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Friday, 10 March 2023

Kids, These Days… Ugh!


Oh Colin!!! You poor, star crossed
little dear!!!

You’re so brave, and noble to speak out
like that!

I guess Joe Rogan was going off on his parents too and accusing them of villainy too. Apparently his elderly father got wind of it, and told Joe that if he had any balls, he’d face his father and look him in the eye as he made such awful accusations. The people showed the clip of the old boy ranting and agreed that poor Joe was right in ignoring his father, and that the old man was just angry about his son not sharing his fortune with him. I didn’t see that at all… I saw a broken hearted old fart angry at the betrayal and estrangement of his son. But whadda I know?

I went through it too. When my daughter discovered she was a militant gay lesbian she went around telling everyone she was the victim of child abuse, and that she had to run away and could never return home again because of all the horrible and ghastly trauma her homophobic parents put her through. I suppose I ranted like Joe’s old man too. “Why are you doing this?” I asked. “Look me in the eye and say these things,” I fumed. With some men, profound grief manifests itself as anger, or at least it does with me.

Sometimes ya just need to reframe the way you look at things in order to perceive them accurately. In my case… very little of my daughter’s theatrics had anything to do with me. I was less than the mud on her shoes to her, as a person. My value to her was as a prop in her personal morality play. The script is a trope with the neoliberal social justice warrior. My daughter was a hapless noble victim of ruthless abusive parents. She bravely redeemed herself by running away and never looking back. She was a victim and a hero.

Of course you never know anything for sure in these things. Maybe Colin’s parents really were KKK cone heads that adopted a black kid to abuse for fun and amusement. Maybe Joe Rogan’s dad was the devil incarnate, abused his son for no reason, and Joe was as pure and innocent as the driven snow.

So I sit here, long after finishing my involuntary role in a play I didn’t write and wanted nothing to do with… and I look at other actors starring in similar dramas and going through emotional wringers of their own… I dunno what to say, or what I learned from the experience. Except maybe…I’m so glad it’s all over, for me at least. One of the dinks on Blab said that it’s all good - sometimes families fall apart so something better can fall together. It’s possible…. My daughter is living the life of the bohemian gay artiste in Hongcouver and she must love it. My shitty in-laws are finally, firmly on their own side of the fence between our families…and I love it. My days are filled with dawgs, archery, planes n’ guns. My wife introduced me to my Maker and I love them both. I hate to say it, I wish it weren’t true…but we are all better off apart rather rather than together. 

The next chapter of my life looks okay. I have my own narrative to write and to live… and not having to star in someone else’s gong show is a blessing. 

GAH! That’s about all the introspection I can take for one day! God gives us only one story to write…so saddle up and make it a good one! I hope your Friday is short, and that you have something good teed up for the weekend.




  1. Right there with you sir. When son declared his sexual choice, his mother wept, I told him I couldn’t love him any more or any less- and enjoy his new family- his “friends” sucked him in (pun intended) to their ghetto- we see almost nothing of him after years of weekly dinners, travel, etc. not met one of his “friends” yet.
    No abuse accused, just wanted something else.

    1. Makes sense, A. Faggots tend to be boistrous, extroverted assholes that will walk away from families that disapprove of them. Lesbians are mean and angry and will actively attack their families on general principles. Typically they attack their fathers... the real nasty ones will go after their mothers.

  2. Well, it is pretty clear he acts like he wasn’t raised right but I’m not sure we can blame his parents.

  3. I'm sick of these spoilt negroes. Dude grew up with a life many would envy, yet, he has to be an ingrate. Worst one I've seen was that super woke, bright red hair dyed negress throwing shade at her adopted father's funeral, calling him a rayciss.

    He didn't have to adopt her. He didn't have to pay for her to go to school. But he did.

    I see a few couples at church, white as can be, with nigra kids. I can't help but think this'll probably end bad. I wonder what lead them to adopt what are clearly african kids.

    We looked at adoption once, and realized that huwhit kids, without issues, were extremely expensive. Seemed like very kid we looked at had deep problems, usually medical. Scratch and dent, I guess. But we knew a lot of people that adopted from eastern europe and china.
    Those kids were normal, and grateful.

