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Thursday, 2 March 2023

Thursday Ramble: Inflatable Life Partner Concept Revisited ~ And ~ Into The Mouth Of The Cat


I decided to poast this one in an effort to take my mind off a grumpy old man exchange I had with a formerly respected colleague. He made me so damned mad…I’m constipated! Again! 😑

Last week, I had to go to Queen Mary’s. She is a chit house veterinary assistant and gave Hannah her shots and deworming medicine. Pups typically get dosed two or three times… so we went over for her last round of shots. 

When I got there, Mary had a couple friends over and I figured no big deal… it was just an old hen party, the pup would love to hang out with the girls for a bit. So in we go… and it was not an old hen party at all!  It was a horny old cougar party! Mary is a flaming shitlib, I love her but… she is what she is. Her mind goes out where the buses don’t run…and so it is with all her friends! Hell’s bells… they are worse than she is!!! They were all old, they were all divorced and single…and without a word of a lie…they were looking at me like I was fresh meat! You could smell the estrogen, kitty litter and desperation in that coven. They got all flirty and dippy the way tramps do…and it creeped me the hell out! After her shots I grabbed up the mutt and bailed the hell out!

So I told this story to my former friend… and he goes, “Filthie, you idiot! Yer fat, old and ugly! Not even a starving cougar would give you a second look!!!”

😑😑😑 of all the bloody cheek😑😑😑

So I went to Tim’s for coffee and told Bruce all this again. and he said the same damn thing. Bastards! Bastards all!!! 🀬

I’ll tell anyone that’ll listen: yeah… I’m old fat and ugly…and that is the only thing that saved me. Why, if I were a handsome devil like, say, Pete F or Cederq… those witches would have bent me over a rail and made me bark like a pig and no bones about it.

I suppose I dunno what makes me madder: being fat, old or ugly… or having the tards flagrantly questioning my integrity…. Haaaruuumpfpffff!!!

There’s weird chit going on in that farm house out in the country… and who knows what evil lurks in women’s hearts? Does anyone know how to make holy water? After that episode I need a bath in it and even then I dunno if I will ever be clean again…

I want to be perfectly clear about this: I am a victim of sexual oppression and predation. I am fragile but a survivor…and I will not tolerate any rude jokes at my expense in the comments. Violators will be down voated, unfriended, flagged and reported to the police! This is a safe place, and no victim shaming will be tolerated.



  1. Whole Lotta Rosie

    Wan' tell you a story
    'Bout a woman I know
    Ah, come to loving
    She steals the show
    She ain't exactly pretty
    Ain't exactly small
    You could say she's got it all

  2. I'll send you a box of prunes LOL

  3. Pretty sure it was your righteous, godly, glow that saved you. Still, don't wanna push yer luck.

    1. Well thanks, Mike!!! Finally someone that sees my inner beauty and recognizes it!!! :)

  4. Your friends are idiots. women dont care about looks like a man does. Do you have a nice house, steady income, a cute dog, a nice truck? Men care about looks. women care about resources. So maybe you are fat. men see a fat guy. women aee a guy that is going to keep them warm at night.
    I am a scrawny short white guy and it amazes me I still get jsmiles.

    1. Y'know T... I hear all the time that women need men like a fish needs a bicycle... and for some of 'em that is undoubtedly true... but I don't think that holds for most women. We are created to be together, and if you do something bad to one gender, it is ultimately bad for them both... and neoliberalism and feminism are basically attacks on women.

      For me... I am also married. The whole episode was just bizarre. I am gonna go ahead and say it... that kind of conduct from a young woman... I personally don't need attention like that from them, and I agree with your assessment of their motivations... but coming from old broads?


  5. I am tracking what you are laying down.

    "...lead us not into temptation..." was a prayer amply granted to me. When I was younger, it seemed like a trial but now I see it as a blessing.

  6. go to your local Eastern Orthodox priest.
    maybe the church where you buy perogies.
    he'll have plenty holy water as january is water blessing Holy day
    no need to bathe in it
    put a soupcon in coffee
    a few spoons in puppy's water dish
    there you go!! problem solved
    [when changing pup's water put it on a flower plant do not pour down drain]

  7. I have a recipe for holy water. Just put some tap water on the stove and boil the Hell out of it. Too easy.
    Bible says there will be a time when 7 women will chase a man just for his name. Be careful out there. I don't think they are satisfied with just a name at this point. They are still home wreckers and wild cats. Keep your britches zipped and your running shoes on.

