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Friday, 11 September 2015

Old Hippies

Perhaps 911 is an appropriate time to talk about Old Hippies. I have a major problem with these guys. The mealy mouthed cretins seem to think that politics and world affairs is a zero-sum game. They don't seem to realize that in the real world affairs of real world politics - sitting on your hands and doing nothing IS an action that will have inevitable consequences. Guys like Unca Bob and this fella here will tell us: we never should have attacked Viet Nam!

It was all about money and was driven by eeeeevil jooos/eeeeeevil corporations/insert-your-bogeyman-of-choice here. These finks made such a stir at home that the powerbrokers in Washington called the boys home where stinky young hippies gobbed on them and called them murderers. Everyone from one end of the earth to the other knows that 58 000 Americans lost their lives in Viet Nam. "It was unconscionable!!!" they shrieked, "It was pure, unadulterated evil and murder!!!" How many people know that 2 million south Vietnamese were murdered by the Viet Cong when America pulled out? Men, women, and children. The hippies and idiots I have seen will try to either deny that number or blame American squaddies for Viet Cong mass murder. Others aren't even aware of that little factoid. So who is the evil one?  It's not even worth the argument. The lesson here is that taking your ball and going home may have no consequences for you - but for others the fallout could be fatal.

We were told by Unca Bob, Fred Reed and other baby booming geezers that if we just stayed out of other people's business they would stay out of ours:

Really. Here is my response to that:

"But...but...but...that was all America's fault too!!!! "It's alllllll about the ooooooiilllll..." they droned. And of course, they likened the whole thing to Viet Nam. Ugh. Some kids never grow up. Some kids are smart enough to read the sign and stay off the thin ice...others have to go out, fall in and possibly drown. Some of those are so dumb that if ya fish them out - they'll do the exact same thing again next winter.

From where I sit there was no relationship at all between the Viet Nam and moslem conflicts. The most glaring difference was the calibre of the people involved in Gulf War 1 and 2. They were volunteers, patriots, and determined people on a mission. Many of the soldiers of Viet Nam were indolent conscripted flower children.

Stormin Norman
The tired old trope the lefties and hippies always trot out is that of the fugged up Viet Nam vet amputee. Nine times out of ten he also has PTSD...and of course the hippies think nothing of it that many of these derelicts also self-medicate with pot, meth and other recreational pharmaceuticals. Take a look at these Gulf War vets:
I betcha money he doesn't smoke pot
Hmmm. Women seem to handle combat quite well. Why can't the girly men of the 1960's?
The hippies and peaceniks didn't screw with Chris Kyle. I wonder why?
So the reason America is hated is because they 'meddle' in the affairs of others? My question is this - how can they not? Anywhere in the world, at any given time, any number of nations will do their level best to draw America into their battles on their side - especially when they're losing. America has real interests in these third world countries and stands to suffer real losses if those wars go the wrong way. When those interests were set up in better times by better people the local war lords and bandit gangs were driven out to establish a profitable enterprise. That in turn provided jobs, and even rudimentary schools and hospitals. When Britain and later, America - pulled up stakes and left, the war lords and gangs moved back in and tribal savagery resumed. Africa and the middle east are non-stop bush fires.
Pardon me - Iran is about to go nuclear.
While the hippies piss and moan about useless wars abroad and see drug induced ghosts of  the Vietnam me, it seems awfully 1939-ish out there. Instead of Viet Nam, I see Chamberlain waving around a scrap of paper and proclaiming 'Peace In Our Time!!!'... and I see a black baboon in the Oval Office handing Iran the keys to the missile silo.
But - silly me. Maybe if we just sit on our hands, the people trying to kill us en masse will change their minds and decide to be nice to us! Sure, most of these fig farming, goat feltching savages have blood feuds that go back to the 1300's...but all we need to do is give peace a chance...!!!!
You do that, boys. I'm stockpiling ammo. Have yourself a great weekend.