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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sunday Reading: The Jig Is Up

I have always understood the mechanism - most of us have - for years. A cop shoots a black baboon that was trying to murder him - and some chimpanzee starts whining about racism and how black lives matter...and we not only stumble and fall over ourselves to deny it all and piously claim how much we love black people - we fire a perfectly good cop, who was working 'by the book' - and we feed him to the hyenas in the media and the courts.

Why is that?

"They keep calling you a coward, so that you’ll do or say whatever they want to prove that you are not a coward.

If they want you to accept a group of outsiders, they call you a xenophobe to dismiss any rational concerns you might have about the motivations of strangers. The only way to prove you don’t have an irrational fear of foreigners is to welcome them with open arms and without questions."

Hmpffff! I think he's hit the nail right on the head because I know that I don't handle being called a coward well either. I've faced a roomful of progressive assholes a couple of times and stuck to my guns...but the urge to cave was almost overwhelming. There is a real downside to these situations - contrary to what they believe, these are the exact same type of people that lynched negroes in the 1800's, they are the same people that wore swastikas, brown shirts and made soap out of jews, and they are the same scoundrels that posed as evangelists that bilked the weak and stupid out of billions of dollars by manipulating their fears about fire and brimstone.

I don't agree with Jack Donovan's ideas on masculinity (I think I heard somewhere he is a faggot) but regardless - when he does get it right - he gets it right in a big way. He is a good man by the sounds of it, in spite of his flaws.

But fear is not an emotion to be dismissed or conquered. It's something to be heeded and it serves as a warning that you are about to do something that might not be good for you - will the outcome of your decision based on it result in things being better...or worse? That is the problem with fear, in my opinion. Once it chokes off your critical thought process - you're hooped. A real man has to look beyond the immediate threat before he acts - or we start electing unqualified community organizers, or spoiled trust fund babies into positions of power.

So we end up giving obvious liars, haters, cheats and thieves - even murderers - the same cordial respect and considertion we would to a man that actually deserves it. If the time comes - will you be goaded and bullied into enabling and supporting somebody you know you shouldn't?

Friday, 27 November 2015

Friday Happy Hour Kareoke!

Sung to the tune of 'The Wild Night Is Calling' by John Cougar Mellonhead

....All the girls walk by dressed up for each other
And the boys do the boogie-woogie on the corner of the street
And the people passing by just stare with the wild wonder, yeah
As I lift my leg and fart like fuggin thunder...

Houston, we are GO for main engine start...!
Okay, okay - I'm SORRY, ALRIGHT??? It' Friday, and I needed some humour that only our feminist friends can provide!
Have a good weekend and please - remember to drink and shoot responsibly!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

If You're Going To Ride A Motorcycle... makes sense to dress for it.

Road rash is NOT fun. I don't even want to talk about road rash; it's like that medieval superstitious fear that just talking about the black plague could bring it about! Rather than jinxing ourselves with such rot it makes better sense to talk about the apparel that will help prevent it!

There's two ways to go with protective clothing for the motorcyclist. You can go with the man made wonder-fibres like Kevlar and mylar...some manufacturers supply motorcycle jackets and pants with ballistic plastic armour inserts. This stuff is as good as it gets for motorcycle protection and only a fool would argue otherwise.

Which is why I'm here!

I like leather. I like the smell, the look and the feel. It rides warm in cooler weather and cooler than the big insulated Kevlar jackets in the warm weather. If you are going to go with leather as I did, the best guys in the market are these fellers. Even a fat old stubfart like Yours Truly looks good in Fox Creek leather! I like that vest too! I figure I could load the inner pockets with cigars, a flask of rotgut, and a pocket pistol and maybe a pocket watch and chain...and watch Cullen Bohanon and Mr. Durante turn green with envy!

In your face, Cullen!!!!
And furthermore, if you don't get that sneer off your face right now, I will put the boots to you, Mr. Durante AND that filthy no-good Swede while I'm at it!!!

Sigh. Maybe for Christmas...? Years ago my wife and I bought his n hers jackets and chaps and they are the bomb for those early April/May rides.

What's that demented wife of mine doing with that snow...?
Oh shit...!!!!

The reason I recommend Fox Creek to my friends is that they build a serious jacket for serious motorcyclists. The leather is heavy, they have removable liners, zippered vents in the front, back and under the arms. The stitching is first rate. Startlingly...the price is on par with that cheap Chinese crap that Harley Davidson charges top dollar for. Our leathers have been to hell and back and still fit like gloves after 4 years hard riding. No, your bleached blonde swamp mamma with the big rack won't look as good in these leathers riding on the back of your bike as she would in the ultra-fashionable Harley stuff - but if the unthinkable happens ... she will definitely look better afterward if she is wearing the Fox Creek leathers.

There's probably other manufacturers out there that make leathers just as good but another thing that appeals to me is that these leathers are 100% American made. The people at Fox Creek take pride in their work and it shows. If you want to think that Americans can no longer produce top quality goods at reasonable prices - the folks at Fox Creek will be happy to show you the error of your ways. There is something deeply refreshing about dealing with such fine folks.

Do your research and due diligence, buy the best you can get ... and ride safe.

Thanksgiving, According To Hoyt

I like Sarah. Apparently she's a prominent science fiction/fantasy writer. (I wouldn't know - I gave up on that stuff when the genre became a pulpit for queers, feminists and Marxists to lecture from). Sarah has fought that social justice movement well, as have a number of other authors who want the genre to be about good story telling rather than politically correct fables. That is only one of this jewel's facets - she has led an interesting life and has some interesting experiences to share from time to time. I make a point of visiting her blog occasionally and so should you!

Being a focal point for fierce political battles is old hat for Sarah and she probably knows what she's talking about when she says this about politics over family dinners:

"If you have to counter, do it politely, tactfully, and more importantly with facts.  Feel free to counter with “yes, but–” And then change the subject immediately afterwards.  Feel free even to say “and now, lets leave contentious subjects aside, shall we?  This holiday is about family and thankfullness and the good things we have.”

Hmpfff. Yannow...that is exactly how my progtard relatives used to work when they orated, pontificated and bloviated about politics over family dinners. If I even opened my mouth they would shut down or divert the conversation and then come back to it once I learned that I was not to speak. Family dinners were for the liberals to lecture, and any icky conservatives like me were expected to listen respectfully. It was like that with everything.

Eventually my family shattered along political/ethical lines. Bridges were blown up and burned; lines of communication were cut;  lines were crossed; angry words flew like bullets, far too many found their mark...and none of it was good. Nor was it bad though, we all have our own lives and if I were to indulge in some American Thanksgiving - I am glad my in laws and daughter are on their own paths now and I wish them well. Cutting a family like that out of your life is like cutting a tumour out of your vital organs - it hurts but sometimes it has to be done. People deserve what they tolerate, and these are very trying and divisive times. I give thanks for the strength to bury the bodies and move on with my life too. I did not choose this path, it was forced upon me - but I intend to make the best of it both for myself and those that would share it with me. May you and yours do the same.

