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Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Humpday Ramble: Don’t Be Brave - Be Smart


Now’s you’re chance, you fart sucking
virtue signallers!
The enlistment office will greet you with open arms!

So that little jewish mutt running the Kraine has burned through all his soldiers and Putler still owns the Donbas. Zelensky’s military is essentially DONE. 150,000 squaddies are dead. That’s a lot of meat; they’ve had to open up new cemeteries to accommodate all the new customers. The rest are wounded, never to fight again, or POWs, or frozen corpses under drifts of snow. This war was actually over close to two months ago. Now all they are doing is killing off the stragglers. Zelensky’s vowed to throw every last soldier at the Russians… and Putler just shrugs and smiles that cold Russian smile.

And now Zelensky’s officially calling for American troops to join him on the battlefield! Isn’t it great? He’s killed all his kids, and now he wants to get yours killed too! And predictably… all those Uke flags in the Twitter bios and blue and yellow slogans are quietly coming down. Biden is still dumb enough to do it though… or his handlers are.

We are all morons now…

Sigh. I always get schooled by The Bitter Centurion on shite like this because I think that somewhere, somehow… people should actually learn something after doing stupid shite like this. JL says something like “Oh hell no! The average Canadian is a moron, and half of ‘em are dumber than he is!” I am getting bitter too; I think he’s right, and that all that goes for the entire western world. One is tempted to sorrow and sympathy when you look at all those shattered Ukrainian families that lost husbands, sons, and brothers… but the only thing for it is bitter objectivity. “You posed for the Globohomo cameras with the AK47, Ludmilla! You boasted you’d kill the Russians yourself and would water the garden with their blood. Nestor - you signed up and basked in the approval of your countrymen and leaders who arranged parades and ceremonies in your honour… and sent you away to fight an enemy orders of magnitude bigger than you are. And for their part? The Russians blew you and your squaddies away with artillery shells. To them you were only a coordinate on the map…”. I dunno if they are legit or not… but a poll showed that in all the western countries…at least half of us still approve of what’s going on with that shit show. That? Despite the way our ruling class handled Afghanistan? The mind wobbles.

The language being used around this narrative is hilarious. Bakmeht is now encircled. The Russians took months to do it, giving the Ukes every opportunity to negotiate a withdrawal. Now the last of their troops are trapped. The cauldron is next - they will pound it into rubble along with anyone inside the perimeter. The language from the press is that “the situation is now complicated…” or “Fighting in Bakmeht is getting more challenging for the Kraine….” I guess fighting when you are out of ammunition and fuel and people does not present insurmountable problems, eh? Who’da thunk it? I remember an episode of The Simpsons where the nuclear power plant was melting down, and Montgomery Burns told the panicked press that it was nothing more than a routine unexpected energy surplus…” Our leaders a literally clowns now.


Make your mistake, America. I can’t tell anyone what to do, but if I were to offer some advice? I’d tell you to take a damned hard look at your president. I’d point out the queers, the vibrants, the trannies, furries and bronies running your military. Think of all the vets back from Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan that nobody wants to talk about anymore. Think of the people you’re squaring off against. 

If you get called up to fight over there…I would say, “Don’t be brave. Be smart.” There’s a lot of incredibly stupid people in the Kraine and in Washington, doing incredibly stupid things. They’re unaccountable and irresponsible. You don’t want people like that playing with your life.

Best of luck, fellas.


He says it better than I do.  I suppose we'll have to get through fags like Aesop and bovine cow cnuts like Miss Fit... but I am down for it, HAR HAR HAR!!! I'll take care of them, JL, while you take care of our esteemed Ukranian allies. The rest a ya's!!! Take your popcorn, beer, and rude jokes into your foxholes! Better get the little ones in there too! My eyes are not what they used to be...


If we have to kill assholes... why go half way round the world? HAR HAR HAR!!!


  1. Yeah, come on all of you, big strong men,
    Zelensky needs your help again.
    He's got himself in a terrible jam
    Way down yonder in Ukraine
    So put down your books and pick up a gun,
    We're gonna have a whole lotta fun.
    And it's one, two, three,
    What are we fighting for?
    Don't ask me, I don't give a damn,
    Next stop is Ukraine;
    And it's five, six, seven,
    Open up the pearly gates,
    Well there ain't no time to wonder why,
    Whoopee! we're all gonna die.
    Well, come on generals, let's move fast;
    Your big chance has come at last.
    Gotta go out and get those reds
    The only good commie is the one who's dead
    And you know that peace can only be won
    When we've blown 'em all to kingdom come

    Sorry Country Joe.

