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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

For Those Of You That Have NOT Faggotified And Pussified Your Sons...

...Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year!

So now you are in the home stretch of the manic Christmas shopping. And some of you may be stumped as to the perfect gift for your son. Oh sure, you can buy him the latest electronic toys or video games but if your son is 13 or 14...he is at that awkward age where he is beginning to transition from a child to an adult. And, the sad truth of the situation is that the video games - other than graphics - aren't much better than they were 10 years ago. The electronic toys will either be broken or obsolete next year. Why not slow down, think, and maybe make this year's gift a little more meaningful? A boy at this age wants validation. He wants to move into the role of an adult. He needs to do that with an adequate role model or mentor. Your gift to him should acknowledge his worthiness as an adult and should be part and parcel of the time you want to spend with him to make him the best man he can possibly be. May I suggest:

That's a CZ .22 rifle. It's the best bang for the buck on the market today for the young rifleman! Superb quality at a reasonable price.
Any of the CZ .22's are perfect for a boy in this age bracket; and it is a rifle he will never grow out of. I still take mine out and shoot it when it's time for some fun or a change from the big boomers. And yes, they are so accurate - it is actually worth your time to spend big $$$$ on a good scope for it too. Or, put a cheapie on it and just shoot to have fun. I had a smith tweak mine and now that little bugger will shoot head to head with any Anschutz rifle out there - and they cost easily a thousand dollars more than mine.
One of the biggest crimes the liberal left has committed against us is this idiotic vilification of guns. Half of them would lose their minds at the thought of giving a boy a gun - and that is because the people that get in trouble with guns are invariably the failed liberal social experiments. I will admit it: this is not the gift for the stressed out single mom to give her son to occupy himself with because she doesn't have the time or interest. This is not a gift workaholic parents should give their son with the best of intentions - but no real commitment to spend the time to develop the safety and training habits required to use one. Liberals are too damn stupid to see that their toxic culture and values are what turn kids into mass murderers - not the gun. Contrary to those morons, proper shooting sports are safe, healthy and wholesome - both for men and for boys.
When you give a young man a gun you are not merely giving him a gift. You are marking a coming of age. You are making a formal statement basically saying "You are now a man. You now have a man's responsibilities. I trust you, and I am proud to acknowledge and welcome your new status among us."
I was fortunate enough to have good parents with solid values. Pop set me up with a range on the back 40 and taught me the basics. When I joined my rod n' gun club I was 16 and started shooting seriously in the various turkey and fun shoots. The oldsters I shot against played for blood and didn't give an inch - but afterwards it was good cheer, fellowship and camaraderie. Shooting is 90% concentration, and 10% athletic ability. It's another 100% fun!
Men are meant to have weapons - or at least know how to use them. Think of it: if your plane crashes in the wilds, far from civilization ... what are your first priorities? Well:
- water
- food
- shelter
- and once that is taken care of, you arm yourself with whatever you can - be it a club, or a knife - so that you have some means to protect yourself from predators. Of course, this is all common sense and hard-wired lizard brain stuff that has been bred out of the soft, weak liberals that infest our inner cities and trendy cafes and coffee houses. You can imagine what their sons are gonna be like when they grow up.
And - the fact is, that nowadays - most women should be able to shoot too. Everyone should be capable of meaningful self defence - even our women. The slut-walkers, the feminists with hairy armpits, legs and chests will not put an end to rapists. (Actually they might on second thought - some of them are so damned ugly...but perhaps that one's better left unsaid, HAR HAR HAR!) Strong women with good aim do it all the time but the media doesn't report it because that doesn't fit the leftist agenda.
Most of the CZ bolt guns are around $550.00. You can get a good starter scope for $200.00 or just shoot a model that has classic iron sights. This, and the time spent with your young protégé, is money and time well spent.

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