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Monday, 14 December 2015

Life's Regrets

I shoulda bought one when I was in my 20's and miled it out.
Courtesy of the current economic chit show in the oil and gas industry, combined with the help of the clueless bungholes of our ruling NDP Party - one of my favourite oilfield customers lost his job awhile back in the fall. Apparently he bought a BMW 1200 GS and headed south to unwind and savour his unemployment and freedom. I hear he's somewhere in south of Arizona and is probably in Mexico by now. Sigh. Contrary to appearances that thing is not a dirt bike. It's more aptly described as a 'dirt ROAD bike' ... but I still want one even though my back and butt couldn't take more than a couple hours on that monster.
This is a mistake that I may very well live to make...
This is a Pietenpol Aircamper. You can't buy these, they are built from plans from wood, wire and fabric. Designed in 1928, the original engines came from Ford Model A's. This one has a Continental or Lycoming engine that is probably making 65 HP and burns around 5 gallons per hour. It's the perfect ride for buzzing cows and landing in grass fields. These were popular with Alberta farmers back in the day when roads were an iffy proposition.

All rise! Judge Filthie Is Presiding...

Damnation. I woulda, coulda shoulda bought one of these back in the early 80's. The one I was looking at was used and the owner wanted a whopping $3800.00. To buy that beast today I think you could easily be looking at six figures. Of course, had I bought it, my close life long business associates, Darwin and Murphy would have wanted to go for a joy ride and I probably would have wrapped it around a telephone pole!

I suppose some things in life are better left undone - so at least you can live to regret them.

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