    1. Careful, BM... or you will become a literary poet like me... :)

  2. I love how the runt has been boasting that they'll take Crimea. Really? With whose army? Not even we are that stupid.

    I saw a vidya the other day about NATO saying they've voted Ukraine in. Cant' see it in print anywhere though.

    This ain't our fight. All it is is saving TPTB's cash laundry.

    It's what it is, I suppose. All fun and games until you start losing bases, ships, and subs.

    If we blunder in there, get used to the phrase - "Missing and presumed lost" because you know damn well the Russians have gamed all this out.

    I think where most people go wrong is that they think Putin wants to take Ukraine. I think that's wrong, he only wants the ethnic Russian parts. Parts he mostly has. It's all about ruining Ukraines armed forces, which appear to be happening.

    Keep in mind, it ain't Russia begging for armor. It ain't Russia asking for money. And it ain't Russia asking anyone to help.

    Those with eyes ought to see.

    1. It's Bagdhad Bob all over again, TD. I am laughing bitterly about it all at this point. Europe has promised them all these tanks... but unfortunately, on average... only 30% of them are operational. If I am not mistaken Canada doesn't have any tanks at all anymore.
      I suppose it is all good in a roundabout way... if this is what it takes to finally kill Globohomo... let's get it over with. What comes next probably won't be pretty either...

  3. “You posed for the Globohomo cameras with the AK47, Ludmilla! You boasted you’d kill the Russians yourself and would water the garden with their blood. Nestor - you signed up and basked in the approval of your countrymen and leaders who arranged parades and ceremonies in your honour…"

    Which is why I don't have any sympathy for the Ukranians. Ukraine has been in the crossroads of wars for centuries. You'd that getting their asses kicked over centuries by Mongels, Germans, and now Russians, that they would learn a lesson. I guess not. So fuck them.

    I think Sean Penn giving away his Oscar was hilarious. Sean, you spineless faggot, that Oscar didn't cost you anything. Hey, Sean, if you really want to put your money where your overpriced mouth is, sell your house, put on a uniform, pick up a rifle, and go plug that hole in frontline at Bachmut. I'll be waiting.

    1. Sean Penn is a bad joke. He is literally a moron. I remember years ago when some city flooded in the States... New Orleans maybe?
      The fag showed up in a 12' rubber boat to rescue people and it sank when all the paparazzi clambered in to film his heroism.
      Unfortunately Biden is dumber than Penn... and he proposes to save nations... and he will undoubtedly sink them the same way Penn sank his rubber boat...

  4. Good advice. Too bad there is no intelligent life where it counts in USFedGov.
    I was prime meat during Viet Nam, so l'll be sitting out any foreign adventures this time. I will be here for the domestic version. Unfortunately, 72 year old's don't make 1st tier squadies. Fortunately, we probably won't be going up against anything better than 3rd tier Krainian equivalents. And Dindus, there will definitely be Dindus.

    1. The balloon has to go up sometime TM, unless something radically changes. Cranky old white men with nothing left to lose... oh boy. Nobody needs that...

  5. Shop Smart Shop S-Mart1 March 2023 at 07:45

    Ukraine is very important to the banksters who run the steaming third world turd Chiquitastan or FUSA.

  6. Can anybody tell me why the USA is militarily aiding a nation that embarked on a ten year plus official program of genocide and ethnic cleansing against a minority population? I mean, I know why Biden and the other Democrats need their money laundering off-shore accounts. But why should our nation help the genocidal tyrants who spent eight years indiscriminately shelling towns and villages, killing over 40,000 civilians for the “crime” of being an ethnic minority? And that was after they made use of their language illegal and literally burned their books.

    1. McC - the fuggin JEWS are lining up behind these guys... and they have swastika and SS tats... and they are taking their orders from a jew. You'd have to be an idiot to crawl into bed with lice like that... but... liberals... Biden... reasons...