    In Kaepernicks case, he was a decent quarterback that slide into mediocrity. He clearly picked the wrong thing to keep any sort of fame.

    1. I've seen it at church TD, not just with black kids... but with whites and natives too. The devout Christian parents will adopt or take in troubled youths and try and turn them around... and they fail. As an outsider I can see it coming a mile away. My wife wants to do it too... but dammit, I have guns, cash and stuff on the premises and I know her motives are pure and good... but there are nasty realities that faith can't address until the kid comes around. Financially we can't afford it, and emotionally... gawd, I am not going through that again. It took me years to get past my daughter's estrangement, and life is too short.

    2. Good Gawd no way. I’m done with chulrins. At my age you want to nurture summing get a dog. At least if it shits where it’s not supposed to it’s an honest accident. I’ll spend my energies on my grandsons, so they, unlike their parents generation, have some semblance of man skills.

      I can’t even imagine adopting or fostering a black yout. First off I’d get charged with raycissm. Second, I can see my .44 going missing followed by a collect call from the jail.

  4. I learned that we have a finely tuned balance in our minds. Like those balances you see in the hand of "blindfolded justice" statues. In order for us to be balanced, we have to deal with the guilt in our lives. The best way is to clear the balance, by forgiveness of wrongs done to us and repentance of wrongs done to others. But there is another way. You can balance out your guilt with blame. When people start to blame everyone else for their problems, you know they are mentally suffering. The balance isn't meant to hold cotton bales, and eventually it breaks down. And so does the person.

    I recently realized that my dad was the best dad I could have had. He rode me hard, my leash was short. Accountability was swift and harsh. If he'd been indulgent, I'd have been a convict in short order. But he instilled in me an ethical code that still guides me to this day. And it is a damn sight better than the one he operated under. I had a lot of complaints about the fairness of my upbringing. I am thankful for the discipline now. And I have stories about injustices I suffered under him.

    Glad I avoided the name and blame games. They are a sure road to mental illness.

    1. Hmmmmpfpfpfpffff. Blame is a funny thing for me. I am obviously still pissed at my daughter... but I flapped like a garden gate in the breeze. I blamed her. I blamed myself. As you say, there is little point in looking at such things through a 'blame' lens. Anon up top maybe says it best... the kids just want something else. In today's world, the family is just obligation and no reward to a lot of people so they break it off and go do their own thing and live in their own worlds.

      I spent a lot of time being bitter about the whole thing. It was like we had to find a new world when the old one collapsed...and it was hard because we both had invested everything in it. I think you have to be able to forgive yourself too...

    2. Makes sense to me, Glen. You do the best you can, and hope your kids wind up with only half the hang ups you have. I call that a win. But they are free agents too. And if they decide to go whole hog...... I've known men that had to defend themselves against allegations of molestation that never happened. It was just blame from the kid to offset the guilt of.. maybe of betraying their parents good intentions and moral teaching? I dunno.

  5. "Maybe Colin’s parents really were KKK cone heads that adopted a black kid to abuse for fun and amusement. "

    Nah. He is just your typical ungrateful nigger. Nothing is ever going to be good enough.

    Sorry about your daughter. I admire your ability to process that. I at least got some grandchildren of mine. 100 years ago we had instituitons and like-minded fellow citizens to help keep our children on a proper path. Now us Whites are demoralised and atomised. Our institutions taken over by niggers, faggots, and trannies. So you were fighting the fight alone.

    I went and got a philosophy degree so I would have ammunition to mock God. I have this pathological, knee-jerk antipathy towards authority and anyone telling me what to do. I had to lose a law practice and become homeless before I learned everyone has a boss, that there is evil, and Jesus is the solution.

    I just learned about something called "Passport Bros." Apparently lots of Whites and negroes are going overseas to find traditional women. And it is really pissing some North American women. IMHO, the North American female is one of the most miserable demographics in the world. Phillipino women, for example, are truly educated (i.e. not Gender Studies), demure, not-obese, cooperative, and feminine. And this is what men want. North American women seem to rage that they should be able to behave like raging cunts yet you are still supposed to pedalstalize them.

