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Saturday, 4 March 2023

Morning Ukrainian Haircut


That’s one way to ruin your day, eh…?

Well… at least he never felt anything. Not a bad way to go in Bakmeht right now, considering. It’s gonna get nastier too. The Ukes are pinned down and fully encircled in Bakmeht city. They’re blowing up bridges into the city to slow down the Russian advance. Why bother, I wonder? The Russians aren’t going to invade…they’ll just pound the real estate with artillery until everything is dead and nothing is standing…

For their part…the Russians are blowing up bridges out of the city. Why? It’s not like the Ukes can get in or out? Aaaaaaaaaand…guess what? NATO is running out of ammunition to give to the Ukes. And all those new Leopard tanks that Germany promised the Kraine? Only 30% of them actually run. The rest are on blocks awaiting expensive repair and service.

Next time you and creepy Joe go to a gunfight, General Aesop…remember to take the guns AND the ammo… and make sure you have enough of each before ya go.


  1. Glen, you just don't understand the utter genius that is General Aesop. See, this bloke in the video intentionally got shot in the head. The Ukranians are dying in large numbers just to give those eeeevil Russians a false sense of security.

  2. Aerial Pics of Bakhmut look like Paaschendale in WWI. Shell Holes Overlapping 2 or 3 Times. Some estimates the Russians have used over a Million Rounds of Artillery into that Battle. There will be a LOT of KIA that will Never be Found.