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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Saturday Night Shaker With The Nerds

Well the party was SUPPOSED to be at Uncle Bob's but he still hasn't cleaned the place up since me and the boys from Metallica trashed it a couple weeks ago. All we did was rip out the walls, set the place on fire and have a minor food fight...but Bob is mired in self pity. I think that smokin' hot old cougar he was banging gave up on him too...

I wonder if Pastor Peter and the Reverend Horton Heat are professional peers...? Perhaps Horton can cheer up Uncle Bob...

Some Mad Geniuses have been by lately - thanks for stopping by! I guess the party is here tonight...perhaps our esteemed friends from the lofty towers of intellect and principle will help me put the beers out?

Amateurs. Bring me a funnel, some lighter fluid and some liquid nitrogen! Watch THIS, you pikers...
Looks like there are a few additions to the blog roll in the works. Apologies in advance to those selected.

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