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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Grumpy Old Buzzard Hump Day Meme Dump

I don't get why women get so bent over stuff like this.
It is not like time is kind to us old guys either.

Yeah well... lookit what happened to Kermit...

Hmmmm - a freedom seed spreader!!!
Just the ticket for the next liberal fund raiser or environMINTal protest!

That 'Kill Dozer" one didn't get any air time up here in the Canadian mass media.
I wonder why...?
Being Canadian I don't know what that cut-up-snake-thing is all about.
But this one makes more sense each passing day...

I read somewhere of the Lore Of Mission Control. Apparently back in the 70's
they'd just plunked Viking I or some gadget down on Mare Cerebellum
or some Martian plain. It was a spectacular technological feat of accomplishment.
But the Mission Instrumentation Engineer got supremely reamed when
the first pics started coming in - the eggheads thought they were
too grainy. The poor guy had to remind them that the pics were 
coming from another planet.
My mini-cams on the crap copters cost around forty bucks. I swear I get better resolution 
from my toys than the security goofs at major banks get from 
their CCTV's.
Why, if one of my crapcopters had been in Epstein's cell - fags like Aesop and Peter G wouldn't be
wondering why he killed himself, HAR HAR HAR!!!

Since the libs opened the flood gates to turd world immigration, the quality of our 
imported gangsters has gone straight to hell!
Instead of Goodfellas we get moronic slavs and russkies who couldn't make
a decent pie if their lives depended on it. And the slope heads? I hate their annoying laugh:
What kind a idiot laughs like that??? 
Fuggoff, Jack!!!

I'm gonna kill somebody! It's not supposed to work like that!!!
A guy takes a nudie pic of the woman and puts it up on the net, not the other way
around!!! When the creeps at the rod n gun club see that, I'll be ruined...!!!

Oh wait... sorry, that's not me! Sorry folks!

BW maybe...? 

Ran Into Pop Yesterday

I come from a family of dysfunctional flaming shitlibs. Not kidding, they’re complete fucktards. They’ve all alienated the shit out of each other and then gone on to burn their own families down. The women are the worst. I went through the fuggin wringer with my militant lesbian SJW daughter. That led to conflict with my mother in law, and her idiot husband. Everyone knows how those people roll, and our family fell apart. A year ago my own mother found out about it and then she started running her bloody yap. I couldn’t take it again, I told her that she could keep her comments about my daughter to herself and leave it alone, or she could run her fuggin mouth behind my back because I wasn’t going to take her shit. What is it about liberal women and sexual degenerates? Mom said some more things she probably shouldn’t have... and then so did I. I lost my shit, she started smirking and goading me... and I just said fuck it. I don’t need the drama. Pop was there for awhile and he used to break these things up... but not this time. Maybe he’d just had enough of both of us. He got up from the table and walked away in disgust. A few seconds later I did the same. Something broke while that stupid woman’s gums flapped at 100 MPH.

Looking back on it I should have just let the old bitch prattle. When you get mad at people and let them goad you, they control you. Shitlibs are what they are and they won’t change regardless of what some stupid old stubfart like me thinks about it. What some random stupid old woman thinks doesn’t matter much in the scheme of things either. Either way, like all liberal women...Mom may have a dull mind but a sharp tongue... and it’s not something I want to be around when it’s moving. I haven’t seen the old folks in a year... until yesterday.

We ran across Pop on a long range dawg patrol. At first we didn’t recognize each other. We both lost a ton of weight and I’ve taken to having a beard. I recognized Pop first and threw him for a loop... and then he recognized me. He’s got a new dog now, I guess. Mom was at home with back problems. We swapped some casual pleasantries and parted. I think we both might have wanted to chat... or at least I might have... but we had Mom and other baggage between us. Afterward I walked away and didn’t look back. It is what it is.

I know they’re old. I know something could change and we’ll never see each other again. But... if they want to be shitty, miserable  old seniors in their old age...they can just fly at it. One is tempted to ignore it... but not me. There’s all kinds of old people that are a joy to be around; they don’t have to be like that.


I need a day on the range.

1000 Words

Canada in a nutshell. 

That’s the premiere of our neighbouring province of Saskatchewan. Right now the provincial premieres are trying to get some tax breaks from the feds because our economies are in shambles. And of course, that cross legged flimp on the right couldn’t care less. All the money he steals from the west gets turned into pork for his supporters in central Canada. The smirking idiot sees nothing wrong with that at all, of course. And he IS a moron... his country is falling apart and he sits there smiling cluelessly. 

