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Tuesday, 14 March 2023

Oh Boy

 What do the wanks in the military call it? BOHICA? 

I remember crapping my pants with rage when the USMC adopted the 9mm. I filled my drawers again when they settled on the Berretta M9. I thought that nonsense was all stupidity. Crazy conspiracy nuts like BCE whispered about corruption and kickbacks, and envelopes stuffed with cash passed back and forth under the tables of the folks in charge of procurement. I was forced to either update my pistolcraft doctrine, or stay committed to the 1911 and the 45. I chose voluntary obsolescence. I might have been tempted toward the 9 had the military chosen a worthy gun to fire it…like the CZ75 design. The then-new polymer Glocks were out… but I wasn’t the only obsolete dinosaur in the crowd, and they got passed over for the Beretta too. The quote, as I remember it, was “Never assign to malice that which can be explained by stupidity…”

Fast forwarding 35 years or so…and here we are again. The military is going to “upgrade” it’s service rifles. (Ack…! Ack…!!!! HACKAFFFFFFF!!!!)…again. And the voices of those old conspiracy nuts are calling out into the darkness again.

Well…the thing is…stupidity has a random nature to it. In certain cases it’s even forgivable…. Nobody’s perfect. But twice? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…. Maybe ol’ BCE isn’t a conspiracy nut after all? I am beginning to smell grifters, pole cats and buzzards…and my trigger finger is getting awfully itchy!

But! Restraint and civility is the order of the day! Just want everyone to know… I am now watching this shit show unfold VERY carefully and if certain people (((who shall remain nameless for now))) and their fart catchers are trying to flummox me…they might easily come to regret it!!!😡 Just sayin’!!!

Oh! Why…what’s this?!?!

Hmmmmm. Over 3 bucks a round, huh?
For ammo that will only fire in the new guns? 
And almost certainly be less accurate?

Well then! I’m glad we got that straightened out! It’s good for a fella to understand his relationship with the military industrial complex. Looks like I owe the conspiracy guys an apology. We should just add a few more names to the accountability lists, fellas.

This is inexcusable.


  1. Rainbow Stew Bubble Up14 March 2023 at 13:56

    Guns and ammo, oh my!
    That is unsafe, comrade.
    Peace and safety will prevail in Benetton rainbow world or struggle session uber alles.

  2. Well, I imagine when you have a silverback like "Gen." Lloyd the Hemorrhoid Austin driving the bus this stuff happens. POS should be limbering up his fingers to gather the next crop of dillberries off of Schumer's asshole.

  3. yup. the grift is strong in DC. was with the team testing the 84mm carl G recoilless rocket launcher back in 78, I think it was.
    a great weapon system. close to 12 different rounds for it as well.
    army brass could not have cared less. there where 2 Marine generals there too. they got down in the dirt with us and fired it a few times. asked a lot of good questions and TOOK NOTES ?
    guess what happen ? we got the dragon weapon system.
    that lasted maybe 10-12 years ?
    then in 2003-4 I read a writeup on the Carl G 84mm and how wonderful it is and how good it is in the GWOT bullshit.
    they had these 2 round cases that made great wine coolers too.
    had 2 for them for years. white wine and ice or 3 cans of beer in each with ice. handy item when I was a lot younger man.

  4. I have no doubt that the selection of the Beretta 3 decades ago involved envelopes of cash passed between grubby hands. An I'm sure the exact same thing is happening with this decision.

  5. its like that for any big change in army equipment and i assume the other services as well. look at the black beret, or the acu camo/not camo, or the new sig m17 pistol debacle. that one started out as a hunt for a more effective round and after 5 years and billions they adopted the sig in the same ol 9mm, done in a hurry the day after trump got elected. the ones we got were junk in a few months of use. i don't know how its going for other units, but the civilian equivalent the p320 is being traded in by police all over the country. beretta had offered an a2 mod for pennies on the dollar and say what you will the m9 was reliable as heck. it was turned down w/out even testing it against the sig. some general got a fat retirement parachute on that one. as to the 6.8, it had already been tried and failed every test before somebody got the bright idea to soup it up some more even though it was already burning up barrels at unacceptable rates. we were in three combat theaters, nobody thought to test it in real time? poof, another golden parachute.

  6. We are the Army now. That’s the enemy arming itself.

    You. Are. Behind. Enemy. Lines.