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Friday, 4 December 2015

Friday Happy Hour Kareoke!!!

Good grief! How long has Uncle Bob been here...

A couple weeks back Uncle Bob took off on a weekend get-away with some smoking hot horny old cougar and left me in charge of the Treehouse on Friday night. I had the boys from Metallica over and they kinda-sorta trashed the place...and Bob's been living out of his car since. I'm tempted to put one of those tip-jar gizmos on the blog and fund-raise for Bob (I can't help but feel somehow responsible for his circumstances) - but I know I would just keep the money and blow it on cheap rot gut whisky.

Today in the bar it's the 1950's! Life is good! Everyone smokes 2 packs a day to help control weight and maintain healthy vitality! Why, I just may start smoking again too! And of course, before we leave work for the weekend we dig the bottle out of the file cabinet and have a few shots for the drive home! These are the days of the Mad Men! Hey - didjya hear the fags at GM are talking about seatbelts for cars? Fuggin liberals!!!! All us guys are trim and fit, the girls are slender and alluring...and the entertainment comes from The Post Modern Jukebox. Captain Capitalism turned me on to these guys...that gal makes that dress sway with an effect that hypnotizes.

They take modern songs and put them through the Way Back Machine with spectacular results.
We had these musicians up over beers last summer at Fearless Flapz' place. He has one of those monster flatscreens that carries an on-board computer and plays Youtube without having to bugger around with HDM3. I put the one on below and noted that the skinny fella looked remarkably like his son - who happened to be behind me when I said it. That wouldna been a big deal except the boy was 14 years old, already 6'2", 180 lbs of muschle and didn't care for my comment. I got pounded.
I love the Doo Wop girls with the hair and dresses. Have ya ever noticed? When you're young and handsome it's okay to lust after the ladies. But when you're old and paunchy everyone thinks you're a pervert for doing it...
This next one is for the CEO of my company. He retired this year at the age of 91. He was a member of the Canadian airborne battalion in the 40's and apparently their courage and abilities were legendary. I believe it all. Old Jim probably flirted with girls like this round the swimming pool in the 1940's.
This woulda been racey stuff in the 1940's - and fully justified for young men psyching themselves up to hit the beaches on D-Day.
No tattoos. No nose jewelry. The blacks guys are clean cut, talented and respectable. What a fine conclusion to this trip through the way-back machine!
Have a great weekend folks and remember: Drink and shoot responsibly!


  1. I have slept in my car more than once. Thank college for that predicament.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Well it's good to see you're adjusting well to your circumstances Bob! What's your taste in music? I suspect a man like you might have some eclectic tastes...

  4. Just about everything, even country!

  5. Just about everything, even country!