Dogs never give thanks. They accept happiness as their due and take it for granted. Sometimes I wonder if God didn't put that grinning idiot in the back of my truck in order to try and teach me something. Perhaps 'family' is something you make and not something you tolerate or are born into.
Happy Thanksgiving, Yanks.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


I have always loved the motorcycle. The wind, the freedom - you've heard all that from the ads done by all the manufacturers and they don't exaggerate - motorcycles offer all that and more. My first motorcycle was the perfect starter bike for the times - 1976 Honda 360T.
$600.00 back in 1981. That's how much freedom costs for a kid.
With my girl on the back, in top gear, revved right out - this metal god propelled us to speeds approaching 60 knots and maybe a bit faster with a tail wind. Today that thing is a classic and the old school fools are rebuilding them with all the care and love they deserve. Isn't it the damndest thing? When you're a youngster you dream of the big Indians and Harleys and when ya turn into an old fart that can actually afford one - you miss the little ankle-biters. I will always remember the days with no money in my pocket, my girl on the back of the bike, and no place to go - but enjoying the ride all the way. My last years living at home with Mom and Pop were made much better for all of us because of that bike! :)
Once we moved out and were married we had to step up! While normal people were buying family cars and minivans all I could scrape together was enough for a 1982 Honda CX500.
If you want the best fly weight're looking at it. I think they still make these.
One day while coming home from work, I witnessed an accident where a man just like the one in the photo - had a disagreement with a car driven by a fuggin vibrant who decided to pull out in front of him. I and a handful of others stopped to render what assistance we could until the ambulance arrived, which was basically throwing a jacket over him to keep him warm and directing traffic around the accident scene. Boy, that man was messed up. I tried to talk to him but he was right out of it and spit up a bucket of blood in my face. When I got home that night I got cleaned up before my daughter saw me...and stopped to think. I loved the bike but I had a family now, and my life was no longer my own, if ya catch my drift. I sold the little bike, went back to school, got a soul crushing mortgage and assumed the duties and responsibilities of the dutiful family man. But even though I knew it was right - it just felt somehow wrong not to have a motorcycle.
When my daughter left our home, and the house got paid off I began to think about motorcycles again. When the new breed of adventure bikes came out - I was lost. I went out and bought a 1000cc Suzuki V-Strom.
Don't let the rugged good looks fool you - this V Strom Stratobagger is a PIECE OF SHIT.

You can get beaten to a bloody green pulp for saying that to the wrong people in the wrong place...but I'm sorry. This is the only motorcycle I ever regretted buying. I pimped it out with the knobby tires, the hard aluminum saddle bags and all the farkles...but this bike was a pig through and through! It was horrible in the dirt, it ran like piece of crap, and the high centre of gravity made it dangerous in the strong winds we get on the prairies. However, the usual weasel words apply: this is only my opinion and the dedicated 'Strom Troopers' love these things and have been seen climbing trees with them. They can have them. I needed a serious road bike.
Behold the Dreadnought!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh. That is the Suzuki 1500 C90 Boulevard. I bought some cheap-o duffles to go on the backrest and the wife and I were set. We started cruising Alberta and having a ball. I remember once the cool kids on their Harleys passed us with disgust and scorn on 43 past Whitecourt... and then lit them up to put some distance between us. So... I poured on the coal and formed up on them! It drove them into a frenzy so they REALLY opened them up - and I did too and stayed with them just to show them that their Harleys weren't as great as they thought they were, and my metric bike could do anything theirs could. After a few miles I grew up and acted my age and let the kids go...but not before I tweaked their upturned noses first! HAR HAR HAR!
If 'big' is good, bigger is better, right? Right....?
This is my current ride now. Yeah, I could have bought a Harley or an Indian...but that is really big $$$$. I can tell you though...I thought long and hard about it. What turned me off is that those machines sell on snob appeal...and I just don't have that in me anymore. Not all the Harley and Indian guys are snobs and I will enjoy their company whenever it's offered...but there's a ton of nice people out there on metric bikes like mine, Goldwings...even scooters! I am in this game for the fun and the sights and that's it!

What's my next machine? I'm really torn. I'm getting older and it drives me nuts, but these bikes, with the wife on and a full load of luggage...well, they're a big handful. You gotta be on the ball with them and you can't muscle them - you have to know where you're going before you get there and stick to the plan. Big mass means big momentum and neither will be trifled with. Phew - what to do? What will be my next ride?

BW drives a scoot and I really like them. He goes everywhere on his and the modern machines can and do handle serious highway work with aplomb.

Hmppffff. 800cc's is enough for one...but my wife and I have picked up some weight since my days on the Honda 360T. I don't know if there is enough ponies there for what we need to do... 
Hmmmmmm....I dunno what to think of these. This one looks like it belongs to James Bond. If it comes with inboard rocket launchers and a hottie to man the tail gun - I'm in!

That Spyder or a couple of them (his and hers) might be an option. They have touring versions...all it takes is $$$.

Who knows where the road goes next...

I Have Been Banned...

...From commenting at pretty much all the major Canadian nooz outlets and probably a few of the Murkin Ones too. I don't care or feel bad about it because like The Glob & Pail - most of them use politically correct trolling to increase their circulation and generate controversies that aren't controversial at all. When they troll me I troll them right back and it drives the neurotic leftists nuts. Then I get banned for trolling and not contributing to intelligent conversation, HAR HAR HAR! Sue me, morons - it is still legal to discriminate and offend stupid people so liberals are stuck with what they get! HAR HAR HAR! Supposedly 'Canada's Newspaper', the Glob & Snail these days pretty much panders to inner-city Tranna - the gay hipsters, the greasy elderly hippies (see our premiere below), the militant lesbian feminists and the usual disturbed flakes and weirdoes that are all too common there. Out here in the real world - people are already losing their jobs. If what I think is going to happen - happens - people will start losing their homes by next year.

Bringing you the gov't you deserve, Alberta...

The avalanche of pink slips hasn't even started. It was either Cenovus or Syncrude that had planned on 700 layoffs because of the slumping world petro-economy...and when they heard Motley's budget they kicked it up to 1500. That may not sound like much but for every man the eeeeevil Big Oil lays off, 4 or 5 more in supporting smaller businesses lose their jobs too.