    1. One of the huge mistakes we are making in our society today, Troy - is that we educate people past their intellect. (I suppose I myself may well be a good example of that)... but it gets bad when your intellect leaves the real world behind. Such people are - as you note - incapable of gratitude. I myself have to struggle with it and do not always succeed. Being thankful is actually hard work and the only people I see trying to do anything about it are the Christians - it is almost a cornerstone of their faith.

      Today's leftists are taught from the ground up to be ungrateful and that in turn creates all kinds of problems for them later in life. It reduces even gifted millionaires to the status of derelict victims.

      I agree with your sentiments about the North American woman. The bible speaks wisely about contentious women - they will spread their misery if they are able and are best avoided altogether.

  6. Again, you can take the Dindus out of the jungle, but...

  7. Whenever I hear these fucking pussies today whining about their 'abusive families', I smile and laugh.

    I actually DID grow up in an extremely violent household. My father WAS a sociopathic tyrant who had ZERO issues with using his fists to solve any problems that were present in the family household, and that was when intimidation or manipulation didn't work. My mother, God rest her soul, bore the brunt of this - the physical injuries she suffered were a testament - but me and my siblings weren't spared either. Having to go up against a man like my father was worse than any schoolyard bully I ever faced. The reason I learned how to fight at such a young age was because of my father, and after I grew older and realized what a coward he truly was, I found I was never afraid of any other man again. It's actually a large reason why I got into policework.

    When I became a police officer, I ended up working with and helping women and kids who were forced to endure what I did (and some even worse). The work I was able to do on files such as that are ones I am most proud of during my time carrying a badge.

    The thing is, I see none of those scars with people like Colin Kaepernick or Joe Rogan. Maybe they're keeping them better hidden, but I doubt it. The truth is, most people who have endured TRUE abuse don't openly speak about it. The last thing they'd do is run to a fucking newspaper. Because it's embarrassing and shameful. I speak from experience on that.

    Fuck, I'll give you an example: I didn't even have a girlfriend as a teenager. I didn't start dating until I hit college. It wasn't because I couldn't get one - I had plenty of opportunities. It's just that, I always stopped short when I thought of what my home life was like and what she might think of me if she saw what I actually lived like. I feared what a disaster it would be if I brought a young woman home to meet my psychotic father and see the fucked up maelstrom that was my family. That's how deep this can cut a person.

    1. Well, it happens JL. My experience is limited, but fully to the contrary. I was often 'volunteered' to help my father in law with his job at the local women's shelter. The vast majority of women there were fat slags that were jamming on their families. They were into drugs, cheating on their men, or abusing them in ways that truly make the mind wobble. I remember a Mountie that told me that after his own experiences with real domestic abuse, "99.9% of a domestic disputes are a case of two idiots fighting... and the smaller, weaker idiot losing..."

      Hillary Clinton famously said, "Believe All Women..." to which I reply... no frickin way!!! Women instigate 80% of all divorces, and when they start playing the victim card, my instant response is "Proof. Show me the scars and bruises or it didn't happen...". Healthy men simply do not abuse their wives or kids. Those that do - contrary to the narratives of our day... are as often as not...victims themselves.

      Not trying to make light of your personal experiences or anything... but I am now extremely cynical when I see folks playing the victim card. My experience is that people who are confronted by actual abuse... often come out the stronger and better for it. The vast majority of fakes and fibbers will ascribe their negative behaviours to it like some kind of excuse or 'get out of jail free' card.

    2. Glen, that is more or less what I am trying to say in a somewhat roundabout way.

      People who have experienced actual, hardcore ABUSE are not the kinds of people who will run around looking to put it on public display so they can get 'likes', views, and sympathy. These people are absolutely broken and the ones that don't fall into the abyss are generally people who soldier on and get on with things. Fortunately, I was one of those people but only because I was lucky enough to have people in my life who helped me believe I was worth more than I thought I was. And not once, did I ever want anyone to ever feel sorry for me or give me a break or put my experiences on display. Most of these people like that.

