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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

This Is One Gender Experiment That Is Going To End Badly

I might be scared if it was a rolling pin - but this is just funny!
I'm seeing it all the time in the show coming out of Hollywood these days. Some petite 5'2" girl, weighing in at 105 lbs. - beats the living chit out of a trained special ops guy without breaking a finger nail. If I were confronted by that homely lady with the knife I would kill her and then chit my pants in fear at what it would do to her enraged squaddies. Contrary to the Usual Suspects, women can't do this and they are going to get themselves - and probably others - killed as a result.
I don't understand the mentality of this. That idiot with the knife would be akin to me wanting to step into the ring and duke it out with Mike Tyson. I'll tell you what I see happening here: that woman is going to be taken in by her squaddies, lock stock and barrel. She's a woman, they are hardwired to protect her - and when some moslem mudflap takes her knife away and shoves it up her arse - her squaddies will lose their chit. Rage will replace reason, and when military men get mad...they get killed and beaten. It happened to the Russians, it happened to the Israelis and now it will happen to Americans.

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