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Saturday, 18 March 2023

Oot N’ Aboot

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I’m sure I’ve missed a few. Apologies. We are all feeling it. I have nothing to say. All there is, is to cope, hope and smile. The people driving this won’t stop. Until they are stopped.

Gotta be coming up on ten years now. My family came apart. Clown World was upon them, and it would be on me too…or else. Long story short is that I got cancelled. And - I got red pilled before the term “red pill” was even invented. Ten years I’ve been on this road. Feels like a lifetime. Onward.

The big thing, I think, is to not feel sorry for yourself. Jeez…that’s so easy to say, isn’t it? When our times turn even families against each other? A lot of people cope by mentally checking out…they move out of the cities, into the country and plant a garden. Or they immerse themselves in hobbies, or find a diversion that can allow them to turn the real world off. Well…ya gotta have something to keep ya going I guess.

My advice is to keep your head on a swivel, stay in the game as much as you can, and own yourself and your actions. Don’t feel sorry for them either. There is a reckoning of sorts coming and it may well be a lot less kinetic and dramatic than the hoople-heads and sensationalists obsess about. Consider…all that’s needed in our halls of power are sensible men. Get rid of the pervs and lunatics…and your country makes sense again. All we have to do with our finances is kick the jews and grifters out, and impose fair trade and market practices. All that stands between us and restoring prosperity and security are lunatics, perverts and carpetbaggers. That’s it. Getting rid of them won’t be easy…but real world consequences have a way of restoring common sense quickly.

Stay in the game everyone. Keep your chin up, keep your stick on the ice, and keep your corners square. This isn’t over yet, not by a long shot!



  1. Nice pep talk, good advice. Think I'll do some shooting today and think happy, positive thoughts.

  2. The Spaniards, after the Reconquista, was able to do what you suggest--akin to what the Brits did to the Acadians during the Great Expulsion--but with "Juice" and MorHAMmedans--and quite a bit of torture (see, the Inquisition wasn't all bad) for those trying to stay in Spain, pretending to be Christians and keeping the wealth they stole from the inhabitants during their 850 year occupation.

  3. Yes sir! I met an old peanut farmer in southern Oklahoma. He was notable for not going into debt. He bought a sandy farmstead that didn't produce cotton, and planted peanuts. It had a two room house on it. He used an old tractor that didn't have a cab. He pulled four row equipment. When he had enough money saved, he built an addition to his house, or bought another implement, or different tractor. He never had a new pickup or car. I met him when he was in his late 70's. He owned everything outright and had saved up a fair bit of treasure. I always wanted to emulate him. I got burned with credit cards in the 90's (retroactive tax increase), and it took years to dig out. Never again. Been clear since 2000 or so. Best decision I ever made.

  4. something to think about18 March 2023 at 11:24

    The gas station with an economy (honk!) is putting S-400 missile batteries everywhere in Moscow.
    They have world class civil defense while we have courthouse basement.

  5. They will be stopped, BE Samuel Whittmore when the time is at hand.