We were having coffee on the weekend with a younger couple that we just adore. He is a process operator for one of the big companies, he is sharp as a tack for the most part - and she is a stay-at-home wife who keeps their tidy little hobby farm running like a Swiss watch. She is pretty bright too - but they are both leftists. I'll be damned because I see this a lot and can't explain it. Lefties and liberals hate three things in Alberta: Big Oil, Big Business, and the military. And yet - lefties infest and thrive in these areas of our economy. My young friend is furious with the oil companies because they are laying off - and all I can do is laugh. What do you EXPECT them to do, dumbass? That woman, along with her cabinet of school teachers, activists, cocktail waitresses, and imported vibrants think that they are entitled to other people's money. When you steal from people they either do something to protect themselves or they leave and take their money with them. It's literally that simple. I tried to explain to them that companies don't LIKE laying off - they actually want to HIRE more people and do more business - but unlike Motley and her ship of fools, they need to justify the investment with some kind of return. I was dismissed as a right wing tool. As you might suspect, they like me but don't respect me! Can't blame 'em for being good judges of character, HAR HAR HAR!

But, they have a lot to lose. A sweet little hobby farm with horses, with a big house and a shop? That is a black hole for money right off the bat! To add to their peril, he is worried about his job and as he should - he is one of those eeeeeeevil rich people that Dippers hate so much. If he loses that nice cushy job with the fat pay cheque, I honestly can't see them hanging on to that property for long.

This will be my third Alberta recession. Depending on how stupid Rachael and her motely crew may be my first depression as well. I'm seeing the big Ford F350's going up for sale everywhere because people can't make payments on them. Soon they will be walking away from their homes. Will my young friends get caught in this crunch? Put it this way - I wouldn't bet on their chances. My wife and I have no debt, the house is paid, we have a little money in the bank provided that the gov't doesn't steal it as they did in Greece. I am buying silver now and you should too. Not much, just dribs and drabs at a time.

If I were king of Canada I would make it illegal to loan money to leftists. They don't understand that loans have to be repaid, and if you force them to pay back the money they've borrowed they think you are picking on them. How can such people handle a pay cheque, much less a loan?

Monday, 23 November 2015

Feeding The Inner Man-Child

One of my favourite manosphere bloggers orates, pontificates and bloviates regularly on the importance of play to young boys. He's absolutely right to do so. We've seen the young fella that got suspended from school and sent home in a police squad car because he chewed a pop-tart into the shape of a gun. Or the kid that got expelled from school for having the empty brass case of a fired rifle cartridge at school. (It turned out later that he picked it up after they fired the final salute at his father's funeral. His father was a squaddie that fell in Iraq). And we see the doping with drugs like Ritalin so that slovenly teachers and parents don't have to put up with the high-energy BS that growing boys tend to produce as they grow up. The results have been dismal too - the faggotified beta males, the 28 year old cellar dwellers, the shiftless young men addicted to porn, video games and drugs. It reminds me of a TV interview of Mike Judge long ago - the creator of Beavis & Butthead.

"If you're not careful, America, and you keep doing what you're doing, the Beavis and Butthead you laugh at today will be your children that you have to deal with tomorrow..." - Mike Judge
20 years ago these guys were tasteless comedy. Today this scene is common reality.

When asked why he created the pair he told the journalist it was done as a warning to America. That was back in the early 90's. Back then I was in university and up to my arse in assignments, projects, lab write-ups and cramming for mid-terms but when Beavis and Butthead came on - my study group dropped everything, decompressed and we laughed like loons. Today? Those two disturbed young men are a dime a dozen. As are the effeminate greasy hippy teachers and feminist chubsters that created them, and the stressed out principals that are watching America's hope and future rot on the vine.

Feeding the inner child? Or the inner idiot...? Done properly - it's all good!
I love the kids at Flite Test and have bought stuff from them - they are business savvy young men that love what they do and it shows. Proper play is essential not only for young and growing boys but for us older pups too! This is the kind of stuff I tried to push at my kid and her friends. There is so much unhealthy pressure on kids (and adults) not to think. Booze, drugs, an aversion to work - all these things are fallout from the liberal left. Justin Turdo thinks legalizing pot is a national priority and a matter of personal rights. He and his ilk are nothing more than moral and intellectual cripples. I would think getting kids to find something constructive and challenging is far more important. It is not prudish or sanctimonious to tell kids to find something better to do with their money and time - but as adults we need to walk the walk as these kids are doing. But we are so lazy, so afraid of hurting their feelings, so obsessed with being their best buddies and pals and BFF's...that we spend our energy on that rather than showing them a better way...and walking it with them.  Hey, old farts - don't tell me that video didn't reach out and poke that inner 9 year old that sleeps in your subconscious? That or something like it would be just the ticket to kick your son in the ass with, make him sit up and notice and get in the game. There's other stuff, it doesn't have to be RC - but it should be fun, challenging and it should be something tough enough where if they don't give 100% - they fail. Failing is good - it dispenses with the lazy and motivates the worthy.

Last summer out at the RC airfield Scottie The Retard showed up on one of his rare visits. We all love Scottie, because he is a real life version of Forrest Gump. He is not as rich or dumb as Forrest...but he is missing a few bricks and we all help him when we can. In any event he had drafted one of his action figures for jump duty and had cobbled together a rudimentary parachute for it. All we had to do was get it up there about a hundred feet and dump him out to make the drop. It's harder than it sounds - unlike the kids at Flite Test all we had was rudimentary field kit and tools to get the planes running. We all threw our heads together and came up with a solution - we dug a beer can out of the garbage. Rick cut it in half and attached it to the wing of his most stable trainer plane by knotted rubber bands. The intrepid paratrooper went into the can and was sent aloft and when he got to the right altitude - he inverted the plane and the paratrooper bailed out! No permanent mods, no plans - just a simple elegant solution to a problem only boys could have. Rick did a number on it too - he got well over 100 feet up and the paratrooper fell out - and hung on the winds forever. He finally came down on a golf course fairway about a half a mile away - but Scotty got him! We were all mightily pleased with ourselves and Scott's success when Fearless Flaps' girlfriend opens up and reminds us all that we are adults - grown men...playing with parachutes and 'action figures'! At first we all looked foolish and sheepish but the more I thought about it, the more I thought 'And to hell with you too, chickie!' Watching that action figure with his string and bread bag parachute made me feel exactly like I did when I did it myself over 40 years ago. Even the old timers were smiling and hooting with delight! So what if we were acting childish? We were having fun. The microprocessor principles that work in our radios are the same ones that run your cell phone lady - only the algorithms and complexity is changed. The receivers in our planes communicate with our radio inputs the same way your cell communicates with the local grid. While you are bickering and chattering with your friends via text messaging, lady - we are running machines at distances and speeds and vectors which most women don't even understand. The basics of telemetry and and data acquisition are a cornerstone of our modern civilization.