      It's true that abusers are quite often victims themselves. Supposedly, that was true in my own father's case. But that doesn't give him a pass. That doesn't excuse him for what he did. TO THIS DAY, he refuses to accept any responsibility for the things he's done, which is why I no longer speak to him. But he didn't have to step into the abyss. He had a choice. I mean, I did. But I chose to be better. It's really a remakably simple thing to CHOOSE not be a piece of shit, Glen. People do it because it's easy.

      The idiots you're talking about, especially the ones your Mountie acquaintance talked about, that's quite a bit different. Most run of the mill domestics I've dealt with are more or less that - two morons fighting, usually under the influence of something. But that and hardcore abuse are two entirely different animals.

    3. Sorry…my reading and comprehension skills are not the best, sometimes. It is only at the Thunderbox that you can run afoul of the owner and proprietor by agreeing with him! 😂👍

      I will bet though, JL… that on some level… your father regrets what he did, even if he can’t bring himself to say so. And maybe I am just projecting. I hope maybe one day we can all patch things up…

    4. I highly doubt it. I've already tried to patch things up with him on two separate occasions, since my family fell apart. In the end, both times, it didn't work out because, in the end, he has absolutely no respect for anyone and is incapable of taking responsibility for things he does to others. Regardless, he and I will settle our hash when we eventually meet in Hell.

      I don't think you're projecting anything, either. Whatever your issues were with your daughter, whatever happened you might regret, I seriously doubt they mirror what mine were with my father. Not even in the slightest. We've not met, but I can already tell you're not cut from anything like that cloth. Don't sell yourself short.

  8. The eldest son is actually my wife's son from her prior marriage. When he was quite young and up thru middle school, there was a LOT of family drama with her ex and his mother. And it was nasty and required expensive lawyers. But we shielded him from it at the time as we thought parents should. Now that he's grown up, he has reconnected with them and heard all sorts of lies and 100% believes them. Doesn't really blame us per se, just thinks lots of things about his childhood that just isn't true. When we try to tell him what really happened, he doesn't want to listen to us, he's already heard their version and that's what he's gonna believe. So somewhat awkward at times, but that's life. I guess shielding him back then allowed him a normal childhood, but also created the current situation. Can't win for losing.

    So yeah, different situation but fully understand parent issues. Life's not fair and we all gotta die.

    1. Indeed, DC. The kids are "living their truth", reality be damned, and many of them will suffer for it in one way or the other. All you can do is wish them well and look out for yourself after a certain point.

    2. I have always referred to that as second liar doesn't stand a chance. kentucky boy

  9. "I actually DID grow up in an extremely violent household. My father WAS a sociopathic tyrant who had ZERO issues with using his fists to solve any problems that were present in the family household, and that was when intimidation or manipulation didn't work. "

    This was my childhood. My dad, may he burn in hell (and yeah I know that is a sin but that is between me and God), was that type of Baby Boomer who adopted "he who dies with the most toys wins." I was a smart kid, and I would make him look stupid in front of his friends becasause I would say something like, "Ackshully, according the World Book Encylopedia,.....blah blah dad is full of shit."
    As a smarter than most, I kid that got easy A's. My brother was smart but he didn't get A's and would be beaten. The beating that affected me the most was when my dad was beating me in front of his friend. I could see in the friends' eyes that my beating was making him uncomforatable. I saw the sorrow in his eyes and I felt bad for him. I still get what I now recognize as amylgada-highjacks from it.
    As a lawyer, I worked for a non-profit helping victims of domestic violence. Some of the women were truly victims. The beatings and control overwhelming. And like JL, these are some of the cases I am most proud of.
    However, though I had empathy for these women, I learned not to have any sympathy. And the reason is that these women picked these guys. Women were given complete control over their own bodies and who they sleep with. And what do women do when they are given total freedom without any accountability? Women go and pick these men BECAUSE they were sociapathic, machiavillian, and narcisstic. It wasn't until I learned from Rollo Tomassi and Heartiste (my God bless him) tuaght me that with women, there is a difference between arousal and attaction. Well, you stupid bent, if your pussy only gets wet for the psychopaths, do waht us men have had to do and evolve.

    "TRUE abuse don't openly speak about it."