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Saturday, 4 March 2023

fwench Artyfacts: Blast From The Past


An old Fiat concept car, apparently?
Almost certainly classical fwench design too: intriguing style…
but 0 for guts and reliability…
I’ll bet PP could blow the doors off it with his
Ford N8N.

But…back in the 70s when it was designed,
it would have been just the ticket for a disco celeb
like Kim du Toit
and his skanks and tire-biting groupies


  1. Put a roof on it and you've got an X-19...

  2. The French copy no one, and no one copies the French.

  3. The Hot Wheels Jack Rabbit Special.

  4. Is that the father or the mother of the Pontiac Fiero?

  5. It was designed by Marcelo Gandini based on an Autobianci - nothing French about this car