It's the way of it though, isn't it? There used to be a cough medicine commercial on TV where the fella comes down with the flu and starts acting like a sick baby. His wife throws him a bottle of Nyquil or Vicks in disgust and then the fella goes to sleep like a big baby. Yeah - I know, it's TV...but here in the real world, I have seen women turn into hormone crazed BRATS when they are having their "monthlies". And lord help the stupid sumbitch that dares to laugh or joke about it too! I've seen women use it as an excuse to act like children and even take time off work.

How is it that us guys always get accused of being immature?

"Ya can't stay young, but ya can always stay immature..."
When I was in school, I watched Beavis and Butthead all the time. Ol' Red kept me going too when the workload at school bordered on the insane. I kept dreaming of living in a tar paper shack like Possum Lodge, with an outhouse, and a gaggle of men as foolish and silly as I am and having the time to indulge a project like making a surf board out of a patio table, and trying not to get killed by experimental machines that served no useful purpose.
I wonder if that trademark phrase of Red's isn't more applicable to our women these days.

Friday, 20 November 2015

It's Friday - And There's Whisky In The Jar! And It's Pay Day!!!

Which means, if you are a younger fella, it's time to get pished to the gills, chimp out, and hope you don't wake up in the p-tank down at the police station tomorrow.

Don't get the top shelf stuff down for this lot - they will drink whatever's in the jerry can....and sorry about your Treehouse Uncle Bob!

As a younger fella I was never prone to chimping out like that - but pouring booze into some guys is like pouring booze on a fire. I never understood that - alcohol makes me talkative and lazy. The worst I ever did was fall asleep outside beside the campfire on a fishin' trip - and couldn't make it to the sleeping bag. I had one of those ultra-comfortable new-fangled-circular-fold-out camp chairs and a cooler to prop my feet up on - and had the guys at La-Z-Boy beat seven ways to Sunday! I slept like a log all night and woke up covered in mosquito bites. I think I got siphoned for at least a couple quarts! I got up, puked in the bushes, then sat back down for a 'hair of the dog' at 6:30 in the morning to top up my fluids.

Murphy and Darwin still stalk me but I am older and wiser now, and I take my booze very seriously. Of course booze is all a matter of taste and opinion and for me - I never developed an appreciation for Irish whisky because the few bottles I did have were unspectacular. The Irish have a nasty habit of triple distilling their whisky and for some men the stuff is ambrosia...but for me that third distillation kills the soul of a good malt. I wrote off Irish whisky wholesale - and in retrospect that may have been a grave mistake. One day I broke with my bias and bought a bottle of this:
Drop what you're doing. Now. Get out your wallet, go down to the liquor store and buy a bottle of this. Yes, it's that good. You may want to buy two. Maybe even three - one should be in your saddle bag for those colder rides.
I love Connemara. And I'll be damned, I woulda never have thunk the Irish would produce a single malt that would blow my beloved Scots right out of the water! Start with their standard bottling - I can't speak for their special bottlings that are all the rage now...but let me say this about that - I found a bottle of Connemara Cask Strength and put it in my collection. I know that a lot of the high test beers can get really manky - but that is not necessarily the case with high test scotch. I am not a big fan of Bowmore but bought a bottle of their cask strength rot gut about 10 years ago and it was superlative. I haven't seen it since and if I DO ever see it again I will buy two bottles - one to drink and one to hoard!!!
It's pay day. The bills are all paid, the family miser banker is happy. The guns are well stocked with ammo. I have a few coins left over with which to indulge myself!
Life is good. See ya at the liquor store!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

AAAAAROOOOOOO!!!! Another Monster Chiller Blogosphere Horror Story!

Put on your 3D glasses for even MORE terror!!!!!

"Vibrants in outerspace?!?! Scarier than the blood sucking monkeys of Melonville!!!"

I probably don't spend enough time on Popehat. Like Uncle Bob's Treehouse, everything there is up for debate and it's all fun and games until some monkey inevitably gets his tail stepped on - and then the shrieking strarts and the dung flies! Try and keep your popcorn covered... I'm still laughing. The story is about two bloated gas bag future politicians fighting about whether obviously violent migrants are violent or not - and then the first thing in the comments, some lower order primate pipes up and dares the rest of the baboons in the troop to prove moslems are violent! HAR HAR HAR!!!!

Speaking of Hitlerites and racist offensive monsters from Inner Space, Vox day sees a silver lining in the idea that when the next influx of moslem vibrants gets settled in and comfortable - they will probably attack America's eeeeeeeevil jooos first! No, I don't think Vox = Adolph Hitler (Hitler was much smarter than Vox) - but ol' Voxxie has a way of manipulating stupid people that Hitler would approve of.

Wanna see something really scary? This idiot thinks we can import 20,000 illiterate, low skill/low IQ moslems in Canada without any security worries. CSIS and the RCMP agree with him.
Like Vox, I agree that along with the illiteracy, resentment, racism, and homophobia that little Justin wants to bring into Canada - there will be an element of terrorism. Perhaps we see the same thing different ways but it seems to me that while moslems may strike at Jewish power from time to time abroad - they ALWAYS seem to strike at liberal bastions of power too. It always seems to me that the people pushing this multi-culti BS are the folks that live in protected enclaves where they only see one side of the issue. Everyone likes the well spoken, educated and otherwise clean cut brown fella with the turban. They don't have to work with the sullen, smelley ignorant mudflap that won't speak English. And - when moslems go wild, they tend to unload their guns on the very liberal morons that would otherwise stick up for them.
As a kid I had a crappy sweatshop job working on the shop floor assembling electrical switchgear. We were an 'equal opportunity employer' which meant we had Vietnamese and east Indians and whites - and the groups pretty much self segregated. The whites got along with both groups to a very limited degree, but the east Indians and the Vietnamese loathed each other and were always in a state of barely suppressed civil war. One day tempers flared, and the two groups went at it and the punches, kicks and blood started flying - and I just backed away and smiled. The Vietnamese kicked the living crap out of the east Indians, but one of the nine irons went to the hospital after having a running drill shoved up his backside! HAR HAR HAR! How do ya do something like that? The dust had just settled on that monkey house riot when the idiot plant manager decided to replace the wounded east indian with a new one - and hired a sikh. Nothing wrong with that, right? Sihks are brown, and he would be working with other brown fellas so what could possibly go wrong? Well, we learned (the hard way) that Sikhs and hindus don't always get along due to religious differences - and Mudville erupted in violence again! HAR HAR HAR!!! The wages were chit - but the entertainment was first rate provided you could stay out of the cage when the monkeys went at it. In any event, that was my first exposure to multiculturalism - and if I had my way, trust fund babies like Turdo La Doo and his fellow elite fart suckers would have to work at least two years in such an environment before being allowed to serve in gubbermint. Liberal views of multiculturalism are not based in reality.
Justin has just killed Canadians with the decision to import these migrants, and he damned well knows it too. Or at least, his handlers do. My advice is buy a gun. It is better to have one and not need it than need it and not have it.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Ass Holier Than Thou

Vox poops the bed (again), HAR HAR HAR! Apparently he speaks for God now. When one of his BFF's corrects him in the comments, he doubles down on stupid as he always does when proven wrong. LOL, hilarity ensues as his fan girls weigh in.