    1. Without a word of a lie STxAR…I thank my Maker regularly for my wife. I wouldn’t trade her for 10 smoking hot empowered liberal women…or 100.

      I don’t want the devil behind me. I want him out front and at a healthy distance so I can watch him. That goes for his familiars too. I am respected and loved… I will not trade it for lunacy and loneliness

  8. Jeremy Clarkson had a funny article in the LT some time ago about this. Where there was some rumor of him and a local hottie, and everyone said the same thing (or she did). I forget all the "Just because...doesn't mean I couldn't", but the funniest is just because my teeth are the color of plywood.

    Guys your age and shape don't go for the old cougars. They get a foreign chick from a catalog. I've met at least three in the last few years.

  9. Mr. Filthie- now reconfigure that situation for when you were 17...

  10. Here shortly you can start training the pup with commands in a foreign language to do things like, attack, kill, and others. Then you won’t have to worry about it. That’s if you don’t off the poor thing by introducing all those poisons into it. Saw a vet talking about how all those shots are not only unnecessary, but just like with the kids they’re also damaging. It’s all a corrupt racket and the grifters aren’t going to miss out on our love of pets to and not grift over licenses, permits, and certainly pharmaceuticals.

    1. our vets stopped business with one vet pharma company because they kept pushing a vax not needed in our area
      vets with knowledge and morals

  11. Reading some of these comments. Maybe it’s because I’m an old Air Force wife and have seen way too many guys divorce their wives after 19 years, leaving them without financial support after so many years of picking up stakes and moving to foreign countries that I have become cynical. That said, in my experience I notice men are more willing to be swayed by some sweet young thing without giving thought behind their motivation. Maybe it’s genetic, maybe it’s hormonal - I don’t know I would urge consideration given for the sacrifices made by the other party in a marriage and that blame doesn’t rest on just one person.

    1. Or, you have the flip side of that coin... I was Army and my wife became infatuated with a Navy swabbie embassy attache and pulled up roots and went with him when he was reassigned, leaving with a WTF face and embarrassment with the staff, oh, and he was younger by two or three years.

    2. Ms. Bobo- one of the most seductive elements a woman can exhibit is a closed mouth. I don't mean this in a hateful manner. Women don't realize how soul-wrecking nit picking and complaining is. Yes... us men aren't perfect but try to shut up about it for awhile.

    3. Well Bobo…once things go anecdotal…trying to discuss these things reasonably becomes impossible. I am not going to tell you you’re wrong, or tell Cederq he’s wrong.

      The problem I see is that nobody takes their marriages seriously anymore except the courts. I am just barely old enough to remember when divorce was considered an almost debilitating failure, where people seriously frowned on it. We used to say that children of divorced parents came from broken homes.

      Nowadays there is no incentive to work to fix a teetering marriage. Women are actively encouraged to see their families fail. Most young men flat out refuse to get married because of the biased courts. Single moms are viewed as unsung heroes. Feminists and homosexuals attack their families and usually it’s the men that take the blame. All this is done with the approval of the neoliberal order. Everyone forgets that when the family breaks, everyone loses. When you politically weaponize the courts to favour men - you get the abuses you talk about. When you weaponize it to favour women…old, unwanted cougars that face old age with only cats for company.

      We don’t even try to have good families anymore. We are so messed up as a society, we can’t even define what good family is. We can’t do that because we can’t define marriage anymore - we let the queers destroy that. In Europe they now recognize marriages between humans and animals. If you can’t define marriage, you can’t fairly rule or legislate disputes that involve it.

      There are consequences to everything I guess. These women were reduced to desperately flirting with an old, fat married guy…and they could have done much better for themselves by getting married and taking pains and making the investments and sacrifices required to maintain a heathy relationship. Hindsight is 20/20…

      And… whadda I know?

  12. Ummm..... what was that address again?

  13. Disclaimer: I am an ancient cissexual/cisgender/anti-transgender white male, who is enthusiastically suffering from male toxicity. I like guns, whiskey, and women of questionable moral repute. The only things in this world that I'm afraid of are helpful government workers, mandatory vaccinations, and red-headed women - and the jury's still out on red-headed women.

    Okay Boomer.
    Sure thing Groomer!

    What you need is a little blues music. Here's a rendition of Cross Your Heart by the Red Devils, live at King King.

    1. No, stay away from REDHEADS. Just get the video.