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Sunday, 29 March 2020

War Of The Worlds

Apropos of nothing at all...
Warble gloaming. Feminism. The current virus hoax...

Canadiana Pop Quiz

Can you identify this great Canadian?
Is he:
A.  A screwfaced fwench trollup
B.  The father of a convicted rapist
C.  A socialist carpetbagger from Queerbec
D. A fart catcher for UN kleptocrats
E.  All of the above

Hint: this photo is not photoshopped.

Neither is this one....

Sunday Drive

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Massive Maddening Meme Mash

I am just horrified at the sheer offensiveness of some of the memes people are posting these days!!! What kind of sick mind comes up with awful, horrifying  jokes like these!?!? You’d have to have a poisoned mind - literally worse than Hitler’s, to appreciate any of this dreck! I trust that you will all join with me in condemning this awful, horrifying content!!!!🤭😬🤭