I can’t blame Turdo himself. He is literally an idiot that does what his handlers tell him to do. I’m fed up with the cucks we have for premieres out west. It’s time to stop effing around with those socialist cretins out east. For gawdsakes... get those fwench cacksuckers out of our finances! There’s all kinds of legal and constitutional tools that could be brought to bear and would take the smirk off that cacksucker’s face faster than you could say “western separation”.

It’s time for this shite to stop.

Money Problems

Wonder how far they’ll go with this demographic replacement thing? I suppose we’ll find out in the next Big Game! The Toronto Pull Starts will be playing the Hongcouver Bamboo Twisters...

Meh... ya win some and ya lose some. I like this new proposed C note that’s coming out!!!  I suppose it’s only a matter of time before all our currency gets pozzed too. The shitlibs probably have any number of vibrant morons or sexual degenerates they’d like to commemorate with our currency...

All the frooty colours of the rainbow.. now all they gotta do now is
Get those hatey white people off there.

I admit I had lost all respect for my nation long ago. If Canada is to be defined by Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal... screw them. Seriously. They don’t give a hoot about anyone but themselves, we don’t have jobs for our own people, and our idiot prime minister and his fart catchers in the big cities want to flood the country with vermin from the third world. The loons are in charge of the asylum.

Time to start stepping up the preps I guess. People that are that stupid eventually take care of themselves. Unfortunately they drag others down with them when they do...

Monday, 11 November 2019

Fwench Immersion: Fuck You, Sportsnet

I'm sorry everyone! Pardon my fwench. Looks like Ol' Don got caught noticing the obvious.

Don has said things that he probably should have been fired for - but this is not one of them. Not only should those third world monkeys wear poppies - more than a few of those mudflaps should learn to use soap and water and deodorant too!

As for you f-tards at sportsnet - maybe you can hire some stinky packie   slope headed nine iron   spear chucking oogah boogah a vibrant and diverse personality to replace Don? It's the least ya could do to make the NHL less hatey and more vibrant!!!! Have your people call Gillette's people and see if you can hammer something out!

Have a happy retirement Don. Hockey Night In Little Bangladesh will never be the same.

I wonder which Value Village he shops at?
The man was a fashion giant, that's for sure.

Remembrance Day

When I was a boy the vets from both world wars were a dime a dozen. When you're that young the grown men are giants. They could handle shovels and tools I couldn't even lift. I remember finding Pop's .303 Enfield as a tot - and that thing was magical. I could lift it... but it was heavy. I imagined god-like heroes that could lift monsters like that, and charge machine gun nests and barbed wire... they were gods. The heroes in my family never talked about the war. Grampa Filthie got downright pissy on Remembrance Day and got more so with each passing year. I think I remember him bitterly grumbling about people going shopping on the holiday - but that was adult stuff and I had no interest in it. One day I thought, I'd have my own .303, and if a war started up I'd be a hero just like these strange giant folk in my family.

I shoot with the young gunnies all the time.  I see the vets from the sandbox and they are nothing like the bulletproof gods I remember from my childhood. They all look like dumbass kids... but occasionally the light catches them and you can see their previous lives in their eyes. They don't shoot right either. Sure, they hit, but when they shoot - they shoot to kill, even at paper targets when surrounded with gun club stubfarts and sportsmen. They handle their weapons instinctively and with a competence that range monkeys like me can only marvel at. When they catch ya looking at them the defense shields go up behind their eyes. You can see it. They can smile with their faces but not with their eyes. The special forces guys are the worst. You can tell by talking to them that they aren't right. I might grump at them with mock anger, "Don't shoot yourself with that, Junior...". Then they DO smile with their eyes and tell me to FOAD. That's how some of the young ones at our club tell us that they love us, too.

No country can ever repay their servicemen but up here in Canada we are very liberal - and our squaddies get treated like shit by contemptuous politcos that aren't fit to shine their shoes. Was it always like this?

It's a day to remember the fallen and I get it... but the ones that are still alive need our thoughts and prayers too. And whatever else we can give them.

Sports Afield

At this time of year, it helps to remember that
high above the gloom and clouds... the sky is still beautiful and blue
And the sun is glorious.