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Friday, 24 January 2020

Friday Music From The Poop Deck

I saw that one somewhere on Seven Seas of the innernet. I was in the crow’s nest of the HMCS Antelope when that bloody big Yank stove them in - and then they did the same to us!

Let this be a lesson, men: pick and choose your battles wisely. 😉👍

Have a great Friday!

Has Anyone Seen Quartermain???

I know he just has to be mixed up in this... 🤬🤬🤬

Thursday, 23 January 2020

All Rise

Judge Filthie presiding...

Back in the day my in-laws would spin me right up and drive me friggin nuts. All I could do was sit there and take it because I loved my wife and daughter, and they loved them... and the family peace had to be maintained. For thirty years I put up with some real shit. And - when the coast was clear, and the girls were looking the other way - I'd go right into the boards with those arseholes, usually my father in law... high sticking and cross checking for all I was worth, HAR HAR HAR! Then the womenfolk would see what was going on and we'd spit out our teeth, break it up and put our gloves back on and pick up the sticks. My in laws were weapons grade industrial strength assholes. This court is adjourned!!!

It's been a couple years now since we've seen them last. Life has since slowed to a crawl for me in that time, and I have more time to think about things... and I started thinking about my father in law. Like... really thinking about him. I have no idea what brought it on.

His mom passed away when he was a kid. His father was an alcoholic. He was a rugby star in high school and married one of the prettiest girls in his graduating class. They had three kids. Their youngest son was born with heart problems, and he passed away back in the 80's and the old man was devastated. Shortly after that, he lost his job with a company that he'd worked hard for, for over 30 years. He started in the mail room in his late teens, and rose up to be a branch manager. He gave the job everything he had, and moved his family across the country several times, going wherever the company needed him. When the company was sold, the new owners had their own people and wanted to get rid of him. They demoted him several times trying to get him to quit so they wouldn't have to pay him out - but he took his lumps and eventually they let him go with a severance package. He was devastated again and got another boot up the arse right on the heels of losing his son. He was a heavy drinker, as was I … and I suppose that lubricated the animosity between us. He thought his daughter deserved a better man than me (and he was right about that, maybe) … and wasn't shy about saying so. After losing his own son he doted on his granddaughter and loved her with all his soul. Last I heard, she rejected him too when she discovered that she was queer and a social justice warrior that was better than everyone else. I dunno what drove that - by then I'd been hurled into the void and exiled from the family because I have the wrong views about political correctness, queers, and social justice. I am a Yesterday Man and as obsolete as he is, I suppose. Maybe more so.

Does it change anything? Yes and no - I can think about the man now without wanting to murder him, I suppose, HAR HAR HAR!!! But... words and actions are like bullets and once you let them go you can never call them back. Sometimes the rifts between people are so deep, they won't be settled in this lifetime. Some vlogger I saw awhile back had an interesting theory: he regarded this world as punishment. If you mess up in this life by living badly and dying badly, you go to the next world, "where you are loaded onto the next vaginal turd, and born again back in this world where you get to do it all over again! The process repeats until you get it right!" HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR!

For me... think I will continue to use what little judgement I have the best I can. You do the same, and maybe we'll meet again in 80 or 90 years!

Have a great Thursday

Got A Little Snow

...which meant little footprints...

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Introducing Yesterday Men To Suzy Subaru And Sally Soccer Mom

Recently we had a vicious but interesting debate in the stubfartosphere about the Gun Thing. All the usual suspects were at the cyber-mall food court, dressed in Velcro shoes and squishy depends diapers. The issue: in the US, open carry of firearms is legal. And it seems that a few of our guys had their milk curdle on them when some derpsters passed through the food court - with AR’s slung over their backs. The curmudgeons were all incensed! “The optics of that are horrible!! Non-gun people will see that and demand stricter gun controls!! There’s no need for that!!! How are we going to win Suzy Subaru and Sally Soccer Mom over to our side of the gun debate if morons are gonna run around in public with assault rifles slung like that!?!?” The issue came up again in the 2A demonstration in Virginia on Monday when some men showed up, armed with guns and ready to use them if necessary.

I looked up from my lumpy, dismal glass of Orange Metamucil and politely said, “Oh, stuff it, you stupid old women! They are within their rights, they haven’t broken any laws, so shut your gobs and mind your own beeswax!”

And then the food fight was on. Elderly geezers chimped out in every direction, and all started cursing and swearing at once! Aesop threw a bottle of viagra at me in a rage. I gave him the frowning of his life, and Borepatch fibrillated and started to go into cardiac arrest. Mall security showed up and we were all gently but firmly rolled out the door by smirking mall cops. Fuggin kids!!!🤬🤬🤬😡

One of the mistakes that old farts like BP and Aesop make in the gun control debate is classic. For years i made that same mistake myself. I come from a family of shitlibs - so you can probably guess where they stood on guns. When we fought about it in my family, I always lost. I didn’t get it. I memorized facts and figures. My stats in my arguments came right from law enforcement agencies like the RCMP and the FBI. They were a matter of public record. But still, every time we talked about it... I lost. I thought that maybe it was my delivery? I thought that if I could just present the facts the right way, that these progs and liberals might see things in a differently. But, whatever I tried, it was to no avail. The only way to less crime are gun bans!!

