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Sunday, 12 March 2023

My Limo Is Here….

Any experts here?

I’ll take a swing at it: ‘32 Model A coupe? Possibly with a rumble seat?



  1. Trunk; the rumble seat would open from the top.

  2. The top does look like a Model A to me. Yhe convertible top makes it a roadster, and it would have had a rumble seat. The coupe was a hardtop and came in 3 window and 5 window varieties. 1931 was the last year for the Model A; 1932 was the famous "Deuce" and the introduction of the flathead V-8 engine.

    1. Thanks A - I ran all this past Pop yesterday - my old Uncle Larry did a ground-up restoration on a Model A and I thought it was a ‘32…but it turned out to be a ‘28. His had the 4 banger. Talking about just lit Pop right up … he started lecturing about the old flat head engines and the details of Larry’s build, and it just made his day, reminiscing about the car and his brother. Both are long gone now… and both were remembered with live and fondness.

  3. 1929 Packard 633 Cabriolet (or convertible coupe). The Packard's motto was: "ask the Man who owns one".

  4. Cabriolet? Touring? I like that trunk!

  5. Cars are a construct of the white male patriarchy and the bugs will be our chariot in the spirit of egalitarian equity. (honk!)
    A cousin who has passed gifted his sons late 1960's Camaro and Chevelle musle cars upon graduation for the some are born to be dads move.
    Fam had a 1930's Ford Rod and the steering wheel was straight vertical from the floor with hardly any room for two people.
    This was during the 1980's when the Long March to burn down the world wasn't so far along and the Fellow Travelers hadn't conquered it all for Satan.