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Sunday, 5 March 2023

Sunday Music: Oogah Boogah Ongobongo Cha-Cha-Cha!

Courtesy of Caterina Valente and the Weiner Von Müeller Orchestra! I’m dancing round the Reclusium clad in my underwear and my sexy Chiquita hat festooned with froots, grapes and bananas! What memories this brings back…

A couple years back I was on safari with WL Emery and we got loaded and lost somewhere over South America… and I think we went down someplace in Peru or Brazil. I don’t remember much except that it was all his fault! 

We never got to Africa on that trip… but the rum, the cigars, the the music and the darkies were all first rate! 👍

I managed to steal a motorcycle with a sidecar, loaded the drunken WL into the hack and got us back to civilization. When he sobered up, WL beat me with a lead pipe and said I should have left him there! 

When WL gets the plane fixed.. we should load ALL the tards up and go down! (We’ll let Pete and Quartermain fly next time!)



  1. That airplane don't look proper. If you let a pigeon go amongst the flying wires and it gets out, you need more bracing.

  2. That Sikorsky amphibian, Osa Johnson's right? was one of my favorite airplanes when I was a kid. The Zebra paint job was very cool!

  3. Come on down with all yer friends Glen. There's a little taverna just down the street. I'll buy you a beer. Don't bring General Aesop though.