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Tuesday, 7 March 2023

Tuesday Ramble: Winter Of My Discontent & Govt Helping Us Enjoy Our Hobbies Responsibly

 Well the days are getting longer, at least. At this time of year…I’ve just had enough of winter. It’s not like it’s bad out…it’s only -15~20C at night… -10C or so during the day. But…I want to see the snow melt. When I was a kid melting snow was serious stuff. We’d raid mom’s kitchen supplies for the toothpicks, drop one or two into the trickling water in the gutters and race them as we walked home from school. Bags of marbles went on sale. I dunno why it was, but spring was Marble Season for some reason. The kites came out too. I don’t see the kids playing marbles or flying kites on this planet much. Mind you…I guess they keep the kids penned up behind fences nowadays. Makes sense, with all the pedos and pervs the gubbimint is mainstreaming. But then I think again…and the kids are being indoctrinated by pervs, for pervs, and are being moulded into full blown perverts themselves before they are nowhere near sexually mature. The white race is fully invested in hating its ancestors AND its children… but I am not going to rant about it. I’m over it. 

As an old kid…I was looking forward to a sunny season at Stubfart Airfield with the other old tards. But…we finally heard back from NAV Canada. A couple months back all the RC airplane clubs got grounded by the govt, no reasons given. We were told to keep quiet about it; apparently legalities and liabilities were being discussed behind closed doors by the adults…and all us stupid kids needed to shut up, be quiet, and let them do their thing. Welp…they finally announced that we can fly again! Oh, happy day! Nanny says we can finally fly! Yay!!!

But…with a few important changes to help everyone enjoy the RC plane hobby more responsibly:

All “pilots” will now have to pay a fee and be tested for competency. All our plane models must now be registered (there’s a fee for that) and we now have to keep careful logbooks on where and when we fly. There’s a bunch of other stuff but I stopped reading at that point. 

I just laughed when I saw all that. Needless to say, I ain’t registering shit, and I’m not keeping log books or paying some govt fart suckers to regulate me. I’ll either sell the stuff off or go fly in a farmer’s field somewhere. I can enjoy myself just fine without the help of the Canadian govt, thank you very much. 

But that’s just me. In our club there are all kinds of otherwise grown men that can’t wait to comply with the new regs, and will eagerly harass and snitch on those that don’t. They will welcome the gubbimint oversight and be eager to show Nanny how well behaved they are. Same as they did with Covid. 

It’s too bad, really. Oh well…there’s that old nickel about being in stupid places with stupid people, and it is what it is.


  1. Its a telling tale.
    Recent hijinx in this household surrounding the high school aged daughter and a friend going to a concert. Mom (my wife) is chaperoning.
    Itinerary was posted, we will be leaving at this time because the venue us 3 hours away in a big city with heavy traffic...
    One friend responded: "You didn't validate my feelings when you posted the itinerary. My Mom and I were crying on the floor over it..."
    This is the generation of kids coming up.
    Friends Mom is taking you to a concert in Nashville, but you weren't consulted about departure time and FEELZ that your opinion wasn't validated? Actual teenage girls response to my wife....
    Of course she isn't going anymore! Gave her ticket to another girl from Church. For free.

  2. Filthy your government is protecting you and your RC plans from being shot down by the USAF.

  3. You might just as well build the ride-in kind and fix it up for missions.