Unca Bob slips on a banana peel whilst interpreting biblical myths. I think Moses wandering round an inhospitable desert was an effort by the story tellers to create a metaphor for a group of people that were separated from their morality and cast adrift with no moral compass - but what do I know?

My biblical and theological studies began when I was about four or five. Back then a lot of people still took religion very, very seriously. A lot of people became very, very opposed to it too - and my own mother hated bible thumpers with a passion. I still remember how she slammed the door in the face of some sanctimonious holy rollers that were going door to door to scold and shame those that had no interest in their faith - and try and save them from a life of sinfulness if possible. When I asked her what was wrong with being a whore and a fornicator I got my arse beat. When I asked Pop what those words meant and how they applied to Mom I got my ass flogged again! (This was before stupid people discovered that spanking kids was actually child abuse! HAR HAR HAR!). I wish I could remember what Mom said to those holy rollers to make them call her names like that.

I remember the summers of my youth as being long, sun-drenched days that I spent searching for returnable bottles and getting beat up by my older brother and his friends. I was by no means guiltless, I thought nothing of beaking off at them at the drop of a hat... and calling them whores and fornicators. (I got another spanking when my brother and the neighbourhood kids started using those terms even though none of us were old enough to know what they meant). All we knew was that they could earn you a spanking if said in the wrong place - so they had to be a horrible insult! On really boring days when my brother's gang were in a sporting mood - I was often given a 10 minute head start in which to run. They always found me and I always got lumped on - until one day God himself intervened. We were playing our usual version of The Hare And The Hounds and I was hopping fences and running across yards in order to make my escape. I scrabbled over one fence after another, oblivious to common courtesy, trespassing laws, and even the presence of mean dogs in certain yards. And - one day, I took a different route, flopped over a fence - and landed in an informal bible summer school.

It was awesome. Like Charlie Brown I had a little red headed girl that I had a secret crush on at the time, and she was there. A couple kids I knew from school were there too. The ladies putting on the school knew how to deal with little ones too. The games were fun and I learned some really low level Christian values like 'do unto others' and that sort of thing. They tied up scripture passages to a version of snakes and ladders which was a game I loved as a tyke. I huddled in amongst the other kids as my brother's gang scoured the neighbourhood looking for any sign of me. God had smiled upon me; I had a great place to hide from my brother and his bullies in the morning and in the afternoon I went hunting for returnable bottles to cash in - the bigger boys were usually playing ball in the afternoons.

Eden came to an end when my hiding place was discovered. My mother was a hard core liberal that regarded all Christians as sanctimonious twits (Mom, call holding for you on line 2 - it's Vox Day...). To hear her describe it today I was getting brainwashed and indoctrinated by the Hitler Youth! I was told that if I went there again I would get another spanking! No, Mom wasn't a whore or a fornicator - but she was a real liberal shrew on occasion. And I was a disobedient little turd that got spanked when I tested her on it too!

This fall, before my snowbird parents went south for the winter I made a comment over coffee that those sanctimonious holy roller f-tards of my childhood are all gone. Today, they are homosexuals, social justice warriors and green freaks - and my old bitch of a mother punched me in the shoulder with those bony little 'old woman' fists. JEEEEEZ!!!! - that hurt! I would rather get punched by Unca Bob or Vox! At least their knuckles would be a little blunter and wouldn't bite in like Mom's! Old women have very sharp knuckles!

Today I am an unrepentant chit house Christian. I admire their family values and I tend to detest the same people they do. I am not a fundamentalist - but somebody had to light the fuse on the Big Bang and I would like to think they had reasons for doing so and reasons for including me in this cosmic, farcical gong show.

If I have a patron saint, I suspect it's St. Gene. Most of you degenerate idiot youngsters won't even know who he is, and what a cultural loss his passing was.
I love NOVA. There are a metric ton of other educational shows dealing with astrophysics, particle theory and other sciency goodness. I love them all and years ago I still retained enough math to follow along with the physics theorists. When I ran into quantum physics I gave up on trying to keep up. That stuff going on at CERN is BFM (Black Fuggin Magic). God particles? The Higgs Boson? GAH! If those particle physics wanks are right - God is pulling a fast one of biblical proportions on them and the rest of us! I we smart enough to get the joke?

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Will Somebody Please Shoot These Stupid Old Hippy Bastards?

Oh, for the love of God...!!!!! comes another one!

GAAAAAAH!!!!!! Push the 'donate' button to prove you are a proud idiot!

The ex-military f**ks are the worst. "I've been in harm's way, man!!! I was THERE!!!! I saw the elephant...!!!" And they think that gives 'em some kind of authority in a moral and ethical issue. This is a repeated mistake made when dealing with animals like moslems and we need to shut these morons down right now.

No, we don't want a war with islam. No, we will not become animals by engaging in one. Contrary to old hippies, peaceniks and liberals, the War On Terror "failed" because it was never fought. When these meat holes bloviate about losing in Iraq, all I can do is shake my head at their stupidity. Hell's bells! How do you lose a bloody war that ended with Saddam Hussein dangling by the neck??? And Bin Laden is fish food? Is there any defense for people that are so stupid, that they think defending themselves in a war will only create more numerous enemies and motivated resistance? Where do these idiots come from? I don't see any Imperial Japanese armies murdering their prisoners by the hundreds of thousands, do you? See any SS stormtroopers checking citizen's papers and hanging resistance fighters from the balconies and lamp posts? No - that is because we went to war on them and we DEFEATED them. We backed that up with the PROMISE of more violence if they tried to 'cheat and retreat' as the moslems do all the time with impunity.

Peter is a nice guy and that is precisely the WRONG guy to listen to in times of stress like the one France finds itself in now. Jim Wright is a fuggin idiot that isn't worth the time of day.

They fret and worry about dehumanizing moslems as if they are actually nice people. Well, I've worked with them and no, the truth is, the majority of them are the kind of people you don't turn your back on. As far as the peaceniks and elderly hippies go - I take my moral bearings from a WW2 B17 bomber vet.

