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Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Worth Repeating


I see a certain retarded Californian bedpan washing nurse has her pull-up diapers in bunch. TL;DR.

The Covitard maskhole debate will only reignite among stupid people. The experiment is simple and easy: get a cigarette. Light it, inhale, and hold. Put on your mask. Exhale. Your head will be surrounded in a cloud of smoke particles, aerosol sized vapour droplets, and even larger moisture droplets that will go right through that mask  or around it. Those smoke particles and aerosol sized water droplets are orders of magnitude larger than a virus; and most bacteria. The theory Aesop is defending is NOT from the experts; it comes from politicians and legacy media morons - most of whom can’t balance a cheque book. When idiots like that start doing common core math trying to sound smart… put them through the filters above. In point of fact masks won’t even slow an airborne disease down.

I can’t believe there are still idiots running around in masks; but fear and stupid people are old friends. My question now is what will happen if we face a real pandemic one day? Our supposed ‘medical experts’ are just like Aesop. 


  1. You may notice in pictures of a biolab that everybody tasked with handling viruses is clothed in a Level 4 biohazard suit.

    Why is that?


  2. This thing's been around awhile:

    Truth is, a virus is either a public threat, or it isn't. In the later case, who gives a shit. In the prior case, you need careful limited exposure and a robust immune system. Everything else is a delay tactic.

  3. Trotsky's Pick Axe14 February 2023 at 13:03

    Any day now Russia will run out of ammo. (honk)
    Ivan doesn't do WAR like we do he must be like stupid like or something.
    Our way is the one true indispensable uber alles for the world.
    Muh manifest destiny or some other fweedom fwies horseshit for the dull and brain dead.

  4. Dude!!!  Blogger is letting me comment again?  Time to harass you.

    I was in the doctor's office the other day.  It should be laughable, but those people are scary serious about the whole mask thing.  I'd go somewhere else, but I'm too lazy to spend the days or weeks on the phone asking what is your masking policy.

  5. When I thought they maybe on to something and a mutating plague could be stalking the earth and not just a scamdemic I was actively looking for covid zombies to cull. Masks were easy a sign I looked for cause if they wore em they were obviously idiots who thought they were save while still alive so they should be culled first. At least they wouldn't be missed at first.

    1. Yup. I’m a believer in accountability lists. Collapse and revolutions are great times to cull people that desperately need it.

  6. LOL General Aesop is chanting the "Moscow Times" is reporting the

    snip The 5,000-strong 155th Guards Naval Infantry Brigade has been “nearly destroyed” after it lost up to 300 marines per day in Russia's assault on the coal-mining town, according to comments by the Ukrainian defense forces to Politico on Sunday.

    PER General Aesop: Relax, Put-tards: I'm sure the Moscow sources are totally lying about this latest Russian "victory". We'll all get to see how things go when Russia launches its next offensive, which launch schedule makes NASA look reliable by comparison.

    Aesop's ability to look past that his own posting says Ukranian Sources told them.... Moscow say's....

    Plenty more but a little google fu shows the "Moscow Times" is a Finnish Owned and operated online newspaper, the 7X7 group reporting what the "survivors said" (wishing they were captured by Ukrainian forces) is an online group based in Kiev.

    And Politico News SNIP

    Politico (stylized in all caps), known originally as The Politico, is a German-owned political newspaper company based in Arlington County, Virginia, US, that covers politics and policy in the United States and internationally.

    A well-known "Credible Liberal News" per the New York Slimes. Also known as a CIA mouthpiece.

    Oh yeah, only the best Intel for the smartest man in the room.

    He's already taking flack about it and doubling down that the Finnish Ownership thing was because Putin was crushing "Free Speech".

    Buy more popcorn folks, the show will go on. Hopefully without a bit of canned sunshine.

    1. HAR HAR HAR! That’s our boy…he was saying the Wagner group was toast in the first 3 days of the war too!😂👍

    2. Michael I question everything, then I read this yesterday.

    3. Bear Claw I also read that translation. Not good news.

      I've not found confirmation yet. Sometimes our 3 letter agencies like to DO "Russian" News.

      Seems odd that Putin would GIVE 72 hours warning of a nuclear attack. I know he's tried hard not to harm Ukranian Civilians (costing him troops thusly) but Russians are ANGRY at the US government now.

      Some MOAR not good news:

      Russia has been very careful to speak, and because the USA announced that the USA is ALLOWED to use Nuclear Weapons AS NEEDED on the Battlefield (no longer launch in response MAD) the Russians have ALSO so changed their Nuclear Doctrine.

      Or as I posted over at the Intrepid Reporter

      Keep monkey hammering that artillery fuse, It hasn't gone off YET.

