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Saturday, 21 May 2022

Need Some Free Money Here, Mr. Turdo…


I will be off sick for the rest of the year, 
and I will want subsidized 
housing, food, medical, etc.

C’mon Justin, you faggot!!!
Earn my vote damn you…

Keep It


So … do they distill it after the primary 
This sounds suspiciously like 
Ukrainian cognac…


Saturday Morn Perfection


Friday, 20 May 2022

The Next Big Thing


Had to happen I suppose. Covid was run into the ground two weeks two years after it started, and the power hungry politicos had to have it taken away by threat of rebellion. The war in the Kraine is getting boring. They’re running out of Ukrainians! With all those nice shiny new weapons flooding in…and no one to use them. 

So … now this? I’ll pass. Preliminary rumours are that it’s a ‘gay thing’ so in reality it isn’t a problem at all.

I want the Next Big Thing to be something entertaining. 


One a the best tricks I’ve ever seen is where the kids get a big ass chopping block - and then put a tire on top… and the log to be split goes inside of that. It keeps ‘em from having to chase the split fragments around.

In my old age I bought one of those electric log splitters and I never looked back. I am at the age where I can swing an axe … but would rather not.


I wonder who and what is in the top most 
office in that building…