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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Understanding Christmas

Even 40 years ago we could all see it. Christmas was turning into something it wasn't meant to be. The stupid, sappy Christmas cartoons came out admonishing kids to remember what the occasion was for and to take the time to remember the less fortunate. It was largely ignored, the kids got hyper and crazy, the adults stressed out - and of course something very special was lost in the hype and shuffle.

Years ago I said 'to hell with the lot of it!' and I've never looked back. When Christians are quietly reminding everyone to keep Christ in Christmas...I hear them now, although I am not a particularly religious man. It's a good message.

The snow is falling softly here in Edmonton and it is beginning to look like Christmas, but with two weeks to go...they're already driving like assholes out there. Road rage rules in the parking lots of the malls. One of my neighbours around the corner rented a man lift to decorate a 30 foot spruce tree in his front yard. It looks great but jeez - what a pain in the ass! I started buying gift certificates and giving the kids money. Shopping? With the crazed homicidal masses? Bah! Humbug!!!

For us this Christmas is going to be very, very special. It will be a day trip to some nameless town just to walk around and get the dogs out. Then, if I can snag an invite, supper will be with these guys:

Dad would be the drunk with the glasses, Mom would be the one pocketing the silverware, and I have some athletic younger friends that closely resemble Mr.&Mrs. German Shepherd...

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday sometimes we get so caught up looking after others that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. Hopefully your Christmas is stress and pain free. If it isn't - you're doing it wrong! Stop it and start having fun!

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  1. That was a hoot! Ahhh, a family get together. 'Nuff said. :o)