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Thursday, 2 March 2023

Good grief!
Only Canadians can take a formidable weapon
like a jet fighter plane…
and make it look like a child’s swimming pool
floatie toy.
Must be friggin fwenchmen mixed up in this…


  1. Technically that's a T-33, a gentle, friendly trainer for new pilots, but I get your point. It's based on the F-80, which was the hot fighter setup for about ten minutes after WWII ended.

    Really does look like a pool toy.

    1. Why... I didn't even recognize it with all that gay make up on it. I just took one look, laughed, and poasted it for mockery, sport, and merriment...!

  2. Turdeau has one in his tubby at night, but it has the face of a gerbil on it.

  3. Still looking for anything like a "jet fighter" in that picture.
    Maybe those words means something else in Canada.

  4. Is it the UN model?

  5. I'm thinking that's the T-33 that is civilian owned and takes civies for flights. Pretty sure you can't blame the CF exterior decorator flight for that one.