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Friday, 30 September 2022

Meanwhile - Out In The Hen House


Oh yes you will, chickie...

Not only will you willingly go to KFC, you will happily jump in the pot
and fry yourself up too...!

Yannow I used to listen to those birds laugh in derision when some 
people refused the vax, choosing instead to rely on God to protect them...
and they supposedly died horribly from the pox as a result.
"Stupid christians!!! tee hee hee hee!!!!"

I watch these clucks kill themselves and worse - their kids... and I
find little merriment in it.
But I suppose Darwin and Murphy must be paid their due.
Better you than me, air head.

Going To War: They Pretty Much Seem To Agree...

 I am a big fan of Terrance Popp on JewToob.  He's ex-special forces and like most of those guys, he has a few screws loose. But, when you consider the hits he's taken throughout the course of his career and personal life... it's a wonder he hasn't blown his brains out - or had some mudflapped jihadi or screeching social justice warrior do it for him.

The other day he was on about something put out by the fellas at Iraq Veteran 8888. Those guys are gunnies and they have a good channel of their own on guns. They will rattle about current events and issues the odd time - and the day's topic was "Why Military Enlistment Is Nosediving". I am already fairly familiar with the issue as I am a fan boy of the squaddies and I tend to keep a sharp eye on them and their affairs. I am up to speed with guys like BCE at the Intrepid Reporter, Popp at Redonkulus, and Iraq Vet among others. The men seem to be agreed that this is a double edged sword - the kids are refusing to opt in, and at the same time, the military is hemorrhaging experience and talent. Guys with extensive deployment histories and honorable service are dropping out en masse because their sacrifice and service means nothing in a military obsessed with diversity, wokeness, and political correctness. We have all seen the viral videos of the she-boons lipping off at their superiors with impunity, and the wahmen that can't even come close to passing the PT requirements. The pros are bailing out and actively encouraging younger people not to enlist.

Pop seems to think all that points to conscription. With the bombing of the Nordstream pipelines the Biden regime is now absolutely committed to war with Russia. The problem is that the Ukraine is one bad day away from complete and total defeat. Poland and Germany are about two months away from ruin if this stupidity continues. Biden and his faggotry are going to need LOTS of bodies to throw into the Russian cauldrons ... and anyone with any sense is passing on the military for a career.

A lot of the guys that stop by the Thunderbox are American patriots and often have extensive military experience... and I wonder what they would do if America instituted a draft and recalled its vets as Russia has done?

If Biden goes to war with the 'Kraine and institutes the draft - would you go to war for him? free polls

Adventures In Social Medicine

 Well… Pa Filthie is coming along. He’s woozy but knows where he is, and he can even crack the odd rude joke. In the hospital the fag pointed to his pee bottle and said, “whaddya think of my toilet, Glen?” I picked it up and told him it was MY toilet now… and was gonna take that sweetheart home and use it myself! We were HAR HAR HARing it up when mom got mad and gave us the stink-eye. She shooed me out shortly thereafter. Can’t take Glen anywhere, dontchya know!


Mom is hacked right off at me because she wants me to come visit in the afternoon. Problem is, I can’t get parking that late in the day. The parkades fill up with idiocy and road rage as the retards try to find a place to park. It was incredible - yesterday, a woman walks out and gets into her car. An old lady coming the other way stops - right in the middle of the road. She sees a space opening up… and stops to wait. The woman in the car gets behind the wheel… but hauls out her cell phone and starts to talk. The old hen waiting for the spot sits patiently while the cars stack up behind us both. Horns start the blare as enraged drivers grid lock. I thump my head on the wheel and try not to chimp out. We are at a tee intersection… and cars begin to stack up from that direction too. I burned up 45 minutes in there. Parking is $4.50 an hour or $14.50 for a half day.

There is no other public parking nearby either. In addition, Dad’s little dog will pee on the floor if I’m not there to let him out. He’s on a special kind of food that makes him thirsty… and he just pees and pees and pees when he gets out. His bladder is bigger than Mort’s! Poor little bugger… But in mom’s mind I am just being difficult and troublesome. She’s playing other little head games too…but as she gets older the quality of them has gone into steep decline. Or maybe I just got wise to them? She’s nice when she remembers I’m looking after her dawg but awful when she forgets!


Dad has a long road ahead of him. I’m thinking it’s time to consider stuff like mobility scooters, assisted living and wheelchair accessibility… but I’m stupid and don’t know anything and Mom and Big Bro will figure it all out. I shouldn’t get all up on my high horse about it… one day I am going to be old and stupid too! Hell, I’m halfway there already!

Have a great Friday, you guys - and thanks for dropping in.

Thursday, 29 September 2022

The Future Is Feminine


I bought an e-book where the author proposed that witch burnings were actually a means of community protection. His supposition was that witches were usually worthless women that gossiped, started rumours and feuds within the community, slept around, and created discord and acrimony in those around them. Pioneer communities lived close to the edge and as they say - a house divided against itself cannot stand. Folks HAD to get along to survive. Looking at the antics histrionics of our nasty and contentious women today… it makes a lot of sense. They are tearing the country and western civilization apart.

I personally might add that witch burning would actually build morale, cooperation and camaraderie. I’ve got the funnel! Has anyone got any gasoline and matches? 


It’s prolly just re-bottled Famous Grouse cut 
with AeroSHELL or Winchester Red Dot.

I favour more permanent solutions 

 Only thing outta place there is the kerosene lantern. I went to kerosene when I couldn’t get my Coleman lanterns to work. I bought two or three and left the last one in the trash. Kerosene is not as powerful but that didn’t bother me at all. I left them going all night outside the tent in case I had to take a leak…and they worked wonderfully. But … those glass globes are fragile as hell. I have them in my preps along with back up globes and kerosene. 

For backpacking I’d go with a chithouse LED flashlight and call it good.

Remind Ya Of Anyone...?


Now, for my next trick... pull my other finger!!!

Go ahead... pull it.....

On Twatter, of all places, this new Italian chick is giving Fwance the business. I'm glad the normies are finally waking up, at least. Gawd - we're having a great day on Blab.

I know that awful little green frog is a product of the youner generation... but that fat little bugger looks more like me or Cederq than we do... HAR HAR HAR!!!