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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Pedophilia, Right On Schedule...

Herbert The Pervert Reads Salon

Like most people I originally was willing to at least listen to the argument for homosexuality. I would have conceded that they had the right to the privacy of their own bedrooms and maybe some of the rights and freedoms regular couples had. Like most folks I wanted the queers to get a fair shake.

But when they got out of the closet and into the mainstream I lost all respect for them and their liberal enablers. They attacked the church. They attacked the freedom of speech. The queers started pounding on the doors of the courtrooms, the washrooms, the boardrooms...and as much as they've tried to deny it - they are trying to push their way into classrooms where they will attack children the same way they've attacked the church and conservatives. Pedophilia is part and parcel of the gay agenda.

Anyone with a triple digit IQ could have seen it coming. Homosexuality is firmly linked to pedophilia; and any number of liberal dancing monkeys will hop up and down in rage to deny it...or at least...they used to. Today, the turd brained women of Salon are no longer bothering with evasions and denials. Get your barf bags out:

Here we go again with the sympathy card:  The poor and downtrodden pervert, wrongfully shamed and ridiculed by an ignorant, hateful and bigoted society, blah blah blah blah.....BLAAAAAUUUUUUUHGGHGHGH!!!

You've heard this one before, folks...don't drink the koolaid...
I shouldn't have posted the link to those liberal harridans...but the writing is on the wall folks. My own daughter is gay. If it were only homosexuality - I would hold my nose and tolerate it. But homosexuality isn't just about sex - only an idiot or someone misinformed thinks so. It is part of a filthy agenda pushed by some seriously horrible people on the rest of us that should know better. There are all kinds of very harmful and self destructive behaviour patterns that go along with homosexuality and liberalism and I am finished trying to pretend otherwise.
I don't care what stupid people think. I don't care how many of them line up in a row to sing the praises of homosexuality and pedophilia. If I see some butt blasting SOB attacking a child...I will not be responsible for my actions. This is one liberal social experiment that needs to be shoved up the orifice it came out of.
Yeah...what he said:


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