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Wednesday, 15 March 2023

Off To The Kraine Now, Boys!


I think I might a seen it on Blab: it was a legit e-brochure for the Ukrainian Foreign Legion. Gotta preface that; seriously, this is not a set up for your typical dirty or rude ethnic joke about Ukes. (Uke jokes are quite common especially in Alberta. The fuggin Ukes are usually the ones telling them too!)


Anyhoo… it had all the info ya need if ya want to go to the Kraine, enlist - and go put the boots to the Russian Bear. Phone numbers, contact people, etc etc…. everything ya need to get your greatest life adventure started. The idea was that when some fag like General Aesop starts out-gassing about the glorious Ukrainian victory in the Kraine…you could poast the info and actually force the muppets to actually think about what they’re saying. Errrrrr…your white feather is in the Mail, General! HAR HAR HAR! Comrade Misfit? They also accept women…and I’d assume, all their sexual variants and parodies! Be brave like the Kraine!!! 

Tell ya what… I’ll poast ya a link!

I’m sure both of those brave tards will leap at the chance to show their virtue and dedication to righteousness!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

Canada is sending tanks to the Kraine now too!
Where’s my tin hat, dammit!
JL! Put the bayonet on your .303!
Duty and adventure awaits!


  1. The Z man blog has an interesting article about the shifting narrative of Ukraine. Worth the read.

    The General will not be pleased.


  2. Im'ma gonna join right up! I have combat and law enforcement experience. Ought to fit right in. Do ya think they can accommodate and old bent over 64 yr old man that has flat feet?

  3. "But I do know this: you strap on a gun and go struttin' around some other man's country, you better be ready for some action, Jack." - George Carlin

    To Hell with every single one of these glory hound idiots who are profiting off of other people's pain, no different that the assholes who engineered this shitstorm.

  4. I looked into the "Legion" early on when the Grift...errr... War first started out. Figured that my expertise and experience might be worth some shekels... after all, I -did- make mad bank being a Merc for Leviathan in Iraq etc... Let me tell you... when I saw the Grift factor...

    YOU have to literally supply every. piece. of. your. own. gear. I knew it was a royal screwing. You bring your 'kit' (and a proper battle kit is a LOT... trust me) and then having to 'rent/buy' your weapons and ammo from the Krainians?

    Oh yeah... noped me the fuq out right then, right there.

    And now the follow on? I personally think that the hope was that when the "mercs" started getting kil't that the various nationalities (US/UK) would start demanding that the 'proper' armed forces start an intervention...
    Thankfully that didn't quite work out.

    1. These poor bastards you see in vids fightin in the ditches remind me of crawdads.

  5. Sun von Clausewitz15 March 2023 at 11:14

    BCE has a post about KIA mercs laid out on blankets with all of their gear that will be redistributed.
    Remember the Canadian sniper who boasted that he was the best and posted up all of his gear online?
    He lasted 20 minutes.

  6. Those old "Mud Battleships" were pretty Amazing Tech for the Time. Before the Invention of the Shoulder-Fired A.T. Rocket, if you were a Grunt in the Trenches with just Machine Guns, you were Screwed. And often, Squashed.
    One feature of the British Tanks like in the Pic was, without a Turret on top, one Tank could drop into a Ditch too Deep to Cross, and the rest of the Tank Platoon could Drive Over it as a Bridge, and then the last Tank would Tow the first one out of the Ditch.

    The only WWI Vet that I ever met (he was 96 at the Time) was a 1st Armored Division Driver, and He said,
    "Always Run Over the Grunts if you can, it Saves Ammo." True to this Day.

  7. You don't get to award other people white feathers if you never served in anything yourself. Even the General's got most of you whipped on that score. For that matter, even the transectional faggots in red heels have got you whipped on that score. They've all gone through one more boot camp than you ever did. Bad form, old chap. Not cricket at all.

    I notice we heard a lot about people going to the 'Kraine early on, but not so much about many of them coming back. Funny old world.