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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

So BW And This Parrot Go Into A Bar

Errrr… I had a rude joke lined up but... I seem to have lost
my train of thought!

Indulging My Entrepeneurial Spirit

I've looked seriously at weaponizing monetising my blog for fun and profit. World famous adventurer, writer and man about town - WL Emery uses his to sell the fine novels he writes. Traitorous dissidents like BP sell tee shirts with rude jokes about me and my fellow elites in the  pompous political polarized patriarchal class. Even Uncle Bob had a tip jar.

I was gearing up to sell poop knives like the ones I posted on the blog a couple days back but me n' Jack and Quartermain had an incident during the preliminary QA/QC tests and ended up with a 'log jam'.

Hmmmmm. This has possibilities.

Hot Summer...

I think the worst of it is over. The plants all look like hell, the hornets are all being assholes, and I am even seeing a few random fall leaves up here already. The days are getting shorter now too. Today the air was full of smoke from the forest fires and the air was a spooky sepia colour that had all the environmentalist greentards at work gobbling in fright. On the road home traffic was gridlocked. No accidents, no construction - just legions of morons that forgot how to drive because - smoke in the air!!! Grump grump grump! I think the weather makes everyone a little snippy.

Cabin Porn

Are there really places like this in the world?
Gawd, I can see myself there with some steaks burning on a grill,
a beer in hand...what a friggin day.

The War Between The Sexes Is Heating Up

That one above has been making the rounds on the innernet and the squawking and flapping and feathers could be heard all the way up here in Alberta. The response from the women seems to be pretty much, "How DARE you even suggest such a thing!!!!" The response from the men seems to be divided with none of them all too upset by it. I suppose for us guys it depends who you are and where you're at in life. If you're a fella who's been through the divorce meat grinder and never planning to marry again you might not consider such things important in casual relationships. If you're a young man wanting to start a family a woman like this would be a necessity. One of the biggest successes of feminism (or failures, depending on how ya look at it) - is how it has managed to rationalize and mainstream despicable female misbehaviour.

But us fellas are rapidly catching up in that regard. I guess I got banned over at Jim's for noticing male misbehaviour too, HAR HAR HAR! Jim believes women are inherently inferior and evil creatures (and he has plenty of ammo for his argument) - and that they have to be dominated by men and regularly punished else they'll go feral and turn into dykes, sluts, and cat women. I personally have a queer daughter and her actions speak loudly in Jim's favour. I am here to tell you that if you try and control a shrike like that in today's political and legal climate - you'll probably end up in jail or on Pervert Island for it!

After years of shit and abuse at the hands of liberals, I learned a few things about them. They believe their own shit, and when the fallout from their beliefs splatters across their faces the response is always to blame somebody else and rage at them. It's why their families fall apart.

Yes, our women are turning into skanks and derelicts in front of our eyes. And no, there's not much we can do about it. With the exception of my wife, in my family and circle, we have three generations of women that are absolutely good for nothing. They're domineering, ropey mouthed shrews that do not love or respect their men. For the men - they cope. My dad turns on YouTube and plugs his earphones into the iPad when Mom starts flapping and fussing. Before I put them in the rear view mirror - my father in law spent much of his retirement trying to spend as much time away from his wife as he could. My brother in law and my own brother are both divorced and re-married. All our kids are pretty much write-offs. As my family disintegrated around me I found myself in church with my wife - quite a feat for a former  committed atheist.

I got the boot from Jim's for my advice to the young men there. They absolutely hated me for it. "Whadda YOU know, Filthie? Your own daughter is a carpet munching pervert....!!! What would YOU know about sexuality in the new world out there? You couldn't handle it in the old world!" The boys are absolutely right too. My daughter is what she is, and my part in her failures are what they are too. I deny nothing.

But I stand by my advice to young men caught in this maelstrom of a collapsing society: in these times of crazy women, feral minorities, cucked churches, and mainstreamed perversion - you are on your own. Your survival or success in the days ahead will hinge on seeing this external BS only as a tactical situation, and one to stay out of as much as possible. The younger you are, the tougher that is going to be. But - educate yourself. You will need a good foundation for workable morals and ethics: a familiarity of Christianity and Stoicism make for a great start. Get help and friends as you dabble in these, you need to understand them because they are the cornerstones of our civilization. Improve yourself with meaningful education, and don't waste your time on games you can't win. Be your own man, but don't take shortcuts or the easiest way out - do the work. Take pride in it. If you do that, you won't have to worry about finding a good woman because they will find you. If you listen to guys like Jim - he'll tell you that women can't rise above their hormones and instincts or natures, and that ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT. As far as he goes they are - but he lives and dwells in a trailer park. He'll never see a woman of worth because women like that won't give guys like Jim the time of day. Good women are not sluts, skanks, feminists or Marxists - and they aren't stupid either. Which is why YOU need to be smart.

