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Thursday, 22 August 2019

Possibly The Only Thing MORE Boring Than Golf

Family visits got absolutely EXCRUCIATING when the old folks retired, and went pro with golf. I flat out refuse to play it, and only somebody I love could force me to watch it. When we went over we often found them glued to the TV. Tiger would chip one in to take the lead and the family would lose their minds. "Whaddya think of that, Glen?!?!" Pop would crow. I'd mumble "BFD" under my breath as I smiled indulgently and tried not to look at my watch or yawn.

Of course watching those guys was like watching black magic at work. The fellas are reading terrain, wind, and unseen cosmic vectors to make impossible shots. They do it with boring regularity and the sheer talent involved is lost on those who aren't into it enough to appreciate it. I was forced almost at gun point to play golf as a kid and I still remember Dad's disappointment when I couldn't take an active interest. I was too caught up in stupid stuff like camping, tents, hunting and other worthless BS. Sadly, nothing has really changed either …

But as it goes for golf - so it goes for bow benders. Only those with a genuine love for the sport will see the merit in this pitched stubfart dogfight. It may not look like it, but there is some legendary talent going on here. If you have something more important to do like watching the wall paper peel, or the floor dry... I will understand. You are hereby formally excused, don't say I never did nothin' for ya!

The rest a ya's… pour a coffee or crack a beer and enjoy.

2019 bare bow Men's Open

For The Ladies: Friday Working Men

Friday PTSD: The Snares Of My Youth

GAH. I wouldn't touch this crap with a ten foot pole as a kid.

I remember they came out with the same thing in pink flavour that would make a billy goat

Oh dear gawd. Do you remember the recipes from Kraft?!?!? 
Moms wouldn't eat that crap either... but got madder n' hell if us kids turned our
noses up at that shite! 

Welp, if anyone needs me, I will be in a Safe Place curled up in a fetal
ball with my blanky and sucking my thumb.

Have a great Friday and thanks for stopping by!

Working Amongst Nails N' Sawdust

I didn't want to say anything... but as anyone that reads his blog knows - M ain't very much mechanically inclined if ya catch my drift. Naturally I am too polite to say so - so don't anyone tell him I said that. I'm sure his feelings would be hurt if he knew that a mechanical authority like myself had rendered such a judgement on his workmanship. Part of the problem is that he not only lacks the skills required - but the proper tools for the job.

Pete and I are on our way over to sort out the mess he's made of his pristine antique Volvo and his Beemer. We should have him up and running in no time.

I'll have the front end off Quasimodo The Volvo faster n' you can think about it....

...and Pete will have it back on before coffee time! 
We should be able to sort out the Beemer today too.

BW will no doubt want us to go over that new truck be bought... bat that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Granny??? Well I'll Be Damned...

I wonder what year that was...  :)

Urban Art

Hmmmm. In my scholarly opinion this bears a remarkable resemblance
to the Neolithic cave art found in France and other places in Europe.

Meh. Maybe not.

Of Nine Irons And Rice Rockets: Powers Of Observation And Deduction

I see that going on a badly driven Japanese rice rocket (that is more rice than rocket), that has blacked out windows, a spoiler and one a those big stove pipe exhausts.
The driver would be a young nine iron, fluent in Chinglish with halitosis that could
knock a buzzard of the chit house at 50 paces.
Do you concur, Watson?