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Sunday, 23 June 2019

Dear Gawd...!!!

A pistol for either a faggot, or maybe a frenchman… ???

Sunday Dilemma

The wife and I are having  an interesting domestic dispute. My wife is a seamstress without peer, and she makes the coolest garments - I have a big thick bathrobe she made that I can walk outside in - in the middle of winter. That thing is warm and has an October Country kind of print on it. She makes me sleeveless hoodies - and they are just wonderful layering garments. Sometimes she does artwork on them - she found paints that actually work on fabric. She can even shade and do work a silk screen garment couldn't touch. So I have this long white hoodie that just begs to be adorned with something cool... and I came up with this:

This is the runic symbol for Odin - the All Father or God of Norse mythology.

Apparently the very sight of that symbol can cause social justice warriors to poop their pants in rage, and will curdle the milk of the virtuous and politically correct!
Venerating and celebrating white history is racist; therefore good whites just don't
do it!!! The usual suspects are exerting political pressure
to ban symbols like this in the same way as the swastika or the rebel flag.

It'd be a piece of cake for the my artistic wife to put that on a hoodie - and when I asked her about it SHE pooped her pants in rage and gave me the very hell of it! "So," she said in disgust, looking at me like I was a retard, "You're going to walk around with the symbol of a false god on your back...?" I just sat there and gawped. My wife was baptized a couple years back and even I am an outhouse Christian of sorts - or at least I thought I was. "To me it's just a striking pattern! What's your problem with it? If I hadn't told you what it meant, would you have had a problem with it...?" I griped.

It's bizarre how symbology is being played in Clown World: God's rainbow has become the symbol of degenerate sexual behaviour. The rebel flag is now supposed to be right up there with the swastika. It's bullshit, of course - but people fight and riot in the street over crap like this.

Such are the fights that stupid old guys get into with their wives. Whatever - this is one I don't mind losing too much. Symbols are just that, things that give arbitrary meanings to other things. So I'm stuck here, with a flawless snow white hoodie that would look very cool with some kind of artwork on it. I suppose I need something that would look cool, and wouldn't give offense to the sexually disturbed, the perpetually offended, and yet signal my virtue to everyone that laid their eyes on it.

wife couldn't bark about that one, right?

Have a good Sunday everyone! Thanks for stopping by - and don't do anything I wouldn't do! HAR HAR HAR!!!



Saturday, 22 June 2019

Two Old Crows

Can't remember where I heard it but the joke goes like this:

Two crows are having a mid-day snooze on a power line minding their business  - when out of the blue, an F16 fighter jet screams over head at low altitude, with full afterburnes. The plane flashed overhead startling the crows out of their doze. Then the sonic boom hit and crashed like the hammer of God smiting a mountain! The line heaves and rolls beneath them as trees bend and leaves fly!

When the noise dies down one of the crows can finally speak after gathering his wits: "Holy shit! Did you see that thing?!?! How in hell does a bird move that fast...?!?!?"

The other one goes, "Welp, if you had two assholes, and they were both on fire... you'd be moving fast too!"


Have a great Sunday folks, and thanks for dropping in.

Livin' Life Right!

Distant Roads

Before she hit puberty my daughter was the best kid you could ask for. We had a little tiny Hyundoo back then and my wife would stack the camping gear around her... and she'd sleep or read or do colouring books and she'd be as happy as a clam - buried under the camping gear!

She was such a good kid. 

Fuggin Harley Guys Again!

$90.00... *POOF!*

I had a much deserved day off yesterday and spent it right. The wife and dawgs all went out for an early morning Dawg Patrol, then we dropped the hoople heads off at home and went out for breakfast.

After that it was off to Jim Bows for a conference in the pro shop where I learned the limits of the new high tech carbon arrows: if you fire them into hardened steel... they'll crack. Who'da thunk it??? I learned that I was a dumbass and a lousy archer but I can work on one of those things. The other I'm pretty much stuck with. This won't be the last arrow sacrificed or lost to the Arrow Gods. I'm glad the hawk eyed kid at the counter caught the hairline crack... shooting unsound arrows in today's high tech bows is not a good idea.

The days of summer tumble by so fast now - realized I STILL haven't been out camping yet. I want to go do some pre-season deer scouting and need to check out my favourite spot in the foot hills and make sure it's still there. I gotta jump on that. I still need to round up some odds n ends in the way of camping supplies.

So we decided to grit our teeth and drop into MEC (proud supporters of Butt Blaster Pride). MEC is the store favoured by yuppies, faggots, cat ladies and other flinks and poseurs living the outdoor adventure lifestyle. All I wanted was a couple high capacity nalgene water bottles, a couple dehydrated back packer meals, and a simple mess kit to throw in my duffel stashed behind my seat in Dawgmobile One. I walked up to the till - and got soaked for 90 beans. I was about to say "Yannow ya should probably at least kiss a guy before ya do something like that to him..."... but MEC is not the kind a store where ya want to crack wise about degenerate sexual practices... if ya catch my drift, HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

This morning I had the time so I honked on the bow for a few ends and didn't do that well. Work has kept me away from some important things lately but it'll let up soon enough I hope. I am learning to fletch these high tech super thin carbon arrows and decided to try a new style of fletch out.

Those blaze orange one will be great for hunting with the lighted nocks.
If I am launching a warhead at an animal
I will want to be able to see where it hits.

I also unpacked the camper today. Everything was ship shape just as we left it last year. I plugged it in, turned on the air conditioning - and zonked out after mowing the grass and doing my yard chores in the afternoon heat.

I guess the days will start to get shorter now - and I have much to do before the leaves turn colour. Life is good here - hope your summer is proceeding well too.

Thanks for stopping by.