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Sunday, 5 March 2023

Sunday Bum Fights

 Years ago there was an internet phenomenon called Bum Fights. The organizers cruised the neighborhood for rubbydubs and village idiots and put them into the ring to fight over a quart of Flintlock Whisky or a magnum of Thunderbird red wine. Everyone would toon in to watch Boxcar Filthie pound the snot out of Aesop The Asshole, HAR HAR HAR!!!


So everyone is chiming in about the problem of growing numbers of homeless and human trash, street shitters, third world morons, etc.. As usual I agree pretty much with JL, but whadda I know? He’s a bloody fascist Nazi:

 Maybe take a page out of Bill Bratton's book, when he cleaned up New York City back in the '90s.  Zero fuckin tolerance.  Also, light a fire under the asses of the judges and DAs.  Give them a hard mandate to do their fucking jobs and prosecute these cases.  If they don't want to play ball, shitcan their asses.  Give them a pink slip and tell them to fuck off.  Of course, that would mean you have to deep six the progressive bullshit.  Too fucking bad.  These people have become such a liability, it's to the point where it's unsafe for everyone else.  The rubber needs to hit the road.”

Our esteemed neoliberal moral and intellectual superiors will undoubtedly reply, something like

Well, Jeff… In  Weimar Germany… jewish drag queens, queers, and other sexual perverts molested children with gay abandon, and were actually protected by the law and courts…just like in democrat California. Any questions about where that led, Jeff? Didjya see what I did there? 

We are literally listening to immoral morons lecture us about morality, and worse…trying to reason and compromise with them. The result is clown world: “First, they came for the pedophiles! And I said nothing! Then they came for the rapists! And I said  nothing! Then the joos…and then when they came for me..there was no one left to speak!!!” Jeez, Jeff…maybe that was a good thing? Ya think….? You know you’re living in Clown World when you can look at the doings of the day and legitimately ask, “What about all the GOOD things Hitler did?”

Maybe the guys that ran the Bum Fights had the right idea? Maybe do it like that lame Hollywood movie where losers are put on gory, blood thirsty game shows? “Watch Filthie and Aesop run the minefield! Coming right up, after a word from our sponsors!” “Watch Pete and Cederq swim for their lives through the Shark Tank! The winner gets an all-you-can-eat fun filled trip to Taco Bell!! The loser….?!?”

I dunno what to do with any of this. It’s largely a moral problem that can only be solved by moral men. Our leaders are immoral men that listen to guys like Jeff Tiedrich, or else they sell their decisions to the highest bidders. Uncle Bob used to enjoy lecturing about timeless human themes, especially about how Hubris is inevitably followed by Nemisis. Without morality…that will be our lot. 

When does this…

…become that?
It is inevitable if you assume all men are
equal, and your leaders have no morality.

This is why humans were given morality, folks. Just sayin’. I can’t see a moral problem being solved by immoral politics… but whadda I know? I am hard at work, exercising and training for my next fight with Aesop! I need to work on my pooh-throwing and biting… the rest a ya’s… have a great Sunday, and we’ll see ya at the next Bum Fight! Thanks for stopping in!




  1. Jeff Tiedrich is jewish.
    i'm beginning to see a pattern here

    1. Careful, A. Noticing patterns can be anti-semtitic, dontchya know...

  2. I am a strong swimmer, but I think I will kneecap Pete. I might get away if they are feasting on old Pete. At least Pete will get to see the insides of a shark...

  3. It's not a politically correct thing to say but there are a LOT of things that Nazi Germany did that were NOT BAD.

  4. I’m up for making a couple extra bucks.