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Wednesday, 1 March 2023

The Ultimate’Bitch’ Seat

That…or the ultimate ‘upskirt’…?

Ugh. Y’know… there’s all those rude jokes and memes about why men don’t live as long as women. Years back there was this awful reality TV show about a lady wing walker and that silly bint had her fortunes invested in a vintage Stearman and a pilot to fly it while she flapped in the breeze off the top wing at air shows. 

The ghouls just love it. They’re secretly hoping she plummets to a ghastly death, of course. I dunno who’s worse! The ghouls, or the wing walkers that feed them. I wonder at the mentality of it. Most of them are enthralled by the endless “Ow! My Balls!” vids too.

It is said that God loves fools, cowards and little girls…but I doubt Darwin or Murphy feel the same way!


  1. not a place to wear a skirt [nor a kilt]

  2. I have seen a couple of Bill Warren's airshows many, many years ago:
    What's not to love? Couple of good looking nutjob wingwalkers, the throbbing roar of a big ol' roundmotor, and that finale act is mind boggling: they're hanging upside down on the lower wing, he rolls inverted on a low pass, making them sitting on top of the bottom wing.