The Z Man has an excellent synopsis of the gun debate here.

The fact is that the heart and soul of the anti gun movement are emotional white shitlib women. Women like Sally Soccer Mom, and Susie Subaru. They dominate their men because they are smarter than they are, and fighting with them is a waste of time. Sally Soccer Mom thinks with her emotions. Her personal priority in life is to nurture and hone them. She gets up in the morning and gets the family going. She drives the kids to school in a minican and drops them off. Then she goes to yoga class to feed her spirituality. Afterwards, she dips into Starbucks to chatter with the coffee klatch and gossip with the girls. She gets her info from Slate, the Huffington Post, The View, Vox, and other progressive liberal sources. At the end of the day she checks in with her children to make sure they learned their lessons, and that they think and play the right way. She’s confidently assured by the pozzed media that she is powerful, independent and wise. She’s assured that things like race, sexuality, morals and ethics ... are all relative and can be whatever she thinks they should be, as long as they make her feel good. She’s told that toxic masculinity is the cause of all evil in society, and the only way to control bad men is with good govt. She believes that it is perfectly logical for a retarded 16 year old schoolgirl to lecture and scold a US President about the environment. If you present her a choice between security or freedom, she will pick security every time, regardless of cost. Where do you think such women will fall on the realities of issues  like gun control and crime?

And men like Aesop and Borepatch think they will change the minds of these women? Good luck with that boys!😆👍

My experience is that it doesn’t matter how well you present your facts or frame your viewpoints to these women and their cucked men. They will not be swayed by courtesy, reason, or anger and bombast. They are smarter than you are (they are DEFINITELY smarter than any man!) and to them, Greta Thunberg, Orca Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, AOC and Hillary Clinton are edgy intellectuals.

Old world men are chivalrous and fair. They were brought up that way, and were expected to respect reason and truth. If you place him in an argument with a modern progressive woman, he will lose every time. The realities of complex issues like gun control offend such women. Because they are led by their emotions they will never be convinced to respect the virtues of an armed citizenry. Left unchecked, they will bring the roof down on themselves and their men too.

My experience with them is that not only arguing with them is a waste of time, but so is appeasing them. If anyone wants to change my mind, feel free to have at it in the comments.

Thanks for dropping in and have a great day.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Some Final Thoughts On The Virginia Derpapalooza

Well, that was a cracking good show in Virginia - and congrats to all the patriots that showed up and took the time to go. As a Canadian gun owner, I know what happens when liberal morons get their way with gun laws.

My moral and intellectual superiors in the gunny community predicted a chit show and a blood bath in Virginia, thinking that left wing activists would engineer a confrontation that would end in bloodshed, which in turn would be spun by the media and used to justify more gun grabs. It wasn’t an unreasonable supposition; the slobs in the mass media have done it before.

But things have changed now. Remember that high school kid in the MAGA hat? The one the journos said was a smirking racist because he smiled at a vagrant native that was beating a Tom-Tom in front of him? They kinda shat the bed on that one, others were watching and taking vids too... and they caught the entire incident and displayed it on social media, not just the edited clip that CNN aired. The boy was cleared of any wrong doing, CNN got taken to the cleaners for trying to smear him and had to settle out of court, and a valuable lesson was learned by all - and put to good use in Virginia.

It used to be that the Donks could hatch a plot, and count on their lickspittles in the media to smear their enemies with impunity. The media journos and editors made sure that no inconvenient questions got asked, that wrong thinkers and dissidents got nowhere near a microphone, and that only the correct opinions could be drawn from their carefully edited work. Lies were published as truth, facts were twisted and/or left out completely, and the cultural narrative and popular opinion was whatever they decided it would be.

In Virginia, Lefty got a very, very rude surprise. When they turned their cameras against the people of Virginia, the people turned on their cell phone cameras and focused them back on the media slobs. If the fags at CNN or the Donks had any illusions about pulling a fast one with an engineered false flag event ... all those cameras staring back at them would give them pause. If the police had any ideas about letting an orchestrated riot happen, courtesy of liberal flunkies in Antifa...armed citizens were there to restore order. With the eyes and guns of patriots trained on them... the Donks wisely chose to behave themselves. You can bet the cops will too.

Additionally: new players are in the game. Consider crowd sourced psyop citizen groups like Q. They have eyes and ears right in Donk offices, ready to rat them out when they take a run at the cookie jar. We live in wondrous times... the days of liberal fart suckers duping entire nations are effectively  over. Not since the invention of the printing press have we seen such a cultural revolution. For the first time in decades, the publicity/information war has all the teams on a level playing field... and it shows.

Long story short - not only did the Yanks throw defences up around the Second Amendment... they made a helluva show for the First as well! 😁👍

Good work, men! You’re an inspiration to us all. So now, you find yourselves with a say in forming public opinion. You have the means to keep tabs on your representatives and expose them when they betray you.

The only question now is... what will you do with these abilities?

This Bud’s for you, Aesop!

Filthie’s Funnies

GAH! I gotta stop hanging out at Gab...
Do you remember cartoons like this in he newspaper?
We got the mother load of comics every Sunday.
The strips were longer and in colour.
You’d never see filthy humour like this in them,
but they were often good for a smirk or a chuckle