He was being interviewed by the usual mealy mouthed liberal journalist that wanted to paint him as a mass murderer rather than a courageous patriot defending his nation and way of life. The reporter came right out and asked him how he lived with himself, knowing that his bombs had killed so many women and children. Paraphrased, his response went something like this:

"My mission, sir, was NOT to kill women and children. You confuse tactics with strategy. Of course I would prefer not to have to drop bombs on German hausfraus and their kids - but they are by no means innocent. If all that hausfrau does is make a sandwich for her husband that works at a munitions plant in Hamburg - she is working to support men that are doing their level best to kill me. Men that have no qualms about killing women and children in the countries they invade. And before you say it, no, we aren't stooping to their level to fight like this. This fighting WILL stop as soon as they surrender, give back the territories they've taken, and disarm and sign treaties promising never to do it again. If THEY had won - there would have been be MORE mass murders, not less. You have the freedom of speech, young man, because men like me fought for it. Surely you would have the intellect to do something better with it....?"

Well, boys n' girls, if your freedom ever has to ride on the shoulders of idiots like Jim Wright and Peter may well find yourselves shit out of luck. Moslems are animals that perceive restraint and mercy as weakness.

I hope the moslems are death marched out of Europe. I don't want them in my country either.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Safe Places

While the politically correct pissers and moaners and snivellers set about patrolling their safe spaces for errant narratives that might upset, annoy or even traumatize them - I thought I would share one of my safe places. Strap in, whilst I fire up the way back machine! ENGAGE!!!

A nameless road in the county of Strathcona. Watch out for ghosts, they're friendly but some are stupid.
Ahhhh. Here we are, back in 1982, right on target! This is where I grew up. The road dead ends at Hastings Lake. JD Morrow, the County Reeve, is still alive and well. The old fella can still be seen tooling around in his yellow Corvette or on his big Goldwing motorcycle. This lonely road is where we came to have bush parties as kids. We shot .22's and necked with our girlfriends on this road. I shot my first doe with a bow about 200 yards from here. My ride is a Honda CX500 - a V twin pig that was considered pretty snazzy at the time.
Okay, I lied, it isn't 1982. JD is gone, and my ride at the time of this outing was a Suzuki 1500 dreadnaught cruiser. But there are times I miss guys like JD and that little Honda cruiser with the power of a mouse and the heart of a lion....
When I was a kid this area was in the boondocks. JD owned most of the land around here along with some others but we could do whatever we wanted here as long as we were respectful and kept the place clean. The old church was a ruin at the time and if I recall, JD was the point man on restoring the property to it's former glory. It's fitting that he has a marker here, and that some artisan tried to engrave a motorcycle on it.

This is St. Margaret's church. What a fine restoration. When I last saw this place it was a tumbled down ruin.
A crumbling stone...even stones are dust in the wind...
Who is this? Some of the stones here go back to the 1900's. There are three brothers buried in the corner of the graveyard, all of whom fell in The Great War. Talk about saving Private Ryan...can you imagine the hit that would have left on their family? In those days Edmonton was little more than a dirt street small town and the loss of three boys would really hurt the family farm where every strong back meant a better shot at having enough to eat when the winter set in.
It used to be choked with weeds and tall you can putt on the lawns. St. Margaret would approve.
I suspect my end will come in a manner that will involve mountains of feces and an irretrievable corpse...but if my body can be recovered, I would ask that I be planted here. And, if somebody would engrave my stone with a motorcycle like JD's...I would consider it a send-off fit for a king.

The Sins Of The Father

What's not to like? Sanctimonious liberal university profs are getting run out on a rail by the monsters they created. The liberal media has been told to FOAD and stay away from the 'safe place' sanctuaries where the little dears don't have to answer any questions that may frighten or upset them. And the liberals that piss and moan about bullies and racism the most are now dishing it out so fast that they can't tell an Asian reporter from a white one. The laughter outside the university from the public and the layman is deafening - but the media can't hear it as their pantaloons fill with fright. As well they should - and the rest of us shouldn't take this lightly either.

These are the kids that have never been spanked as children. They were brought up where everyone gets a prize just for participating. There are teachers now seriously proposing that we don't grade and fail students because it is too hard on their self esteem. If I were King, I would tar and feather the people responsible for this idiocy and fire them off a catapault to see how well they fly. These kids are a chit stain on their parents, their teachers, and pretty much all of us too. The old nickel goes that you deserve what you tolerate.

I take this rather personally. Several years back my 20-something daughter decided that she was gay and promptly took her place as a full fledged social justice warrior.  Contrary to my detractors, I don't hate queers. I can hold my nose and tolerate them if they are courteous and respectful. I understand that a few are even capable of being respectable. But I will not tolerate nor abide the degenerates, the sexually disturbed and the attention whoring freak shows.

The 'Who's Who' Of Froots And Nuts! Collect them all and show your friends!
When she tore our family to shreds one of her motivations was that she had been "savagely and horribly traumatized" by her father - me. For months she said that and for months it tore me up inside as I struggled to think - why would my daughter say something like this? Did I do something awful to her without even realizing it? Could I really have been that callous and clueless?
In our last exchange I hammered her on that. Exactly how were you traumatized, my little precious princess? Were you beaten? No. Were you verbally abused? No more than other kids that run afoul of their parents. So what had I done that led to these accusations? She claimed that I didn't like queers. And she said it as if it was a damning revelation should shock the jury and seal my fate and earn me the most inhumane death sentence possible! It did, in a way - my shit bird progressive in laws jumped on me with both feet! They laid down the law on me too - recant and become a cheerleader for queers and The Princess - or be run out of the family.
One of the few things Vox Day gets right is his method of dealing with social justice warriors. You don't apologize, you don't negotiate or comprimise, and you don't back down from them. You reject them because they are wrong. Morally, intellectually and in reality - they are wrong. They mean to destroy and hurt you, and apologies only serve to justify them in their witch hunts and inquisitions. I told my daughter and my in laws that it would be a frosty day in hell when I would allow a couple creepy gay hipsters to dictate to me, and I told my progressive in-laws to take their hypocrisy, their double standards, their inverted morality and realities - and cram them..
And our family disintegrated as if it were never there. It's better this way, much as I hate to admit it. My daughter is still an unrepentant gay hipster and an ageing kidult and maybe one day she will grow up. Last summer I sat down with my in laws to see if we could patch things up but they promptly started the turd polishing, cheerleading and progressive white washing. I was told my assessment of my daughter was  all wrong! She was a successful young career woman - not a lazy, drifting 30 year old gay hipster with a part time job and no apartment, no car. "Ya don't need a car in downtown Vancouver, Glen! The bus will take you anywhere!" I couldn't believe my ears - when I told my progtard mother in law that not only does an adult need a driver's license these days - they need to be thinking about all those other icky adult things like RRSP's, bank loans, mortgages and careers! And no, a part time job in a retail sports shop was not a 'career'! Those morons looked at me like I was a monster from another planet. Long story short, they spoke to my daughter a short while later and stirred up another pointless family feud. At that point I told my poor, suffering wife that I was done. I couldn't take her parents' meddling in my family anymore and I laid it out for her too - she could go with her parents and coddle their precious princess ... or she could be a parent, stick with me and take the high road.... but she couldn't do both. I told my wife earlier this week she had to essentially choose between her parents and me. God bless her, I won that coin toss but I'm sure it was a very close thing. Sometimes being a mother and a responsible adult are impossible to do at the same time. Standing up to bullies and liars and cheats trumped coddling her spoiled abusive daughter - and I thank God my wife was made of better stuff than her idiot parents. I regret having to push them out of our house and life - but they were interfering in my family, encouraging and enabling and defending unacceptable behaviour in my daughter - and they needed to go.
This is the face of what's wrong with our kids and universities today. Why are they not in class? Does anyone know?
But this is the hell of these new, bratty self proclaimed child victims: they never grow up, and if they can't have their way they will burn their families down to the ground rather than relent. Is it no wonder that so few people have the courage to stand up to them?
If you are the unfortunate parents of this new breed of fascist pink shirt - you are reminded that everything is a choice. Either you can raise them to be adults (and you may fail as I did) - or Darwin and Murphy can take care of them. If you wait to long, that choice will be made for you. Take the advice of somebody who has been there - start now. It's entirely possible that the chick in the pic above may one day be running a classroom with your kid in it. Do you want to trust her to influence your child?
Everything in life is a choice - and may your choices be good ones.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Alberta's New Health Minister: Spew Alert!

