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Thursday, 31 December 2015


What does Uigeadail mean? Aviation Grade, methinks.

Over the course of the holidays I found myself downstairs with Flapz going over a new model RC airplane. More gum-flapping went on than anything actually constructive so I brought out a bottle of Ardbeg that I bought last year. I thought it would be yet another of these damnable endless, unremarkable 'special bottlings' the distillers are coming out with. Michael Jackson (the celebrity scotch expert/whisky drunk - not the musician) - claims that the standard Ardbeg bottling is The Best Scotch Whisky On Planet Earth. I didn't see it myself but I am a liquor pig that will drink whatever is in the jerry can. (Who said that?!?!?).

In any event the spirit loosened our gobs, we started talking about motorcycles, family, women and bitching about work and before we knew it - half the bottle was gone, it was 9 PM and we were both yawning and half in the bag! 

I just bought another bottle for about $84.00 or thereabouts...and darn it...I think I am going to buy another one after that! This is one seriously sweet and smoky whisky. I would give my left nut for a glass of this, a cigar (just one...sob...what can one cigar hurt?) - and a campfire. Sadly I had to quit smoking about 7 years ago but if I ever get cancer, I am going to celebrate with a great big honking gagger of a stogie - and half a glass of this stuff! I have to be careful or I will find myself looking forward to it!

2015 is bid an overdue farwell in this household - and 2016 is off to a perilous start! Wouldn't have it any other way either. Cheers to you!

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