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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Thursday Afternoon Shit Detail

As the self proclaimed King Of The Manuresphere, my life is not all fun and games. As an old world conservative living in a world that is going relentlessly fascist and socialist - it falls to me to maintain discipline within the ranks, and render unto our politically correct overlords what is theirs by fiat if not by right. It is not a duty I take lightly, nor will I shirk it - no matter how unpleasant it gets! The first offender in the docket today is Vox Day with this heinous thought crime:


Mr. Day, this Imperial Courts Martial, presided over by Yours Truly, finds you in contempt of
  • White people
  • Natives
  • Liberals
  • Christians
  • Stupid people
  • People of colour
  • Visible minorities of sex, creed, politics and about 14 gender groups
  • etc ad nauseum
For your crime, you are now on Filthie's Shit Detail for the next 30 days! During that time you will remove the pan in my Thunderbox twice a day, take it to the designated receptacle outside and pour the contents into it. You will then add 2 litres of diesel fuel and ignite the mixture. During the combustion process you will stray no further than 10m from the receptacle and you will guard against any and all fire hazards that may arise during said combustion. Afterward you will spit shine the pan and return it to the Thunderbox to await my pleasure. For those that insist on it, further damning evidence is available here:
Next on the list is *gasp* Neil over at GGN!!! Who woulda thunk a man of flawless character and reputation would take part in such a horrid display of badthink?!? Doubleplus ungood!!!
Loaded gun pulled from woman’s body cavity during drug bust

Posted: Tuesday, September 8, 2015 12:47 pm |Updated: 6:32 pm, Tue Sep 8, 2015.

Waco police pulled a loaded shotgun from a woman’s vagina late Monday evening after a traffic stop led to a drug bust, officials said.

Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said officers stopped a 1998 Toyota Land Rover carrying a man and a woman at North 15th Street and Blair Street about 11 p.m. for a traffic violation.

During the stop, officers found 2.7 grams of methamphetamine under the driver’s seat and arrested the driver, identified as Gabriel Garcia, 30, on a charge of possession of methamphetamine in a drug-free zone. Police say the stop was within 1,000 feet of West Elementary School.
Another 29.5 grams of methamphetamine and a set of digital weighing scales were in the female passenger’s purse, Swanton said.
Ashley Cecilia Castaneda, 31, was arrested on the same charge, but while being transported to the McLennan County Jail, she reportedly told an officer she had a 12 gauge shotgun lodged inside her vagina.

Officers stopped and called for a female officer, who retrieved the gun. The shotgun had a round chambered and a full magazine of shells, Swanton said.
“It was a safety concern for the victim who had a loaded firearm inside her body,” Swanton said. “Depending on a number of factors, that gun could have gone off by body movements or compression of the trigger.
“People have asked us, ‘Why are you even telling us this?’ The reason is because we want people to know this truly does happen,” he continued. “That was an extremely dangerous situation for everyone involved.”
Castaneda was also charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon.
Castaneda and Garcia remained in the McLennan County Jail on Tuesday afternoon in lieu of $31,000 and $10,000 bonds, respectively.

Read more.  OK, so the actual story is a little different, but only about four or five words, and maybe the pictures.
Ooops - who's the pig doing all that inappropriate laughing? Harumphhh!!! Order! ORDER!!!! Your back aches for the whip, doesn't it!!!!
This inappropriate laughter itself will have the hags, wretches and cunned stunts at Jezebel howling for our blood!!!!!
Neil, for your thoughtless endangerment of your peers here on the blogosphere in general and the Manuresphere in particular, I decree that for the next 30 days you will clean and polish the wood on my Thunderbox twice a day! Take extra care along the rim, I tend to leave great big smudge marks.
This punishment may seem excessively cruel and severe to the rest of you. I am not a cruel man, the reason for this is that it is imperative that no wit or humour be allowed in the Manuresphere or the Manosphere or any part thereof. Humour and wit are offensive to liberals and stupid people - and the last thing we want is anybody having any fun around here!
Carry on - and watch your step! Filthie is watching you!!!

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