The manosphere is chock full a guys trying to get their heads on straight as they cope with the betrayal of their women and families. I've been there, and the experience can either kill you or make you stronger... and I think that is a 50/50 proposition for a lot of those young men.

None of that is fair, but it's life.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Incitatus For Senate - Continued

So the version of history I have was that the Roman Emporer Caligula - appointed his horse to lofty positions in the senate and in the clergy because he was a psychotic degenerate and a lunatic scoundrel.

We hear the same horse manure in the press nowadays too: every day some liberal f-knuckle in the Democrat/media Complex is on about how Trump is a loon, a sex pervert, and a shyster that is ruining the world. There is nothing new under the sun in human affairs, it's all been done before. Did Caligula appoint his horse to lofty positions in the senate because he was nuttier than an outhouse rat? Or did he do it as a way of giving the finger to a senate and clergy infested with corrupt vipers?

Moral Relativism has destroyed me. I no longer believe much of what I read or see. Take this amusing little sketch. It was done as a comedy about ten years ago:

I love the white African Studies professor who
notes with disgust that 'people will believe what
they want to believe'...
At the rate we're going, this will be a factual
documentary in 30 years.

Today you can't get a good western out of Hollywood for love or money. Apparently America and the Wild West was won by faggots, feminists, chinamen and a colourful rainbow of social justice warriors. And the most blood thirsty savages at the time were all white men. Watching our mythology perverted by the liberal left is like watching The Old Negro Space Program without the humour. I had to listen once to my mother blather about how NASA couldn't have gone to the moon without a bunch of super smart negro ladies to do the math for them. She had seen a docu-drama at the theatre, dontchya know, so it just HAD to be true! Apparently the best mathematicians of the day were negro women! Who knew? Maybe Loopy Louie... but maybe he shoulda had a white woman do his math for him.

I told mom that if any black women were in the space program of the time, they were hired as affirmative action flunkies and that's it. The super smart black person is an imaginary trope in Hollywood and is rarely seen in real life. She called me a racist redneck, I asked her why Rome had aqua ducts and soaring infrastructure 2000 years ago while blacks live in mud huts today - then we mutually agreed the other person was an idiot and we dropped the subject. All I know is that if I am an idiot (fuggoff, Jack, don't say it!!!) - I inherited my stupidity from my mother's side of the family! HAR HAR HAR!!!!

I prefer my version of Roman history: Caligula was a great big dink with a fondness and talent for rude jokes, and put his horse in charge of his enemies as a way of mocking them and ridiculing them. It's probably what got him killed too. And maybe there is a tidbit to take away in that historical take too: people will only put up with so much shit. I look at Trump, honking the noses of the clowns in the media, calling out democrat morons on their public displays of incompetence and stupidity as We The People dissolve into derisive laughter. Sure, I ain't tired of winning, I'm madder than hell and don't care who knows it - but there's a lot of rage building on the left side of the political spectrum now too. And, they are stupid enough to act on it too.

What will they write about us in 2000 years...?

TB Goes Over To The Darkside - In Coopville

This is why we need a katana ban in the blogosphere!

At approximately 18:30 a clearly disgruntled inmate student of Uncle Bob's Institute For Wayward Boys N' Retards was seen waving a Japanese sword around and acting erratically in the small rural town of Coopville. When the hens went out to confront the trespasser, a conflict erupted.

Pete, Jack and Sunny - you stay here and administer first aid! 

This is TB's work, I'd recognize it anywhere. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to deputize y'all for the duration, or at least until he's safely taken into custody. The rest a ya's - grab your rifles  and meet me back here at the out house in one hour. 

For this posse to work it's gonna need some diversity!
Welcome along, Miss.
If Quartermain does anything dishonourable or disrespectful - you may shoot him.

Right, then! Let's get cracking everyone! The rest of you - have a great Monday!