Good lord.

The other day the new NDP (commie) bubble heads - were prattling on about the need to go down and get a flu shot - and their lickspittles on the CFBC (Canadian Fuggin Broadcasting Corporation) did a photo op where Alberta's new Health Minister was setting an example for all us ignernt unwashed rednecks to follow. The flu shot is free, dontchyaknow!!!! Sarah Hoffman smiled for the adoring CBC scum running the cameras and bravely rolled up her sleeve to get the shot.

Ahhhh! Reminds me of my elephant hunting days while on safari in Namibia....

And what are this lady's credentials that make her the best possible person to represent out gubbermint on health issues...? I was amazed they had a needle long enough to get down past all the blubber!

Sigh. Now I am no lightweight or athlete. I am overweight, I'm old and I know I have to lose weight. So don't bust my balls about living in glass houses because I will cast the first stone as far as that one goes. I know what I have to do and make no bones about it.

Does this chubster? If you really want to lead on health issues by example, Sarah - how about you go on a diet...? This is the kind of crap that passes for intelligent thought among the NDP.

We are so screwed.

In other related nooz - The Biggest Dog ****er In The World - our shipper/receiver - put in his notice today. This guy will be a huge loss to the company. When he isn't screwing the pooch, he's outside smoking and schmoozing with the truckers or talking with anyone that has the time of day for him. Apparently smoking three packs a day qualifies him for a new job at the University Of Alberta as an occupational health and safety administrator at the U! Needless to say he is a big NDP fan. Apparently the U has an expanded budget and is doing all kinds of hiring! As for the rest of us he leaves behind, if the economy goes the way I think it's going to go - we will all be lucky if we have jobs next year.


Who was the Roman Centurion that said it all those millennia ago? "The Gods piss upon us!"

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Inappropriate Laughter

I love these women. Indulge my inner pig, ladies...
Apparently these two are feminists/sluts/comedians that have the fan girls over at the Return Of Kings in a flather. They're ruining the world or something. I'm sorry but when I saw these two I just had to laugh. The chick deep throating the cigar, guzzling whisky, the table littered with cards and junk, the arrogance of the piglettes...HAR HAR HAR! That one woulda been funny if it was the other way around and had guys doing it.
I dunno these two chicks from a hole in the ground and I've never heard them speak. But I do know that one of the biggest problems facing liberals today is their almost total and complete lack of a sense of humour and wit. Humour and laughter are devastating political weapons which is probably why they have gone to such lengths to criminalize it - and given that leftists can't do anything right, all they did was open themselves up to more rude jokes, ridicule and derisive laughter. I remember somewhere reading that now in Canada - even laughing at a rude joke can be construed as a hate crime and is referred to as 'Inappropriate Laughter'. Supposedly it's punishable under the law. And of course the first time it was tested in court the judge threw it out for the crap it was. Sometimes the good guys do win I suppose.
Sometimes, in spite of themselves, lefties can set the stage for potentially lethal comedy. I'm looking at that picture above and if it were done right it could have men and women LOLing in the aisles. I suspect, that like most lefty attempts at humour, it would just degenerate into an unfunny rip on men. Whatever, I'm not wasting my time with it.
The CFBC (Canadian Fuggin Broadcasting Corporation) used to be a veritable fountain of toxic Canadian humour before the Age Of Social Justice And Bed Wetting. John Binder was absolutely demented on Bizarre. Super Dave Osbourne and Fuji Hakiyito spun off from that - I still remember their best variety show score: Super Dave got up on stage and announced the next act as being KD Lang... and the crowd mumbled and puzzled when a five year old child prodigy walked out on stage and put on a flawless violin concerto that left everyone stunned. The little virtuoso  deservedly got her standing ovation and when the applause finally settled, Super Dave came out and cleared up the confusion. He sheepishly explained that like all Chinamen Fuji had problems with L's and W's and it turned out the little violinist was not KD Lang...but KD Wang...!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!
Would the world's greatest stunt man have the courage to defy the legions of humourless social justice warriors and politically correct flinks that infest our media networks today?
When the CFBC fell to the leftists, the first casualties were the comedians. Wayne And Schuster, John Binder, Super Dave and Fuji - all gone. They got replaced by fat, unfunny chubster pigs like Mary Walsh and effeminate sneering flinks like Rick Mercer. I had a brief moment of hope when they announced a new sitcom entitled 'Little Mosque On The Prairie' that would have a tribe of Moslems living right here in Alberta. Good Lord! The comedy writes itself: Mudflaps! Rednecks! Imagine the potential mayhem and Laff Riot!!! But instead, the show was bland, boring and ruthlessly politically correct. I don't think it made even one season. I sat through half an episode and turned it off in disgust. The political left has become mentally ill over the course of my lifetime and I feel sorry for them. I remember up here in Canada, a stand up comic was getting heckled by a couple dykes. When he mocked and derided them right back, they sued him into penury. Fuggin lesbians are telling us what jokes we can laugh at? I don't think so. We have a judiciary that seriously needs a fast trip down the nearest crapper.