  7. zelenskystein declared ukraine open for business some months back
    guess he'll take the properties abandoned by refugees . give it to cronies and make ukraine a business hub of some sort; probably full service money washing
    putin has no desire for ukraine, doesn't need it
    it is a terrible sin for which the bidenites and their string pullers will pay in the afterlife

    1. Well... if your 'business' is mail order Ukranian brides, and money laundering and human trafficking... yeah, the Kraine is wide open for that... no bones about it...

  8. When I step back far enough to find an objective viewpoint, I see that we are in for a major culling of the herd. " The average Canadian is a moron, and half of ‘em are dumber than he is!” That is true world wide, and when our conditions get a bit uncomfortable, as in grid down, the die off will accelerate exponentially. When the marshmallow people get hungry and thirsty, they will eat and drink things they shouldn't. Intractable vomiting and diarrhea can kill in a matter of hours. Not to mention not having any clue as to hygiene when the tap stops flowing and the toilet won't flush. One of my favorite survival manuals is How to Shit in the Woods by Kathleen Meyer. Check it out sez JoeBob.

    1. This is why I get frustrated with a lot of the agrarian preppers. They think survival is as simple as moving out of the big city and planting a garden and putting up a few solar panels. When they get hungry... it will be an exodus from the big city and those zombies aren't going to respect property rights when they start to starve. They don't read the history books about how tyrants and socialists make food into a political weapon and what they do to farmers in the process of that.

      We can't afford to think like that. We are going to have to organize into groups to weather what's coming and I just don't see that happening.

  9. That's the ONE good thing about this particular 'current thing' - you can get the virtue signalling 'fake & gay' crowd to shut their cake holes REAL fast, once you point out that the military AND PMCs are short handed, could really use their 'help', and supposedly don't discriminate based on age, weight, gender, race, etc. Works like a charm!

    Everyone wants to be a hero until it's time to do 'hero' shit.

    1. JL, I am convinced that the 'smart play' for the Uke conscript today is that if you get dragged into that meat grinder- is to shoot your superior officer and head for the hills. It has been just senseless slaughter now for two months.

      I know you say we don't have a place in that fight and I agree... but I will go further: we are not the good guys in this at all and we are most assuredly on the wrong side of this...

    2. You're damn right we're not the good guys. We haven't been the good guys for quite some time now.

      You wanna know why we Canadians, as a society, never learn from the stupid crap we wind up in? It's because we are a society of poor excuses and lowered expectations. We never make ourselves truly pay for our stupidity, greed, and laziness. It's always someone else's fault.

      They don't have this attitude in Asia. When I was over there, in places like Korea and Japan, I saw the complete opposite from folks there (although they are having their struggles with western influences on their youths). But by and large, those people are motivated, focused, and they work their tails off. That's why they're kicking our asses in everything that counts, and we kick our own asses by being so damn incompetent and reveling in it.

      You're right - we're gonna reap what we've sown, eventually.

  10. it's the jews.

  11. Remember back a the beginning of this thing, that broad with the two kids hanging onto her like possumitos? She was holed up in a subway station somewhere while bombs were bursting in air. The world had just dealt with two years of work-from-home Zoom meetings, with their routine jitters, audio distortions, and drop-offs. . This mamacita was sitting underground in a subway tunnel in a WAR ZONE, and had PERFECT video and audio! There was NOT.ONE.JITTER! Can we spell "Capricorn One," boys and girls? The whole thing was as fake as a tranny tit! They lost me RIGHT.THERE. Of course, there's no telling how far Traitor Joe will go to drag us further into this thing. I guess he figures that a good nuclear war will take the spotlight offa him and his addict son...

  12. The entire UKR-RUS thing was engineered by the Kaganites (or the Kagan Cult) who are neocons. Neocons are Jews mostly with ancestry from the former Russian empire. And they purely hate the Slavs. No matter what happens and who ultimately prevails (doubtless in a Pyrrhic victory) those Kaganite fucks have already achieved their goal, which is “revenge” on the Slavs for not loving them enough. Fomenting and profiting from brother wars is their specialty.

    Zekenskyy’s entitlement and sanctimonious lecturing is just one of his time-honored and charming folkways. So don’t criticize it, Glen, you H8TR. For shame.