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Friday, 17 March 2023

Whitey In The Woodpile: We Wuz Kangz!!!


I KNEW it!!,

Get your bubblegum out, everyone!!!
And walk like an Egyptian!!!

Well… why not? Crazy white women pose identify 
as joggers and chugs.
I just learned that the Vikings, the Ancient Romans and half
the medieval royals of Europe were
black and gay….

In this day and age, anything but common sense is possible!


  1. I was never much into the 80's music but I was deeply in love with Susanna Hoffs, but I don't think the feelings were reciprocated somehow. I'm still scarred.

  2. And..... I don't like it when they fake vids. No drummer!!!! Maybe I should have picked the bass player as my love interest. sigh.

  3. The only black Vikings play for Minnesota.......

  4. I was still pretty naive in 1987, so for me, it was a much better America. My tree service was taking off.

  5. Susanna Hoffs mmmmmm

  6. Had to watch the video again, Suzanna Hoffs, I'm in love again, some more.

  7. Snake Rockatansky17 March 2023 at 13:59

    Have you ever seen the dick washers hieroglyphics of the Mondays?
    There is a good meme.
    Loving the Paul Watson comparison of the stretch mark face hag Madonna and the dream woman that is Susanna Hoffs.
    They are the same age.


  9. All I know for sure is that pharaoh looks like a white stubfart…possibly one of Quartermain’s ancestors, judging from that rude smirk…

  10. Glen, you left of "and shit" in the title. Yes, they were slaves in almost every country. The mother of one of Jeffersons children is entombed at Monticello.