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Saturday, 11 March 2023

Saturday Ramble: In Pursuit Of A Happy Release

Welp… I’ve been shooting the old bow and pointy sticks hard for about a month now. Currently I am a 270 class shooter. (In indoor archery parlance - a perfect score is 300). My best score to date is 281. My worst is down in the 250’s. In my glory years I could shoot 280’s at will…and often broke into the 290s. 

My come back is daunting. I have to accept old eyes, tremors, chit for brains and all the other ailments of aging. I’d like to get into the 280s again but age and latent target panic are working against me. I simply can’t concentrate like I used to….and that is 95% of what good shooting is: simple focus and concentration.

The other day I was going through a 25 year old stash of old archery plunder that I found down in the Reclusium. These back tension releases (or hinge release, as they are often called)…tend to be used by serious target archers. The idea is that when they are used correctly, they guarantee a surprise release. They force the archer to shoot through the entire shot sequence, and accept and deal with “pin float”…or the tendency of the sights to wander through the target during the aiming process.

Younger archers take to these things like ducks to water. Even as a younger man…I struggled with these. Once I punched myself right in the gob trying to use this thing… and I knocked myself into the middle of next week! 😂👍 The coaches are divided. Many say these things are nothing but trouble for people coping with target panic… and others claim they are a sure fired cure for it. 

I am not expecting stellar results… but ya never know. This may be a viable alternative to my trigger finger release. Ya never know unless ya try I guess. If it doesn’t work… I will throw it out into the bushes and forget about it! But it would be nice to be able to use one…

Squuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeze your triggers everyone! Don’t punch them! And have a great Saturday.



  1. Sorry Filthy, but real archers use bows that don't have training wheels fitted. Compounds are correct for hunting but for recreation, try a bare bow or a longbow.

  2. Never did the target competition stuff, just hunted with an old 65# Bear bow, XX-75s and Rocky Mountain 125 grain three-bladers with bone chisel.

    Three arrows in a wild apple (less than 2") at 30 yards from whatever position I was hunting from was good enough for my standards, and then I jacked up my shoulder in the army.

    Ancient stuff by today's standards, but there were a few deer in the freezer that didn't realize that, and no carbon fiber to cut out of the meat.

  3. ...and I made the mistake of looking at prices... $150 (US) for a dozen Gamegetters cut and inserts installed... guess buying them cheap at rummage sales because they're old might pay off very soon...

  4. Surprise release, eh?

    “Well, Castle. We could just cuddle.”