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Thursday, 26 November 2015

If You're Going To Ride A Motorcycle... makes sense to dress for it.

Road rash is NOT fun. I don't even want to talk about road rash; it's like that medieval superstitious fear that just talking about the black plague could bring it about! Rather than jinxing ourselves with such rot it makes better sense to talk about the apparel that will help prevent it!

There's two ways to go with protective clothing for the motorcyclist. You can go with the man made wonder-fibres like Kevlar and mylar...some manufacturers supply motorcycle jackets and pants with ballistic plastic armour inserts. This stuff is as good as it gets for motorcycle protection and only a fool would argue otherwise.

Which is why I'm here!

I like leather. I like the smell, the look and the feel. It rides warm in cooler weather and cooler than the big insulated Kevlar jackets in the warm weather. If you are going to go with leather as I did, the best guys in the market are these fellers. Even a fat old stubfart like Yours Truly looks good in Fox Creek leather! I like that vest too! I figure I could load the inner pockets with cigars, a flask of rotgut, and a pocket pistol and maybe a pocket watch and chain...and watch Cullen Bohanon and Mr. Durante turn green with envy!

In your face, Cullen!!!!
And furthermore, if you don't get that sneer off your face right now, I will put the boots to you, Mr. Durante AND that filthy no-good Swede while I'm at it!!!

Sigh. Maybe for Christmas...? Years ago my wife and I bought his n hers jackets and chaps and they are the bomb for those early April/May rides.

What's that demented wife of mine doing with that snow...?
Oh shit...!!!!

The reason I recommend Fox Creek to my friends is that they build a serious jacket for serious motorcyclists. The leather is heavy, they have removable liners, zippered vents in the front, back and under the arms. The stitching is first rate. Startlingly...the price is on par with that cheap Chinese crap that Harley Davidson charges top dollar for. Our leathers have been to hell and back and still fit like gloves after 4 years hard riding. No, your bleached blonde swamp mamma with the big rack won't look as good in these leathers riding on the back of your bike as she would in the ultra-fashionable Harley stuff - but if the unthinkable happens ... she will definitely look better afterward if she is wearing the Fox Creek leathers.

There's probably other manufacturers out there that make leathers just as good but another thing that appeals to me is that these leathers are 100% American made. The people at Fox Creek take pride in their work and it shows. If you want to think that Americans can no longer produce top quality goods at reasonable prices - the folks at Fox Creek will be happy to show you the error of your ways. There is something deeply refreshing about dealing with such fine folks.

Do your research and due diligence, buy the best you can get ... and ride safe.


  1. Does your wife have her motorcycle license? By the way, my uncle has a Can Am Spyder and loves it.

  2. No...I wish she would though. If we could get two bikes going we could camp because then I could carry all the gear on mine. I almost had her talked into a Yamaha Bolt ... but she was intimidated by the size of even that little bike which is fair - that's a big bike for a lady and a beginner...

  3. Why not try a Burgman 400? It is fully automatic and will hit 80 mph, so you will not get run over in traffic. They are comfortable too. She may like it.