When asked why he was so ugly by a heckler, Rodney replied "Because you're fuggin contagious..." Can you imagine the fallout if he said that today to the wrong hairy chested feminist, sexually disturbed trannie, or some vibrant baboon?

When I think about the encroaching loss of free speech I think about the dangers of a puppet media dancing to the tune of a corrupt gov't - which we already have for the most part. But I never really thought about the loss of our sense of humour. The loss of the right to speak my mind is bad enough, but the loss of comedy? To appease marginal, worthless degenerates and poisoned minds?  Excuse me fellas. I need to go down and clean my rifles. Again.
Cuz farts is funny! That's why the good Lord gave us farts - to break the ice in converstions!
And, apparently, to set the tone for political debates with leftists! So is that what we're left with now? Fart and pooh jokes?
Well...the sun's coming up, the airfield beckons and chores are lined up after that. Have yourselves a great weekend boys - and keep smiling. If you have a rotten joke, ya make sure ya pass it along!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

This Is One Gender Experiment That Is Going To End Badly

I might be scared if it was a rolling pin - but this is just funny!
I'm seeing it all the time in the show coming out of Hollywood these days. Some petite 5'2" girl, weighing in at 105 lbs. - beats the living chit out of a trained special ops guy without breaking a finger nail. If I were confronted by that homely lady with the knife I would kill her and then chit my pants in fear at what it would do to her enraged squaddies. Contrary to the Usual Suspects, women can't do this and they are going to get themselves - and probably others - killed as a result.
I don't understand the mentality of this. That idiot with the knife would be akin to me wanting to step into the ring and duke it out with Mike Tyson. I'll tell you what I see happening here: that woman is going to be taken in by her squaddies, lock stock and barrel. She's a woman, they are hardwired to protect her - and when some moslem mudflap takes her knife away and shoves it up her arse - her squaddies will lose their chit. Rage will replace reason, and when military men get mad...they get killed and beaten. It happened to the Russians, it happened to the Israelis and now it will happen to Americans.

Today's Kick In The Balls

I'm all right, fellas. Just got something in my eye is all...
Found this one over at Wirecutter's.

I believe that as men, God does us a favour by generally calling us home before our wives. When we go over The Great Divide they seem to hold up better and can get on with their lives. I haven't seen it often - but often enough: when the wife passes first, her man usually follows her fairly quickly.

If there is an afterworld for me - and it doesn't involve fire, brimstone and mountains of excrement, I fully intend to await my beloved on the Other Side before moving on to meet my maker.

Godspeed old sport!

Sunday, 1 November 2015

One Of The Biggest Epic Fails Of The Manosphere... in the area of fatherhood and mentorship. The Captain trips over his dink in this exact fashion.

When it comes to schooling young men the Captain is about as good as it gets and lord knows - he has his limitations. When it comes to self interest, economic common sense, and self improvement...he is right on the mark. When it comes to women...oh boy.  Again, not to slag him, he is about as good as it gets in the Manosphere and you can do a helluva lot worse. Roosh is a laughingstock as far as I'm concerned - I consider him the Pied Paki Prince Of Polygamy. He's good enough for the mudsharking skanks but any woman worth her salt won't give him the time of day - nor should any worthy man, actually. Vox Day understands the modern feral woman but does not understand manhood. When I pointed out to him that by his own definitions, his own son is a gamma male...(which is the most contemptuous of men according to him) - I got banned from his blog! HAR HAR HAR HAR! He's great for social commentary, but anyone older than 14 with a triple digit IQ can see that the man is small, petty and vindictive. There's others - but the long story short is that for most of those guys, they stop learning at 25 and have nothing to offer a man older than that. Most of them couldn't handle a successful marriage or fatherhood and sniff in disgust at the thought of assuming the responsibilities of the family man. Yes, marriage is a crap shoot, yes, you can get seriously burned - but the alternative is to refuse to grow up - which is what a lot of what the cellar dwelling men of the Sphere are doing.

This is not a protest. It is a cry for help.
And of course the Captain and his fans jump on this kid with both feet, not understanding what they're looking at, not understanding what MGTOW is, and not having a clue about how to fix it.
  1. That kid is young - but he's smart as a whip. Even at his tender age he understands feminism for exactly what it is.
  2. He doesn't understand MGTOW, he doesn't realize he's making a fool of himself, and he doesn't realize that no protest is necessary because anyone that isn't an idiot knows that feminism is a hill of beans.
  3. Where the Captain and the boys see failure - I see potential. He is doing exactly what a human male of his age should - seeking the approval of his peers... he's just going about it the wrong way.
What would the story be if that boy had a proper father or big brother? The Captain and any number of men will chit on him and mock and deride - how many of them would actually take the time to buy this young man a beer, explain things to him and set him straight? Throw a football jersey on that kid and get him on a team and he would have more action than any of those Manosphere pikers would. Get some meaningful confidence into him, get him out to a few dances and bingo - you have a perfectly good young man on the go!

It seems to me that there is a civil war in the Sphere over definitions and what they mean. By my reckoning - that boy is WAY to young to have the MGTOW mindset. I define it by the acronym: Men Going Their Own Way. The men that I have seen doing it did not adopt the philosophy by choice - it was forced upon them, often by foolish women that have neither their own or their partner's best interests at heart. While it is an unhealthy philosophy for the youngster - it is a balm for the older man weathering a divorce or a heartbreak. Such men need to get out of the game, do their own thing and get their heads on straight - and they will get back in the dating game when they're ready. It can take months or years - it all depends on the man and how badly he was hurt. It is a painful but healthy way to heal a broken heart and is probably the most noble way a man could go about it, too. The few MGTOW men I've seen would feel deeply sorry for that boy in the pic above.

The flip side of the coin is the PUA or the so-called Pick Up Artist that games women to get them into the sack for a quick "Pump-N-Dump" (HAR HAR HAR! I love that term!). Apparently nobody ever told these types that women are sluttier today than ever before, and even an ugly mug like Yours Truly could probably score on the first date if he was willing to sacrifice his self respect. The vast majority of women deserve better than that, and those that don't aren't worth the time of day. It is truly a pity that the boys of the manosphere will never see or appreciate the lost arts of flirting, seduction and courtship.

The Russians are way ahead of us on all of  this. In Russia, guys like Roosh, Captain Capitalism and Vox Day are rightfully seen as boys. Guys like me in their early 50's are considered young men, and the chieftains and leaders are mature men like Unca Bob over at the Treehouse. The Russians understand women too - and how to make the most of their many talents and strengths. Here in America, what little wisdom there is among our elders is ignored, and the virtues of women are either suppressed or discarded - and we shall pay in blood for it too!

The Manosphere has done well for the younger men - but it has failed to achieve any real relevance to those that eventually grow up.