      Personally, one of my MAIN Concerns is that the 101st Airmobile Division is STILL in Poland, past the planned "exercise" it came over for.

      Given the USA STILL has Huge US Flag flying Vehicles in SYRIA occupying their OIL Fields along with our pet head choppers...

      I expect the Jackasses of the District of Criminals to DO a Syria oil field show with the 101st placed directly between the Ukrainians (who will continue to shoot at the Russian Motherland with US HIMARS LONG Range Missiles)

      AND then Double Dog DARE the Russians to shoot them.

      It's the Troops I am pissed about, the 101st isn't even a good speed bump for any armored division. They are chopper carried troops who depend on TOTAL CONTROL of the Air and the Russian anti-aircraft systems are going to be harsh on the supporting attack choppers.

      It wouldn't be the first time the US Government has placed troops into harm's way, KNOWNG they were going to get hammered. Look at Pearl Harbor.

      Clown World. Pearl Harbor but instead of some old battleships burning we'll have cities vaporized.

      Praying for wisdom

  7. I fail to understand why anyone reads Assops snide dumb crap anymore, it's not even entertaining like it used to be.
    He has been wrong about pretty much everything since I started reading his stuff a dozen years ago and the last time I went for a visit about a year ago I explained this to him and he melted down like a child. His response was actually threatening, enough that I recorded the exchange and filed it with a local LEO buddy of mine. The same evening he wiped the response and my comment of his site.
    He's going long with Globohomo whatever happens. Ignore him.

  8. He's a braying jackass is all.

  9. Masks....even an N95 mask can't stop a virus. But masks CAN stop exhaled water droplets. And the VAST majority of exhaled virus particles hitchhike into the air on exhaled water droplets. Masks don't prevent all virus infections. But they can diminish the amount. They are merely ONE tool of infection control among many tools. Just like proper hand sanitization...which most people fail at.

    1. A healthy immune system can handle a lot of things. The low-grade bioweapon of COVID a mask CAN help, IF properly worn to REDUCE the Bio-load of your exhalation and maybe keep some cough spray from others out of YOUR mouth and nasal passages.

      Properly worn not a F*ing chin bra, nose inside the mask and so on.

      Look at your hands, there is the 10 best ways nastiness gets into your eyes, nose and mouth. In the OR we used tabasco on the hands to teach folks to STOP touching their face with their dirty hands.

      Also teaches you just how much soap and water and time is needed to wash those hands properly.

      Aside from his nasty attitude Aesop's actually reasonably correct about masks.

    2. Masks don't work. Period. Stop it.
      Even N-95 masks fail to prevent transmission of a virus.
      Re-breathing your own effluent is a sure fire way to make yourself sick, so take the mask off, you're not protecting anyone.
      Airborne particles are not the issue.

    3. Dude, I feel SO SILLY wearing a surgical mask for over 3 decades alongside some of the best trauma surgeons in the USA. Johns Hopkins, Childrens of Milwaukee and many others in my ongoing career.

      WE were SO STUPID to wear masks and were Making OURSELVES Sick.

      I'll PASS on your OUTSTANDING Wisdom tomorrow morning as I head back into the surgical suite.

      Need I add a sarc tag here?

      Only your second line is even maybe possible, given the difficulty to get a N95 worn properly, other than that drive on.

  10. I think it was Karl Popper who said that if a hypothesis cannot be negated through experiment, then it is not science. Only hypothesis that can be proven wrong (i.e. evidence that doesnt line up with the hypthesis) are science. Therefore, the whole system relies on the honesty and integrety to accept, acknowledge, then deal with hypothesis negating information. That bottom right balloon is the most important part.

    VAERS reports are a literal version of that bottom right balloon with the arrow going gack up.
    So if you subvert, hide, fail to report, lie, etc, and fuck up the negation loop (VAERS reports) , you don't have science. I would argue what you have is dogma. Dogma that kills people because the reality doesn't fit their satanic all important narrative. Meanwhile, the Left, the insane fuckers who openly refuse to acknowledge negative info even while they die live on TV.
    I don't know what the latest brouhaaha is with General Aesop, but Ill research as I can't pass up a chance to mock that fucking idiot.

  11. "Ivan doesn't do WAR like we do he must be like stupid like or something."

