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Sunday, 5 March 2023

Mouse Gun Nonsense


Everyone and his dog can reload for the AR and turn it into a sub-MOA sniper. I’ll be damned if I can do it though. My high end AR is a Frankengun with top tier components throughout. Scope is a nice Swarovski 3x9. Match barrel… Timney target trigger, blah blah blah. Sure, it’ll go sub-MOA…but not reliably. In all honesty it’s maybe a 1.1 ~ 1.2 inch gun at 100. I have several half-boxes of orphan .223 boolits cluttering up the Reclusium as a result of trying to find the “magic bullet”. Mind you…I never got round to running high end bullets through it. I’d love to get my grubbers on maybe something by Lapua or those Sierra Match Kings. 

I’m beginning to suspect that if you want good accuracy out of an AR…you must start with an excellent boolit. It is one of those “ya get what ya pay for” propositions…


  1. When I had my competition rifle, I loaded 62 gr Sierras over BLC(2). After I moved, that led to a prairie dog rifle. 24 inch stainless heavy barrel, big scope, 3 foot tall bipod. It was surgical with those Sierras.

    The original M16 fired a barely stabilized bullet. I think they had 1:12 rifling, fast powder and a heavier round. Pretty dang lethal. Then the Army had a NIH fit. (not invented here) They ruined it's lethality to make it a target rifle. About the same time they quit training soldiers to be marksmen. Madness.

    If I were to reload for it, I'd probably go for duplicating it's original lethality over accuracy. But that's just me. Everyone needs a hobby I guess. Mine is remembering better times.

  2. After decades of looking for the right boolit, I have learned(!) that the foundation of accurate ammo is quality cases. Uniform in internal capacity, neck tension, neck thickness, and neck concentricity. In an equal stage of brass prep, case weight is a proxy for internal volume. Trying to find the magic powder and magic bullet using range pickup brass is like putting up a fancy building on a foundation by Mike's Contracting and Live Bait. Not that I'm saying you're doing that.