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Monday, 13 March 2023

Via Deb… Labels

 I’ve heard any number of blowhards, men and women…describe themselves as “risk takers”. They say it with pride when things are going well…but when things go bad… the girls inevitably, suddenly become victims. 

It almost becoming a nauseating trope of sorts for the North American woman: she’s a hero when she puts on the man’s pants, starts handing out orders and managing people…but becomes a hapless victim when reality intrudes. The poor dear! Just a hapless mom!!! With babies!!!! 

In the business world, it doesn’t matter if you’re a really nice guy or gal, who tried really, really hard. Competence doesn’t matter - when shite happens, it happens. Men go down in flames like this every day. Nobody spares them a second thought. Looking at this chick, she was over-leveraged, flogging what seems to be a glorified scheduling and planning program and app…? I can tell from 100,000 feet up that she never should have borrowed the money; and no bank in its right mind should have given it to her. Now she is in for a world of hurt as is her family…and she still won’t take any responsibility for it.

Via Deb… (I think I’ll call her Debbie Downer😉👍)…comes this refreshing breath of fresh air!

I really think we need to take back ownership of the language from the political left: they are constantly redefining words to mean the most perverted things and sanitize the filth and degeneracy they are trying to mainstream… here is what a truly strong, empowered woman looks like. Right out of the gate she takes charge and responsibility, not just for herself, but her entire family. There are no pretty lies, no fake and gay narratives, none of that increasingly tiresome bullshit of villains and victims. I cannot tell you how respectful I am of this young woman. And - my wife! And grandmother! Women like this don’t flit about pretending to build pretend companies and careers… they build the families that build the future and they hold them together through storms and gales. They will hold communities together as well.

I dunno what is to come. Regardless…this little lady is talking sense. She is proof that our Maker loves us and is looking out for us, and intends for us to survive in the hard times headed our way.


  1. Been watching this lady for years. In Southern vernacular, "she was raised right". She has not only held on to perspective and common sense, she walks the walk. Glad you shared her with the masses.

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  3. Where Eagles Dare13 March 2023 at 12:28

    Comrade Lefty always corrupts the lexicon on the road to the egalitarian workers utopia.
    Later kulak deplorable untermenschen scum eggs get broken because some are a little more equal.
    Plenty of time to get reckless, save it for when minion of the state maggots are out and about only following orders.

  4. "I really think we need to take back ownership of the language from the political left"

    Amen Brother.
    I was thinking of the word racist. It has real world magical powers. What is it when we say "a magical spell?" My operational definition is that it is a real world effect/consequence from mere enunciating certain words. If you call a White man racist, he will recoil. Recoil just at the use of the word. No proof of actions of racism, merely its incantaion. If someone want to end an argument that isn't going their way, they will call you a racist.
    Law has magical words. They are called verbal acts. "I offer this can of beans for $1.00" "I accept." Boom, you have a contract. Offer, acceptence, and consideration are the elements of a valid contract.
    So what I propose to us Whites is to do with the word racism what negroes did with the word nigger (a word we should also take back by the way). Negroes took the word for themselves and now they own it. They get to call each other nigger with impunity. How? Because the stopped letting the word nigger bug them. Negroes stopped letting the word have the talismatic power over themselves that it had up to the 1980's or whenever they started referring to themselves as niggers.
    So, when us fellow dissidents address each other, it should be something like, "Hey racist, did you do any racism today?"
    "Sure did, I do more racism before 9:00 before most racist do all day. Hell, I am posting a Mike Obama looks like Chewbaca meme as we speak"
    BCE's most recent post, as of the time I am writing this, has this hilarious "5 anti-semitisms out 5." That is exactly what I am talking about. Own the slurs they shoot at us.
    Look, us Whites are not in the near future going to be judged by our character and deeds. We are going to be judged by the color of our skin. So if you keep thinking character and deeds will make you look better in their eyes, you are just being a stupid chump.
    These words have their pejoritive, magical power only becuase we let it. So in that spirit, Racist #1 Racist #1 Racist #1.

  5. From the 60's my high school buddies insult was "Chinese, Nazi, communist, infiltrator, spy, Jew from the north." Of course it's ripe for modification. I can adapt some more titles.

  6. Solid advice but I would swap brass and lead as my precious metals of choice over gold and silver. Make sure you have physical bible or two, your online bible app available.