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Friday, 23 April 2021

The Filthie Stacker

 Back when Barkie Obutthole got hold of the his nation's credit cards and started flashing money round like an inner city Detroit pimp - I thought the USA was done. And - if our largest trading partner went gurgling down the crapper... Canada wouldn't be far behind. My retirement investments were okay for the moment - but I moved them into more stable 'bomb proof' investments that didn't pay a lot of interest. I was buying a couple hundred bucks a month of physical silver.

I started buying at around $20.00/oz Canukistani... and I gotta admit that I felt kinda foolish as America survived Obama... and the price of silver dropped to around $17.00/oz. But by then I figured I better hoard cash too. When I invest I do it for the long term. You don't get excited when the prices go down a bit, and ya don't get excited when they jump a bit either... but... holy chit.

I'm not sure I would be buying silver right now...

Silver Price in Canadian Dollars

Apr 23, 2021 11:20 NY Time



-0.24 (-0.75%) 



Silver Spot PriceSilver Price TodayChange
Silver price per ounce32.41-0.24
Silver price per gram1.04-0.01
Silver price per kilo1,041.85-7.85
Silver price in pennyweight1.62-0.01
Silver price in tola12.15-0.09
Silver price in tael (HK)39.38-0.30

Continuing Experiments In Russian


In Russian there is no verb “to be”.  You don’t say, “I am a hockey player.” You say, “I hockeyist”. It sounds crude to my ear, but whadda I know? All I know for sure is that the Russians can build a better rocket engine than Americans can, but I can also see how these guys end up putting ejection seats and screen doors on the capsule.

The semantic punishment continues apace...

Glory Days


My father in law and I were polar opposites. For all the time I knew him he tried (and succeeded) in getting under my skin. We drove each other bonkers. It was the damnedest relationship... I think his family drove him around a different bend than mine did with me ... but he was being driven just as I was. He would tell me things he’d never say to the family. I could tell him stuff in complete confidence too. His wife was a problem and a trial for him, and probably still is. I wouldn’t know, we don’t speak anymore.

Before we parted the road between us, he’d sometimes tell me of one Friday when he and the guys at work decided to take a weekend off. They loaded up the vehicles with booze and cigarettes and headed down the Forest Trunk Road to camp out. That was on the eastern slopes of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. Back in those days that area was remote and isolated. This was before the advent of cellphones, even AM radio was tetchy out there. Somehow, all the guys were able to get away for it. They built a campfire, pulled out the baseball mitts, and just talked and laughed the night away, without a care in the world until they passed out. They didn’t even put up the tents, they just slept in their cars. They were Away. Away from the wives, the kids, the drama and the bullshit. They were kings. It was one of his most cherished memories. The guys tried, but they never got away like that as a group again.

I think it grated on him - I was able to get away any time and often did so. My wife was always good about such things. I was never under the wife’s thumb as he was. I still think about him from time to time. He was a simple man that liked simple pleasures in a family that didn’t allow for that. Perhaps it was a point of commonality that allowed us to coexist for awhile without murdering each other.

I hope everybody has a great weekend lined up, and that you are in a position to make some great memories.




I am not naturally a tinfoil hatted conspiracy theorist, and I dunno if California is actuality trying to ban ham radio (those morons want to ban everything)... but this one makes you think. I piddled with the idea of a licence, at one time I wanted to dabble in long range crapcopters and drones. The frequencies I would need for that were all regulated and controlled and required a license. 


What’s the difference between me being on those freqs with a license or without one? 

Thursday, 22 April 2021

Friggin Pete is WORSE Than Quartermain...


... I better not hear any inappropriate laughter
neither... or someone is gonna catch the very hell of it!!!

Some Of You Have Had Too Much To Think...


Tests In Tastlessness


Ulp...a ketchup taste test...🤢

When Coke got woke and told it’s loyal customers to act less white, I chimped out in rage, started tearing up grass, and then beat on my chest with my fists and shrieked my fury!!! When I finished with my display of dominance, I instructed my wife that I never wanted to see another bottle of Coke in the house again!

So when we went camping last week she bought me a six pack of Pepsi for a treat. I want to go on record and say I can tell the difference Coke and Pepsi... and Pepsi is just pop. 100 years ago they used to run public taste tests and a lot of folks couldn’t tell the difference between them. Maybe because everybody was smoking 2 packs a day back then? And burnt their taste buds? But the cola wars were a big deal back in the day... “There seems to be a little confusion here, Filthie...”

I suppose the question now is, ‘why am I drinking ANY of this shite?’ And why are you? It’s just sugar and water... and some really nasty chemicals.

Better to leave them all to the niggers and faggots and be done with it...😆👍