designing and funding this evil will be punished but not by the hand of man.
    maranatha !

  5. Dead kraines and there sympathizers is GOOD.
    Dead Western Mercs is even better.

  6. I don't think they are toying with those troops either.

    I think from the propaganda Russia's putting out they still have hope that the Ukrainians will rise up and dispose of their Nazi leadership.

    Nazi hunting works better when it's Ukranian Courts and Law involved. Ask the Israelis about that.

    That was part of the pre-Special Military Operation propaganda and a fair part of the reason Russia didn't simply blow up the "multi-use Civilian power grid-trains and so on.

    They don't follow American "Shock and Awe" of bombing a nation into the stone age, THEN dropping troops to occupy it. To leave later a failed state with internal strife and NO modern Infrastructure.

  7. you got it all wrong about the media. its not dying, nor will it ever, b/c they aren't in the news business. they are in the propaganda business, owned by oligarchs with a sinister message and as such not dependent on subs or circulation. they will only die if/when the oligarchs do. otherwise re:russia you're spot on, though i'd say toying with them might be over estimating. they are buying time to gather their forces for the big crushing push. WE may be the ones to use nukes on them as last ditch to save ukestan.

    1. They’re toying, RR. Last night they blitzed half a dozen cities in the Kraine….and they could have dumped that all on Bakmeht if they wanted.

      People forget; Vlad has not been fighting this war anywhere near as aggressively as he could. Whatever he destroys now, he’ll have to rebuild. He wants a deal. As long as the west looks at this restraint as weakness…the pommelling will continue…

    2. Vlad wanted a deal before the balloon went up, and if the Ukrainian government had the good sense God gave a doorstop they would have sat down at the negotiating table and waited for Vlad's entourage to announce Himself's arrival.

      The way things are now Ukraine will be soundly defeated, the place will have to be cleaned up and rebuilt, and all those casualties could have been enjoying the time they had left instead of being turned into fertilizer.

  8. I was just thinking of Billy Dixon today. 1500 yards with a Sharps 50-90. That's a fur piece mang.

    1. I can't see a three story building at 1500 yards, let alone hit anything.