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Saturday, 18 February 2023

To My Beloved Friends In The Google Community Standards Team

 Dear Sirs (Madames, Xirs, Mixx's etc)

I would sincerely like to formally apologize and grovel for your forgiveness for poasting all kinds of hateful content. I now realize that words are violence, silence is violence, etc etc. It is important to me to signal my new-found virtue - and in hopes of doing so, I would like to start with a hearty celebration of our homo/pan/transgender friends!!!


Maybe I should play a reverse race card instead...?
And tell all the other cranky old white stubfarts how awful we are...?

Well! I guess I am not sorry at all!!! GAH! Y'know what? The more I think about it... why don't you people just go on ahead and fuck yourselves with a chainsaw? 

Sorry about that everyone!

I dunno how far they want to go into examining my blog for acceptability... but I'd like to get my own webpage altogether, I think. I want one that is going to be difficult to cancel or undermine by the usual suspects. If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it. To be truthful I don't want to be on a platform run by those people because I hate them and hope they all die painful deaths at this point. Any pointers? Please help me out and leave 'em in the comments.




  1. And don't forget the suicide rate and murder-suicide rate amongt the Letterpeople is between twice and three times the rate amongst straight people.

    Good summation by the way. Excellent points all.

    And Copulate Google. That sack of leftist intestinal parasites.

  2. The only pointer I can think of is a broadhead up their bungholio. (Sorry Ms. Harvey)

  3. Two percent do 33%? Are we talking about child rape or major financial crimes?

    There. THAT should help you to look good and shiny to the thought police. You’re welcome.

  4. Talk to Big Country or Dive Medic for alternative platform.

  5. I think Kate at SmallDeadAnimals dot com has a pretty simple blog. Doesn't she use WordPress?

  6. " The more I think about it... why don't you people just go on ahead and fuck yourselves with a chainsaw? "


  7. much surprised they hadn't tagged you before
    roseanne barr said leftists have no sense of humor
    or maybe they just have no sense

  8. The image is too small to read the Source info. Can you provide? I can easily believe all the assertions, but I'd like more confirmation. Thanks.