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Friday, 3 March 2023


 Cederq: Hey. Fag…

Filthie: Yeah? What?

Cederq: Ever see a chopper try to dry hump a bus?

Filthie: Fuggoff!


Filthie: Well son of a whore!

Cederq: I know, right….?


  1. The Russians do everything better. Our flying crane holds 2 people. Theirs takes the bus AND passengers, BOTH at the same time. Kinda like one of their Apache type helos brings along a SQUAD just in case they need to really, really kill you extra dead. They seem to be fairly redundent and thorough in their planning, but probably running out of ammo and tanks. Even though they count tanks in acres and ammo in train loads. Yeah...that's the ticket!

  2. When I was in the Army, I drove an M270 MLRS. My biggest fear wasn't counter artillery because shoot-n-scoot. My biggest fear was the Hind-D "Flying Tank" unleashing Soviet Grade woopass.

  3. I bet the fuel burn was crazy.