    I've been thinking about this a lot. Colonel McGregor was predicting a winter offensive. I think that offensive may well be underway, just not in the way American analysts believe it was going to go down. I've been reading lots of views of different analysts and I believe there are some things you can glean.
    1.) This is a whole new chapter in warfare. You can't do massed armys like Desert Storm because satellites, drones, awacs, balloons, radar, pennicillian counter battery system, give Ivan an almost complete picture of the battle field. At least enough to deny the enemy the ability to mass Desert Storm like numbers. Kamikazee drones a bitch and they will make mince meat of American tanks. So, like a $30,000 drone (i have no idea about this number, but I bet its cheap) for a $9million tank. AS out esteemed hosts says, " HAR HAR HAR.
    2) Ivan has now had about a year of on the job training how to do this new kind of war. American work on their pronouns.
    3) Ivan has a capacity for industrial scale warfare. FAINO (faggot America In Name Only) doesn't.
    4) Artillery still rules the battlefield. One of the things that makes me certain that Russian is kicking the shit out of Ukraine is binge watching artillery videos on Telegram. The Russians have so many arrows in their quiver. That TOS-1a is frightening. The Americans have the M777, which is a piece of shit. Apparently they got rid of the big 8 inchers that ruled Babenhausen (West Germany). The only other artillerys is whatever fits in that pod that goes in a HIMARS or M270 MLRS. That's it.
    Anyway, since you can't do "big Arrow" thrusts anymore, you have to spread your troops out. And that is what I am seeing. It seems Russia is attacking all along the line. Backmut is almost surrounded.
    Whatever their strategy is , I think it is working. Hundreds of people are comeing to Backmut to die. And Russia is willing to kill them. If the enemy comes to your doorstep and lets you kill them, that is pretty efficient for you .

    1. Indeed.

      Vlad lost the Twitter battle with Aesop and the other normie cons…but he is now firmly in charge of the Kraine.

      You are right too that there Will probably be no titanic tank battles. I saw pics of the yard lots where they had dozens and dozens of Bradley’s lined up in Germany…waiting to deploy to the Kraine. The second they set those yards up in the Kraine…the bombs and missiles will be in the air. Most will never see combat.

      The Kraine debacle is bad enough now but it’ll be an absolute shit show soon.

  12. Aesop also believes that no way no how the US sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines. He spouts that in comments about Seymour Hersh's expose over at Cold Fury.

  13. Nurse Ratchett is NOT wrong- and he has pages and pages of pretzel logic to show his work! Hah so there.
    When someone is often wrong, accompanied by louder and louder braying, best to avoid the stall, as it's just full of donkey shite.

    1. Nonsense.

      One aerosol droplet, literally so small you can almost call it vapour) can literally carry tens and hundreds of thousands of virus. It only takes one to make you sick. This is what Aesop and the science impaired don’t get: sure - you CAN stop 80% or more of them with the mask and prevent the spread of millions of the virus…but you’ll always be surrounded by a cloud hundreds of thousands. The mask is a baby soother for stupid people that don’t understand how bugs propagate.

    2. Filthie you are partially correct. See my post above, not retyping it here.

      One virus particle CAN, make you sick, IF you have a seriously compromised Immune System.

      You are RIGHT now breathing COVID "infested air" but you're not wearing a mask, right? There is literally nowhere in this globe you could not be exposed as even the South Pole scientists with strict testing and isolation protocols HAVE GOTTEN COVID.

      Your currently not with COVID because your God designed IMMUNE System is doing its job correctly.

      I'm honest enough to admit when a blind squirrel finds a nut, or a functional but internet socially impaired soul is telling the truth.

      But we do need to stop insulting Donkeys, a fine guard animal and beast of burden.

  14. Something I posted over at Aesops latest Putin slam.

    I need to thank you Aesop, I just finished my taxes (estimated 1200 dollars so far to the Ukraine) and your advice about the Russian Ruble dying gained me a very taxable boost to my income last year using FX.

    Any more economic advice I could prosper with, please?

    Thanks in advance.

    Yours Michael

    Any bets if it will see the light of day in his blog?

    And if so what a barrage of words in response?

  15. 110 billion dollars to the Ukraine. Z needed the money to pay his govt employees. IRS to clamp down on service workers not paying their fair share. Nobody gets the flu anymore. It is Covid. Home tests- supplied by China- are Participation Trophies for adults. Look at me! I got the Coof! Americas Social Security to collapse because- Congress has been stealing it for years- using the money to pay for wars and other more-needed things. 12% of your payroll is taken from you as SS tax. Then it doesn’t stay in SS! But you keep voting! How many FIB agents does it take to change a lightbulb at a Proud Boys rally? This years budget 1.7 Trillion dollars? That is One Thousand Seven Hundred Billions! Pretty soon we will be talkin real money. Stupid.

  16. The entire world recently did a comprehensive two year study on the effectiveness of masks against an infectious respiratory virus. It turns out that the masks didn't even slow it down.